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Reaction and fallout continues following Liz Gunn whistleblower video

Liz Gunn whistlebower news

Gunn’s video with whistleblower Winston Smith attracts global attention.

British Reclaim Party MP Andrew Bridgen referred to Smith’s analysis of previously unseen health data in the UK House of Commons today. Bridgen said he had been in possession of the data for some time, and that it had been passed to scientists and data analysts in the UK and elsewhere. He called for an immediate ‘suspension of the experimental mRNA vaccines before any more death and harm is done to our population.’

Meanwhile new Health Minister Shane Reti told state-subsidised media outlet NZ Herald that, ‘There are many conspiracy theorists out there who unfortunately disseminate harmful disinformation, however, as Minister and as a physician, the public can and should continue to have confidence in vaccines.’

Prominent COVID jab critic and US tech millionaire Steve Kirsch told his large following across social media that world health expert and Yale epidemiological professor Harvey Risch had confirmed the excess mortality laid out by Smith, ‘was caused by the COVID vaccine.’

He also accused the Ministry of Health of trying to ‘cover their asses’ by going after Smith, who he called ‘a hero.’

Kirsch has been in a heated debate since the news broke with Jeffrey S. Morris, University of Pennsyvlania public health professor over the data. Morris claimed Kirsch’s arguments ‘don’t hold water.’ Kirsch fired back accusing him of ‘lying to people’ and challenging Morris to a public debate where they could go through the evidence ‘in real time.’ Morris is yet to respond to the offer.

Kirsch later revealed his website had been taken down by hosting service Wasabi. This was proof he said health authorities were rattled by the information he was presenting.

‘They are so afraid of this data that the best strategy was to censor it: they convinced Wasabi to inactivate my account so that nobody would be able to access the truth! This is a tacit admission that this data is NOT exculpatory.’

‘If they thought for one second this evidence proves the vaccines were safe, they would NEVER do this,’ he wrote later on Substack.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been edited since it was first published following release of the Employment Relations Authority decision in ISV v ZCM & Others [2023] NZERA 718.

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  1. Hang on a minute mate, new Health Mishister Shane Reti said what?
    ” As as Health Mishister and as a propaganda magican, the public can and should continue to have confidence that we don’t give a flying fox about them and that we will continue to push that bio-weapon upon them.”
    See, fixed it for ya.

  2. I am sure with most vaccine programmes in New Zealand there would be around a 95% confidence rate of those receiving vaccination will build the right immunity, and not suffer adverse reactions at any given time.
    When a mass vaccine campaign is mandated there will always be an element of fallout …one size does not fit all as with ‘any’ medication. In applying common sense there will be non-responders who take a vaccine but fail to build sufficient immunity. There are those who were immunocompromised prior to receipt of the vaccine who may suffer complex immunological reactions eg. Thrombocytopenia or myocarditis and as seen in regular commentary there are many who appear to have endured serious and aggressive Cancer and other ailments.
    The lack of historic research surrounding vaccine adverse reactions in New Zealand, lack of appropriate testing availability and lack of appropriate clinical trials prior to this mass vaccination event is part of the compounding problem. If you were medically classified with allergies to certain medications were you a likely candidate to be adversely impacted upon receipt of the vaccine?
    Who will review the data of the hospital admissions post receipt of vaccination, who will identify the common threads of the illness in those who had no pre existing conditions prior to the vaccine receipt, are there better immunological tests available worldwide that can offer some answers and potential relief for the patients continuing to suffer and why are our hospitals still bulging at the seams with patients experiencing severe illness?
    I am not medically trained but have read enough since 2020 to know there is no doubt that maybe up to 5 percent of our population MAY have been adversely impacted through receipt of the vaccine and yes, Dr Reti needs to consider this possibility and come up with a swift solution, acknowledgement and appropriate treating and research facility in order to retain any level of confidence in New Zealand’s vaccination programmes moving forward. Dr Reti needs to understand that His reference to others misinformation and conspiracy simply fuels the fire!

      • Yes ADE. Most vaccinated people I know have phlegmy coughs. Their immune systems are F*cked. I will never have another vaccine in my life. I regret getting my kids vaccinated for MMR and all that. I apologise to anyone I called an anti vaxxer prior to covid, looks like I joined ypu all being sceptical. I feel upset at what our govt and their sock puppets have done to good people. It’s disgusting and they will pay for what they have done.

        The globalists overplayed this one……thanks to lockdown myself and millions of others went down rabbit holes and we woke up to what is happening. Hoisted by their own petard! 😂😂😂 the genie ain’t going back into the bottle 😂😂😂

          • Thanks anyway but I am not insulted by your personal attacks. Sticks and stones. Water off a ducks back to me. Whether I am an idiot or not, I managed to read a heck of a lot of scientific papers over the last few years and so it remains to be seen who the real idiots are. Right now, I am pleased with my decision and frankly I have been called worse. If you think, like a lot of leftists and other people, that hurty names where you attempt to cover up your lack of will to educate yourself will bother me, then you are rather sadly mistaken. 😂😂😂

  3. You got too many things wrong to address all of them.
    But for starters, don’t follow the lingo of agents like Reti and call this mRNA gene-altering bio-weapon a VACCINE! The covid injections are NOT vaccines. Can’t you see how wrongfully applied nomenclature totally obfuscates the matter?
    Then I put it to you, that according to your comment you haven’t read enough or you read propaganda put out by the polit-medical mafia, and that you have not grasped the severity of this mass poisoning.
    I suggest you read a bit more, maybe include articles written by Hatchard, McCullough, Yeadon, Cory et alt.
    And Reti needs to be locked up to receive mandatory education about the greatest crime in human history, and how ALL New Zealand functionaries of the last 3 years have been accessory to this crime.
    For New Zealand to heal and for the people to gain confidence in political and medical advice again, PROSECUTIONS have to happen.

      • Thank you for your well informed and well constructed debate.
        You really have an intelligently argued point here.
        I shall ponder your input with utmost diligence.

  4. In 2021 Reti travelled Northland administering COVID-19 vaccinations.
    He surely will try anything to derail any investigation into the mRNA policies that he himself supported and actively created.
    Isn’t it outrageous that a covid mafia member has assumed the position of Minister of Health?


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