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Protest Press Release: Police exposed for false allegations about protester violence – threaten to prevent portaloos being serviced

Full text of Parliament Combined Protest Press Release 25 February 2022.

A clear pattern is emerging of Police manipulation, with them more focused on ‘PR wins’ in the media than actual policing. The depths they are stooping to will shock New Zealanders.

  1. Today, Police threatened protest leaders with blocking service vehicles from emptying portaloos. Taking a leaf out of Trevor Mallard’s widely mocked playbook, Police threatened denying toileting to get protestors to meet their demands to move cars within the agreed protest area. This was in full knowledge the action would create a public health issue. Police know approximately 20 percent of people on site are young children and those aged 60 plus. 55 percent are women.
  2. On Tuesday, Police told media that protestors had sprayed an ‘unknown substance’ into the faces of three officers. Media bought the line, jumping to the conclusion it was acid. Footage taken by people in the crowd now reveals it was instead ‘friendly-fire’, with a video showing an officer indiscriminately using pepper spray that blew back on his colleagues. However, both mainstream and social media widely reported that a protestor performed this harm. Worse still, the Prime Minister capitalised further and said she is not engaging with the protestors because of their behaviour. Both Police and the Prime Minister should now apologise to the protestors for this deliberate defamation. The area is currently the most surveilled part of New Zealand, and they would have known within an hour who sprayed who. There is simply no excuse for perpetuating misinformation. The Police stayed silent because the situation suited the government narrative.
  3. Despite regular contact with Police daily via a dedicated communications channel, today, the Police failed to mention that they would carry out somewhat of a spectacle on Lambton Quay by sending hundreds of officers running up and down the Capital’s streets. This was an area unconnected with the protestors, resulting in significant disruption to Wellingtonians, for a handful of additional concrete bollards.
  4. On Tuesday, Police told media there was the potential for sexual assaults occurring on-site, without actual reports of any occurring or even alerting us. This showed they were more concerned with media headlines than public safety.  The allegations were later retracted, but this was barely reported.
  5. Requests by protesters for the Police to provide surveillance images of the offender who squirted faecal matter at the Police continue to be refused, leading protestors to be concerned he might still be on site and at risk of committing similar offences. The Police say their reason for not providing surveillance images of the offender is to protect the offender’s privacy.
  6. Assertions that protestors’ actions have made harbour water unsafe for swimming were dismissed today, with Wellington Water confirming that harbour water quality was within normal range.
  7. Police have claimed high-risk sex offenders are on-site. Given that these individuals are known to the Police and are permanently supervised by at least two officers, the Police are obliged to remove these known offenders as they breach their release conditions. But why waste another sensationalist headline? This intentional, consistent dishonest pattern of behaviour by Police has left us shocked and disappointed.  We will not be manipulated.
The Police are more concerned with mounting a smear campaign against the protestors than honest policing.
It also suits both the Police and government for this misleading and deceptive conduct to remain on public record. Now they have been comprehensively exposed, they should front up and tell the media to correct all the negative news coverage relating to the protestors.
Government PR is entirely out of touch, but the public is not fooled. One in three New Zealanders support the protestors and see the Government for the hypocrites they are. By refusing to meet with protestors because a tiny number cause problems – well outside the perimeter of the main protest site – and by condoning Police smearing protestors’ actions daily with false accusations, Government is directly responsible for inciting anger and public resentment.
Is it time to call upon the Governor-General to intervene? This so-called PR battle is worsening by the day – not because of the protestors but because of Police. And let’s not pretend they are not doing this without instruction from the Prime Minister. Sorry, Jacinda, New Zealanders are not that naïve.
Wake up New Zealand, and stop falling mindlessly into the PR traps this Government leads you to daily. The Prime Minister’s PR team – the largest in our political history – is understood to have 200 communications staff.
It suits Government to focus on peripheral matters to deflect from the core protest demand: Remove all mandates NOW.
Media have slavishly repeated the Government’s key messages about the ‘appalling’ behaviour of protestors. Let’s now sit back and see if these deliberately malicious Police actions, undertaken at the Government’s bidding, attract the same label.

