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Pro-Freedom movement criticism of ‘The Platform’ growing

The Platform news

Touting itself as ‘the Resistance’, high hopes were held by pro-freedom activists for the new media player.

Those hopes have disappeared in recent weeks as The Platform comes in for increasing criticism for slavishly towing the MSM narrative on ‘crux issues’ such as the COVID-19 jab, World Economic Forum (WEF) influence in New Zealand (and other countries), and the NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine.

That is not to say hopes were high previously, as evidenced in Platform host Jim Brennan’s interview of Dr. Matt Shelton of NZDSOS – an interview DTNZ considered to be ‘one of the most important of the year.’

Shelton, an articulate and credible medical expert was finally given the air time he, and his message, deserved. If you take out the rugby-related videos (which dominate The Platform’s most-watched list), Shelton’s interview is it’s 5th most popular ever on YouTube.

Hopes were also high when Rodney Hide’s show gave a much-needed voice to the vaccine injured and parliament protesters. But the former ACT MP has disappeared, as have many of his mRNA vaccine-related video interviews.

In September, Michael Laws’ robust but fair interview with Counterspin’s Kelvyn Alp also seemed a bright light. For once it genuinely appeared pro-freedom leaders were being given a voice on a platform which had some reach into ‘middle New Zealand.’

The positivity was short-lived, however, as Laws and fellow host Sean Plunket subsequently attacked key personalities and opinions of the pro-freedom movement as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ respectively. Those included on the first list were Dr. Guy Hatchard and Dr. Tess Lawrie. The latter is an evidenced-based world health expert, whose clients include the WHO and NHS. Nevertheless in a recent discussion with caller ‘Mia’, Plunket dismissed Lawrie as someone who ‘had nothing to offer.’

That talkback call was analysed by film producer CoronavirusPlushie in a video entitled ‘Sean Plunket on The Platform: More Resistant than Resistance?’

Laws was also highly critical of those who believed the WEF was controlling or influencing the New Zealand government. His comments were made in the wake of Cam Slater’s detailed expose of the Prime Minister’s relationship with the organisation, in particular its boss Klaus Schwab. The belief WEF infiltration into the highest offices of this land and others is ‘conspiracy theory’ flies in the face of a mountain of freely available evidence.

CoronavirusPlushie uploaded a video of Law’s discussion on the subject yesterday.

CoronavirusPlushie’s video ‘More Resistant than Resistance’ takes it’s title from an article by resistance.kiwi, which sums up the disappointment many in the pro-freedom movement are feeling with Plunket, boldly concluding that The Platform has ‘no future as long as Plunket is at the helm.’

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  1. Well, my misgivings about the Platform and Plunkett seem to be proving correct. I had no doubt with the likes of Laws and Plunkett headlining the Platform, sooner or later the worm would turn. These two in particular are ego driven believing that they are in some way important, and their opinions matter. That they are a force for fairness and balance in media. They obviously are not and have fallen in line with mainstream madness. I have just deleted the Platform from my phone, as they are now irrelevant…

    • I’m sure you’re not the only one. They were held out as a vestige of hope that not all media were crooked. If their ratings tank and the Wright Foundation consider them therefore irrelevant, they won’t last long. Sean will have only himself to blame, though like our PM probably won’t have the humility to accept it, but instead blame others. If you have a strong audience, why insult their intelligence? They’ll use that intelligence and walk away.

    • I never used this source to get anything directly. Watched/listened some of the uploads to Rumble. That is it & I was not missing anything and nothing new I leaernt from “Platform and Plunkett “.

  2. maybe the platform is doing exactly what it’s benefactors wanted it to do . Just because many people hoped it would be even and fair doesn’t mean it was set up for that purpose .

  3. Mass media propaganda, internet censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, government secrecy and the war on journalism are all anti-democratic in nature, because they restrict the information the citizenry are allowed to access to inform their vote. And none of those instruments of narrative control have any influence from, or accountability to, the rank-and-file public. This means that while everyone gets a vote, how those votes are applied is subjected to aggressive and ubiquitous manipulation by the ruling class.

  4. I deleted the platform from my phone weeks ago after they kicked Guy Hatchard in the guts
    I dont know much about Plunket but one of my sons warned me about him a long time ago. As for Laws I have always had the feeling that he is part of the evil mob.

    Lets hope their ratings tank.

    Viva la Freedom Movement

    (translation long live freedom)

  5. It would appear that Sean has lost the plot and has gone over to the dark side. Almost acts like he has latched onto the PIJF teat.
    Certainly lost me.

  6. You only have to look at the titles of law’s books to know that he has a dark soul. Clearly he does no research because if he did he would see and hear herr schwab Bragging about infiltrating governments around ze world. I got no time for lazy broadcasters. He loves the sound of his own voice, full of self importance. He’s fast asleep and for goodness sake don’t anyone wake him ???? shhhhhhhh

  7. Sean Plunket is a baffling and frustrating character, he’s highly critical and suspicious of the government”s sinister totalitarian censorship, disinformation, misinformation and ‘single source of truth’ propaganda. But weirdly he’s bought into the very same government’s ‘safe and effective’ covid jab propaganda narrative hook line and sinker.

