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Refinery petition handling labelled ‘corruption of democratic process’ – Social Credit Leader

Marsden Point petition news

The 18,300 signature petition calling for the Marsden Point oil refinery to remain operational has been buried by Parliament’s Petitions Committee, says Social Credit Party Leader Chris Leitch.

‘The committee has dragged its heels on addressing the petition in what could be construed as ongoing corruption of the democratic process,’ says Mr. Leitch.

No public submissions have been called for.

‘No other groups with an interest in keeping the refinery operational, such as Air New Zealand, the Biofuels Association, the Sustainability Council, First Union (representing refinery workers) the Maritime Union and others have been offered the opportunity to make submissions.

‘The only submitters invited have been Social Credit, who initiated the petition, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (who wrote the paper presented by Minister of Energy Megan Woods to cabinet last September), both of whom presented verbal submissions this week.

‘The petition was originally presented to Parliament on December 8th last year yet the committee only heard those verbal submissions this week, fully six months later.’

Meanwhile the refinery has stopped production and is being dismantled.

‘This means the final report of the committee is unlikely to be tabled in Parliament before the middle of July at the very earliest and likely much later than that,’ added Leitch.

‘The majority members of the committee, Labour and the Greens, have ensured that the petition of approximately 18,300 New Zealanders to get their voice heard on this vitally important energy security matter will have been a wasted effort.

‘Given the spike in fuel prices as a result of the Russia – Ukraine conflict and the very real likelihood of worldwide crude oil and refined product shortages it seems incomprehensible that the committee has not treated this matter with a great deal more urgency.

‘Sadly it appears that despite having significant stocks of crude oil in Taranaki, should international fuel supplies be disrupted, New Zealand will not have the capacity to process its own oil to keep essential services running.

‘The consequences of that would be supermarket shelves empty within a few days, the tap on our annual $20 billion in overseas income from dairy products turned off, 5.8 million litres of milk flooding farmland and rivers every day and thousands of tons of food going to waste.’

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  1. We live in an empire of lies created by the deep state and MSM. Agent Jacinda and Luxon are not going to take care of national interest and they work for a globalist agenda. The system pigs will bury anything that is in the national interest but not receiving huge public outcry. Yes, there are many signatories to this peitition but the number as such does not show a big shift in votes for Jacinda/Luxon and other puppets. NZ public will wake up only when their everyday life becomes more unaffordable. The decline is slow and we have not reached the tipping point yet.

    • Sadly it’s worse than that as they actually believe what they are doing is for the betterment of the Country. When a group becomes so ideologically captured they will ignore common sense, morals, and ethics. Extreme actions, known to be harmful, become excusable in meeting the aims of the end goal. They excuse bad outcomes for their own perception of good, which is a flawed philosophy.

      People like this are more dangerous than people who are simply bad and know they are bad.

      I don’t believe “they” are agents, I believe “they” are ideologically captured by the WEF who is pushing an agenda shrouded in false ideology.

      We are currently in the end game phase of a pincer movement which is a combination of hyperinflation (increased taxation and theft), destruction of value in the stock and crypto markets (theft), huge government debt (actually not so bad in a hyper inflationary environment if the debt is used to build infrastructure but unfortunately they just wasted the money), removal of human rights through legislation, destruction of public services, removing infrastructure, and making food production more expensive.

  2. We’re just going to have to police Parliament for competency. The govt hold themselves out as capable and could not even blow up a paper bag from their backsides. In a commercial setting this would be viewed as fraud and damages sought. What boss could tolerate such an incompetent employee claiming to be able to do all that is needed when they have the brain of a small octopus?
    We must test would be politicians for competency and integrity and provide harsh penalties for failure.

    • Here is the news, you can’t. They can and will legislate anything they want because we have no constitution which would enable the Courts to challenge new legislation passed by parliament. They can do anything they want providing they get elected next term which is the only limiting factor they consider. The current government can’t even get that right, which means they are completely incompetent, while they pat themselves on the back and say good job, it is laughable.

  3. Sue Grey of the Outdoors and Freedom Party presented papers regarding the harmful effects of the Covid-19 vaccines.
    You can find the video of her doing this, and being rudely ignored by the Parliamentary Intake ‘Team’ despite the fact that Ms. Grey presented factual data which this pseudo-communist government chose to ignore.
    I believe the video is available on Utube Kiwi, but is definitely on the O&FP website.
    Previous petitions have also been ignored ie remember the petitions to overturn the Anti-Smacking Law?
    Winston Peters has warned about this situation where petitions, House Voting, and Parliamentary Rules are actually subverting the will of the ratepayers , voters, and citizens of New Zealand / Aotearoa!
    Don’t look for the Luxon Miracle either; he is also in bed with the WEF / NWO / Masonic Old Boy elements that have for years subverted the governing bodies of New Zealand / Aotearoa as well as the Judiciary and Law Enforcement!
    Despite the serious petrol crisis, and the crisis of the ‘supply chain’ being blamed on Russia, of all things (being totally incorrect…!), and the price of dairy being unexcusable for local purchasing, things will not change until the minor political parties form up into one major party, and then sue the shit out of the Labout / Natioal coalition that is doing the bidding of the genocidal globalists!!!!!

  4. Have we seen any recent NZ prime ministers sitting and talking to Young Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Scientists for an hour or so?

    Have seen any recent NZ prime ministers sitting and talking about the country being soveriegn in terms of self sufficiency in critical needs of the country?

    Have seen any recent NZ prime ministers sitting and talking about open economy and encourage competition?

    What we witnessed is fiull of lies starting from solving housing crisis, tyranny and mandates, wokeness, Big Pharma puppetting etc.

    “Tinder liason” cheap popularity is what our leaders are after.

    Leaders like Putin are working on their national interest and building their country. Russia was in anarchy in the nineties after foolishly trusted US/UK and jumped into free market economy; watch https://rumble.com/v17uaz5-what-was-1990s-russia-like.html

    The new Russia is here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GVWKfQYFay8

    It is easy to follow the MSM lies and not to see what is reality. So it is not surprising to see kiwis do not yet see the need for self sufficiency in critical needs of the country. We are a colony to Globalists.

  5. Just another reason the minor parties should be joining up with Social Credit party to form an effective opposition… mind you I’ve been saying that for about 20 years now, but so far it has fallen on deaf ears.

    OF course, it doesn’t help that now corporate paid trolls have been all over social media convincing the politically naive that social credit is a Communist or New World Order thing, so now all the dumb bunnies are trying to tell me Social Credit Party is baaaad…. 🙁

  6. They will not under any circumstances allow anything that alleviates the crisis they WANT us all to experience. Simple as.

    Remember that in the years to come

  7. Bluntly I am pi**ed off! Whilst I support everything Chris has said and others as well on a wide range of issues – all we kiwis do is sit on our arse and complain! We need to get of our arse and support Chris to create a groundswell of change. If Luxon’s mob come to power our rights are going to be further eroded – see the responses to his policy on crime. He and Jabcinda are cut from the same cloth one is red and one is blue.
    I used to be able to have email correspondence with my local national mp. Now I get an automated reply – “sorry we are too busy”. My mate told me the same thing yesterday.
    You dont have to believe in all the social credit policies or be worried about the old fashioned name – whats in a name after all. Come on Team of 5 million get in behind Chris and create some momentum!


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