Winston Peters summed it up well this week:

“Small anti-establishment and disruptive groups have been given an open door to clash with law enforcement at every opportunity and have been inexcusably painted by the media as the face and nature of the entire protest. Those groups need to be dealt with swiftly and without sympathy, but equally we cannot allow those select few to be viewed as being typical of the thousands of other peaceful, law-abiding protesters who just want to be heard. Those soundbites and pictures of violence broadcast by media might help paint the narrative for the government – but are far from the truth. The vast majority are ordinary kiwis who are just fed-up. What the government fails to grasp is that this isn’t about the protesters at parliament – there are hundreds of thousands of kiwis who have had enough and the government ignores those kiwis at their peril.”
***Press Release Ends***

This communication summarises the agreed position of groups representing the majority people who have travelled and stayed at Parliament over the past two weeks:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • Voices for Freedom

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  1. Wow! Thank you Daily Telegraph NZ for your absolutely honest journalism in this article. So refreshing to see. We have really missed this type of reporting with integrity and boldness to show up the truth backed by real evidence. I will certainly spread your great work out to one and all who I know. Truth always wins. You will be blessed because we know our Heavenly Father is all about Truth and Justice and I’m sure He’s very pleased with your amazing work. Bless you all and please never change no matter how much they try to bribe you or threaten you. We don’t watch MSM or TV news because we know they peddle pure evil lies and dishonesty. Shame on the politicians! Shame on Jabcinda the tyrannical PM of beautiful NZ. She’s a protege of Klaus Schwaab and WEF same as Trudeau. Well done and thank you to your publication for an article that has filled our heart with hope and dreams of truth triumphant finally. Very disappointed in Christopher Luxon. He’s a blue version of Jabcinda’s red party. We had huge expectations because after John Key left, NZ is not it’s old form now. Now it’s laced with attacks on its own people. We pay these numbskulls in parliament! We pay for the police as well. Very disappointed in the police. Gut wrenching to see the animals they are gouging innocent citizen’s eyes. We have lost respect for them. We see the police as nothing more than thugs. Thank you Winston Peters for saying it as it is, bold politician that he is. Again, thank you Daily Telegraph ❤️❤️❤️

  2. It must be the bane of parliament’s and MSM’s lives that in 2022 virtually every person on and around the protest site has a camera on their phone! My default position with the media and parliamentarians is one of complete scepticism with any claim they make. I sensed the claims of faecal matter and acid were lies because you can bet your boots if they had had any video evidence whatsoever, they would have broadcast it far and wide. Instead we have claim after claim from people who have been proven to be dishonest.

  3. All of what you published I can ‘read’ as truth – thank you. Also having attended the convoy myself I can give 1st hand witness testimony to what you have published as fact. The police have never been for the people, in my experience. Nor the government. Nor the main stream media. Pakeha, middle-class NZ are now seeing what these 3 organisations are really about & how it has been for all of us non-Pakeha since dot. No disrespect intended. The judges, lawyers. doctors alongside the opposing political parties, Labour govt & our ‘great white hope’ (Jabcinda) will all have their day. I look forward to the day that all of these illegal unlawful systems are toppled down.

  4. To be successful as a member of the police you have to be able to think like a criminal.

    As for our Prime Minister, who has a degree in communications, the inefficiency of retaining so many staff in her communications wing should be explained as well as the expenditure. The results are scaling the heights of stupidity. Only the feel good conversations are entered into, it seems. Recall when her partner tried to obtain RATs and she went silent, waiting for the dust to settle? Inability to deal with it – or the 200 staff were all on annual leave. That can’t be blamed on protestors.

