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Public Service Commissioner to probe Mahuta links

Nanaia Mahuta news

Contracts between Nanaia Mahuta’s husband Gannin Ormsby and the Crown will be investigated by the Public Service Commissioner, National’s Public Service spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“I wrote to the Public Service Commissioner on two occasions asking for investigations into how the contracts were awarded and how conflicts of interest between Nanaia Mahuta and her husband’s company were handled.

“I am pleased the Public Service Commissioner has agreed to investigate this matter. New Zealanders have a right to know how contracts were awarded to Mr Ormsby when Ms Mahuta was the Associate Minister for three Ministries that entered into contracts with him.

“Conflicts of interest, or even perceived conflicts of interest, can severely undermine public trust and confidence in our democracy and public service.

“An investigation into these contracts will determine whether Kāinga Ora, the Ministry for the Environment, Department of Conservation and Te Puni Kōkiri Ministry of Maōri Development have met the standards of the Public Service Commission so taxpayers can have confidence in the Government’s procurement approach and that any conflicts of interest are managed appropriately.

“National expects this investigation to be full and thorough so New Zealanders can have confidence in the public service and how public contracts are awarded.”

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  1. Let’s hope genuine justice prevails.

    If Counterspin is facing a potential 14 years behind bars for sharing 1 link; then how much for a person in very high public office, earning a vast salary, when they and their spouse have perhaps had their hands deep in the tax payer’s cookie jar.

    This is a case where if Ardern and the Labour honchos cover up any wrongdoing or lean on the states services commissioner to do so, it will be their ultimate demise.

    There’s only so many times politicians can steal, lie to and ignore justice, and therefore their duty to New Zealanders whom they swore, and are paid ridiculously handsomely, to serve.

  2. `Conflicts of interest, or even perceived conflicts of interest, can severely undermine public trust and confidence in our democracy and public service`
    And there is a great deal of mistrust at the moment that will not go away after this scandal has been brownwashed.

  3. I mean, it’s bad but how is anyone shocked? This is what the majority of politicians are KNOWN for. Nepotism is 90% of the reason these people get up in the morning, enriching themselves through friends, in-laws and family trusts etc… they all do it.

    Not that I’m excusing her behaviour or anything, I just feel like there are far bigger issues at hand right now (like the all-cause mortality sky rocketing, the horse-lady attending the gathering of overlords in NY etc). Why are the national media trying to distract us with a “look over here” nothingburger when we all already know she’s going to get off Scott free.

    You wanna get me excited about conflicts of interest – let’s look into how many of them are connected to PFIZER.

  4. Oh so now people are playing the racist card. Um NO. Nepotism and corruption has nothing to do with race. It’s just illegal and WRONG.

    This situation needs a THOROUGH investigation alright but I am not sure the Public Service Commissioner is the right person to do it. We need impartiality.

    • Racism is when we turn a blind eye to a person’s merit or wrongdoing based upon their race.
      We should not allow anyone to be unfairly treated or benefit unfairly because of their race.

      • Everyone should be taken on their merits regardless of race. Unfortunately it seems that some people call racist anytime they can’t handle a robust discussion.

        A friends Manager who is Maori got called racist by another Maori the other day. So go figure on that one. It has become simply a convenient victim card people pull out when it suits them. Not doing anyone any favours.

        We have seen this on a more public scale with Willie Jackson recently calling the lovely and professional Miriama Kamo ‘not Maori enough’. For goodness sake how offensive.

        Everyone needs to stop the separatism, stop the name calling, stop the perpetual victimhood. The govt is trying to divide us all and these people like the Mahutas and Jackson are simply there to look primarily after themselves and their immediate families while doing diddly squat for other struggling Maori.

        So yeah, awarding contracts to people with out it going to tender while the contractors WIFE is the minster in charge is just illegal and nothing to do with race. This situation deserves a FULL investigstion.


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