    As a jab recipient I’d guess he simply prefers to live in denial and wilful ignorance, which in fairness is understandable.

    It’s been interesting watching Dr John Campbell in the UK turn from being an enthusiastic ‘pro-vaxxer’ to pesky ‘anti-vaxxer’ over the last few months:


    Perhaps Sean Plunket will do the same. Somehow I doubt it, hopefully I’m wrong.

  8. It’s simply astonishing that people like Michael Laws are so naive and ignorant.

    It’s an indisputable fact that Jacinda Ardern is an alumni of the WEF ‘Young Global Leaders’ course.


    Her policies are undeniably in absolute lockstep with the WEF’s globalist political agenda and UN’s 2030 Agenda.

    Sadly ‘The Platform NZ’ is woefully underpowered in the rational thinking department.

  9. Unfortunately Michael has illusions of grandeur. He thinks he’s smarter and better than anyone else, demonstrated by his need to check people to see if they have a tertiary qualification like that is any indication of someone’s ability to investigate facts and research information. Poor Michael may have a tertiary qualification but he has clearly lost any ability to think for himself also. and he is clearly too lazy to research the plethora of scientific peer reviewed information, the other documents regarding who is behind the lockstep situation we find ourselves in with covid, the lockdowns, CBDCs, mis and disinformation, hate speech laws, commandeering of public assets, the infiltration of our governments and local bodies, universities etc by people affiliated with WEF, the UN, WHO and who get their funding from Bill and Melinda Gates, or big Pharma and who funds and profits from the whole covid scam. Michael is too arrogant to admit he is ever wrong and instead of trying to see peoples perspective objectively, he rudely shouts down anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

    He will single handedly destroy any chance the Platform had of being open and tolerant. Two words that are the polar opposite of Michael.

    He then seeks to discredit Cam Slaters reputation whilst ignoring his own tarnished one with his trail of ex wives and partners, police call-outs etc. and accusations of violence.Ironic really.

    I feel sorry for his kids. He no doubt pressured them all into being vaccinated without having any understanding of their risk profile and the potential long term side effects of taking a jab that is STILL ato this day UNDER TRIAL and NOT fully approved. He’s so dumb he sits down and gets his daily propaganda from the 6 o’clock news or the BBC and CNN like many other sheeples and he has dreadful guest speakers like Paul Spoonley and Robert Patman who are just government shills. It’s so boring. His shows are ill prepared and poorly thought out. He also spends too much time talking instead of listening to the people. I would ring him but I am not interested in being shouted down and hung up on which is what Danny Watson did to me one day on Magic Radio. I was so calm and boy did I rile him up. Well we all know how that ended don’t we? Pro jab vaxxhole Danny who spend hours gaslighting and denigrating people who didn’t take the vaccine, claiming they would stop his mother from accessing hospital, ended up having a massive heart attack himself. I hope that gave him time to reflect on his treatment of others in the year preceding…..I bet not. Hard to feel any sympathy really.

    So yeah, not interested in Michael, he’s just too arrogant and too rude and at his age he’s learnt nothing. and Sean is on very thin ice. He needs to talk to Tess Lawrie, or Linda Wharton, or Peter McCullough. I suppose Sean knows more than an actual Cardiologist or someone who used to work with the WHO? ????

    Anyway I see Sean has commented on Twitter regarding the 2 NZDSOS doctors so is there hope for him to wake up? I hope so. All he needs to do is suck it up and just acknowledge he may have been wrong and open his mind. It’s time he woke up. There are just too many similarities about what’s happening here in NZ and in other countries. How can it be a coincidence they are all bringing in the same laws, talking about the same stuff, using the same terms unless they are operating with instructions (playbook) to an agenda (agenda 2030)? All this rules based order and build back better and time for a reset, talk of UBIs and CBDCs, the dividing of people with racism etc etc etc. it’s all a plan that’s why and I get why people don’t want to believe it. It’s sinister and it means they would have to be fearful and most people cannot handle it so they keep complying to stay out of the fear. They don’t want to believe the vaccine is harmful because they cannot get it out of their bodies. That would mean having to worry, so they stay in denial. It’s sad. It shows you how feckless and gutless and devoid of true integrity and morals people really are though eh?

  10. Wow! Michael Laws doesn’t even know that the WEF is based in Davos Switzerland, not Germany. Doh!

    I’m sure he’s also totally unaware that the WEF and UN signed a ‘Strategic Partnership Framework’ agreement in June 2019.


    Coincidentally and oddly enough the objectives squarely align with Jacinda Arden’s policies.

    Michael Laws cannot tolerate ‘conspiracy theories’ but clearly doesn’t mind ‘coincidence theories’.


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