  5. Thank you for detailing what is obvious to anyone who cares to look and apply some critical thinking. If the legacy media were doing their job they would dismiss immediately, any claims not backed up with evidence. But they’re not.

    That said, I would like to put out an appeal to everyone on the ground, on both sides of the newly installed symbolic concrete barriers. Let’s not be fooled into thinking the other side is the enemy.

    For some insights into the trap we are in, look up Rats in a cage / Chris Martenson on YouTube, and meanwhile let’s stop attacking each other and dividing our nation. It’s time to unite.

      • John – your “drift” is drifting over a waterfall bro.

        It’s not 97/3 no matter what your darling media sources say. The vast majority of the population are fed up with masks, mandates, passports, all of it.
        Even the double and triple jabbed want an end to the bullshit and a return to normal life. People see other countries opening up and moving on everyday, and the government’s position becomes harder and harder to justify.

        It’s precisely why the cops have been hesitant to go full stormtrooper on the protestors, they know half the country would turn on them very quickly regardless of vaccination status.
        The government’s only play here is to have their police and media minions try to smear the protesters, and it’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

        Now go ahead and try to troll me with some pithy retort. Have a good laugh at what an idiot I am for believing such nonsense. Doesn’t make it any less true

        • Unquaccinated wrote ” The vast majority of the population are fed up with masks, mandates, passports, all of it. “.

          Let’s see if they can back that up a link/source/proof.

          We wait.

          • John – dude, put down the double soy latte, step out of the NZ Herald head office and into the sunshine and talk to literally the first person you meet in the street.

            There’s “muh sauce” for you

          • Show me any internationally reviewed and published science that Jacinda’s privately funded science team that has any truth to what they are saying that matches any current international published scientific data. No need to though because you will not be able to. Jacinda does not work for you, me or any other Kiwi, she works for the WEF. There is no scientific or medical reason to have unlawful mandates and never has been. We are way past the point of ever needing them. The fact that people actually support a Government that treats the people ( protestors or not ) in this way after her continuous lying to NZ since day 1 is the very definition of insanity.

        • They are for illustrative purposes only. You can see that they are simply trying to highlight a point. They’re not to be taken literally.

          Even I spotted that and I’m a bit dim……

  6. Really good analysis of what is going on. I’ve been there, and referring to them as 150-300 protestors, is just another LIE that even a blind man can see. We did talk to some police officers, and they are there but would prefer to be back home (where they come from) dealing with criminals. I’ve heard more than one report saying cops are getting the ‘blue flue’, preferring to take unpaid leave instead of going there and standing around all day. Talk to your local commanders and tell them what is really going on. We all need to unite and come together to fight the tyranny against us.

  7. Yes, so refreshing to see honest reporting of the truth. My parents always warned us not to believe everything we saw in the press. Now we tend to believe nothing reportedin mainstreammedia. But as we’ve been to the Freedom Village and seen it with our own eyes, we know the Daily Telegraph has reported the truth.
    Keep up the good work! ????

  8. “THANK you” Daily Telegraph for sharing this press release. Let’s get our beautiful country and true democracy back sling with protecting Human Rights so this awful situation can never happen again.

  9. Thank you Daily Telegraph for reporting exactly what I’ve been watching on the livestreams! You’ve painted the illusion real!

  10. So good to get the actual truth, the smear campaign hopefully hasnt done too much damage. Definately go after the gg. Only one who can flip this

  11. Thank the Lord there are still honest reporters out there. It is of great concern that a force that is meant to protect has succumbed to dishonesty and deceit. I wonder if the Police behaviour and actions here are representative in our lives when we need them? While Winston’s actions have positive merits, I’m sceptical. Why did it take as long as it did for him to show respect to the protesters? Why has he not stood against Labours tyranny? What this present Government has done to the New Zealand people, has left me with an untrusting heart toward all in Government. Those I trust are those who are protesting for our Freedom and Rights to be returned. Those who are not afraid to speak the truth and speak up. These folks are not People of the Lie. Adern and some police are a disgrace to New Zealand and need to resign their positions immediately. Thanks Daily Telegraph for this truth. Please continue along this path. God defend New Zealand our free land!

  12. Truth?… or alterior motive?…. the police are not the enemy.. whilst there may be some sensationalism (not like the media to capitalize on that)….its easy to generalize and label, how many police resigned after that first week? How many lost their job from the mandate or equally as bad took one (or two) for the team and had the jab to provide for their family … most are good people who don’t agree with what’s happening, they are just doing their job…some are away from home and way out of their comfort zone, they risk their lives every day to protect us, our whanau and communities… what happened to respect and gratitude… we are all making sacrifices here….police are easy targets just like the narrow focus and over reporting of the rogue protesters…let’s not fall into that trap! … let’s connect, respect, give gratitude and love to all kiwis

    • oh you need to wake up. there is a trove of stuff behind this that will be released later. The police have behaved like the brown shirts and have been fighting a PR war telling protesters one thing and doing the opposite. How about you compare protest images on SM ask why the media images are so different. They dont sell advertising with happy nice pictures

      The pollice threatening to stop the sewage trucks is a bloody good example of their behaviour. You seem to think the rank and file have a say, they dont. These are execuitive decisions. Some of the rank and file are ok, most f those there are little more than thugs as seen by video evidence of their behaviour

    • You’re the gullible one here. Look up Agenda 2030, that’s what this whole Covid Plandemic bullshit is about, it’s never been about health. CCP Social credit system coming at you at the hands of WEF and their global puppets.

    • go and watch the videos. No follow up to support the police claims. If you think the police and MSM are honest you would be best to go and get a booster or two and swallow that blue pill.

      This is all 100% suported by evidence that will follow.
      Can you refute the video of the pepper spray incident?

  13. Something nobody has mentioned is that there would be at least 150 homeless that are now being fed 3 times a day fuelled by their need for alcohol or drugs and lacking filters to behave and having a great excuse to take their anger out on the establishment. There is no excuse for the manipulation of the truth to make the protestors look bad

      • YES – direct from the source.

        Heather du plessis-Allen reported this yesterday. There is only one verson of events (the calimed acid attack) that is supported by the video, and that is the protesters.

        The police dont want to find the poo squirter becuase he helped their cause and well may be a plant – he was waering a ski mask, no other protester was doing that.

          • She is having a baby so is thinking of the future for her child, and in doing so is waking up to the criminal intent of this govt. They have known from the very start that the jabs were niether safe or effective, but when you are on commission based sales why would you say that.

  14. about time the police were held to account.

    What are the rules around the use of pepper spray? My understanding is that it is a violation of a convention to use it on a crowd of people. It should not be used as tear gas. If this is illegal then charges need to be laid. This is really keystone cop level behavior.

    I know there are a few good cops, a few. But my faith in the NZ police is gone after observing the sprinkler and music pettiness, eye gouging, attack on lawful protesters, the fake news and their ongoing inciting behavior. They are pushing for a fight so they have an excuse but the protesters are smarter than these thugs. Well done guys, hold the line and keep it peaceful even if chief wIiggam cant.

      • If you and Fiona do not understand other language maybe you should go back to school, i think primary school would be a good place to start or are you already come from the woke new education( indoctrination)system.
        It is better to be silent and thought of as a fool instead of opening your mouth and proving the point.

  15. Thank you for saying exactly how I saw it.
    I went down to that protest in Wellington over this past weekend.

    I just want the truth to be told because our lame stream media are reporting utter lies, ironically it is them that are slinging the shit at the protesters.
    The people down there are NON violent, are NOT throwing poo at the cops, are NOT hassling students (Monday was a public holiday so that’s a lie right there), are NOT sexually assaulting any damn lying police, I saw NO sick people and if any did feel ill from the Mallard the wanker constantly turning the sprinklers on at night, then they left or went home, it’s a NON ALCOHOL DRUG FREE environment, kid friendly zone, we were told to me friendly to the police, amid friendly sarcasm was ok.

    The police in return ARE causing the problems, the police ARE beating people, ARE using intimation, the past Monday a squad came in at 3am, all burly men and charged through sleeping area, jumping on people through their tents, scrum like behavior scragging people to the ground. How ever you feel about the people down there, this is wrong.

    There was NO media present the whole weekend from what I saw, but suddenly loserhub is right in the exact spot when a car coming from the rear of the hornets nest drives into police but you hear the brakes squeel and hits NO police, right there filming they were, amazing for sight Jacinda news, amazing

    So much for BE KIND.

  16. Well done the DT NZ for giving time to the protestors side of the story – something that the “paid up media” do not do.

    As for the stream of Police allegations, rapes on site, sexual predators on site, faecal matter and acid thrown, show your evidence or are we ta accept that another Government official are the single source of the truth.

    Andrew Coster came to the Commissioners role with a sterling reputation within the force and elsewhere of being a good honest man, a christian who would bring integrity back for our Police force. Come on Andrew time to step up!

  17. Daily Telegraph. I commend you for courage to print the Truth especially in an atmosphere where your brothers in arms have betrayed you and the very essence of what a “Free “ Press should stand for

    • Publishing a press release is publishing a press release. Journalism in this country is now a government occupation since the $55m grant was dropped on the media.

  18. I have no faith in the government, police or the press anymore. One things for sure, I’m never watching mainstream news again, utter rubbish.

  19. For Coster, Commissioner Of Police to authorise such dreadful, unlawful behaviour, and also that behaviour sanctioned by the Ardern Gov’t is testimony to the absolute unbridled abuse of power.
    It needs to be stopped instantly by the G.G and questioned, then ruled by the judiciary.

    • Ian as I previously wrote, It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove the point. have a good day

  20. “Covid-19: Judge overturns police and Defence Force vaccine mandate
    Police and Defence Force personnel have won a case against the Covid-19 vaccination mandate on religious grounds and the right to refuse medical treatment.

    It is the first time a High Court judge has granted an application to set aside the vaccine mandate – and he has made it clear it’s for police and defence force personnel only.

    The mandate required all Defence Force personnel and all police constables, recruits and authorised officers to receive two doses of the vaccine by 1 March 2022.

    The group of police and defence force personnel had asked Justice Francis Cooke​ to judicially review the mandate, have it declared invalid and set aside.”

    Looks like the govts lies might be going to come back to haunt them. You cannot rule by fear tactics, because unlike jaxxinda, some people dont have fear

  21. As a former journalist, and after reading all the comments above, I thought I’d search to see which mainstream media reported on the media release and which bits they used. To my horror – not one article. So to those purists out there criticising DT for publishing the entire release, I suggest you give deep thought to what’s happening in NZ right now. Reality check: a group representing the views of teh 1 in 3 NZers who support this protest, which is of unprecedented scale, puts out a media release and NOT one mainstream media outlet reports on it. That does not make any logical sense. Meanwhile its dissemination via ‘social channels’ of communication has been massive.

  22. In todays clown world , the more some one is over the target the more virulent the main street media’s response is.
    Personally as a 58 yr old white male I have come to realize that if you take the opposite meaning of whatever any politician says you will have the truer indication of what they really mean.

  23. Of course there has been no marlarky … I mean hundreds of protesters camping for weeks from the most diverse sections of society you can imagine including gang members, anti-establidhment, white supremacists and some plain loonies (the ‘fringe’ element refered to in this article that apparently the Police should be dealing
    with swiftly) along side peaceful, law abiding ordinary New Zealanders with a ‘genuine’ gripe …. can’t imagine that being anything but love and light, right?!


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