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Robertson off to attend IMF and World Bank meetings

Grant Robertson news

Grant Robertson departs this evening for Washington DC to attend the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The annual meetings bring together finance ministers, central bankers and private and public sector representatives from around the world to discuss the global economy, development, concerns and opportunities.

While at the meetings the Finance Minister will also meet with Finance Ministers and Treasurers from around the world, including Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia and the United States, along with the Managing Director of the World Bank and other finance leaders.

“These meetings are a great opportunity to engage with ministerial counterparts on matters of mutual interest – in particular with respect to New Zealand’s economic security, trade and recovery post-COVID,” Grant Robertson said.

“Given the uncertain global environment with higher the normal inflation and slower growth, I am keen to discuss approaches taken by other countries and share New Zealand’s insights.

“The world is still reconnecting and resettling post-COVID so meeting our business and trade partners in person will help strengthen these important relationships as the global recovery continues.”

Robertson returns to New Zealand on Monday April 17

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  1. “Robertson returns to New Zealand on Monday April 17”

    With yet another tranche to lubricate the election year budget.

    How many billions will it be?

      • Yip, the smooth brains will all snigger at our “wild conspiracy theories” until the media start plugging them.

        Then it’ll be, “it’s just digital currency bro, no big deal. It’s just a coincidence that you were right yet again, you really need to calm down bro.”

        That seems to be the way these things always play out 👍

  2. Hail Buffoon! The Minister of Sport for NZ, also called Pooh Bah and qualified as an assistant bookkeeper for a uni cafetaria.
    What is he going to do hobknobbing among his superiors.Picking up the lingo from consultant psycophants is one thing, understanding what they are talking about is another. Is he on commission to bring in a RBNZ Digital currency? If so, under what mandate?
    Is this a social trip to the USA before he is ejected from politics later this year.

  3. Just another globalist puppet going to get instructions from his bosses. Maybe this coming election we should instead of voting get out in huge numbers and protest all the globalist crap.

  4. The headline makes it sound as though Robertson is going to do real financial work with other finance ministers from other countries. No mention of the ‘teams’ taken with them, the real money men, the globalist bureaucrats for whom Robertson and all the other elected politicians are simply front men, there to do the bidding of those who lurk in the shadows.
    Then when the populace becomes aware of what has been done, their anger is focussed on an unimportant, interchangeable politician, instead of the unelected oligarchs who continue to rape and pillage the country. The politician does not have to worry. If he does his job properly for his masters and loses political power he will be moved into another lucrative position a la Trevor Mallard.
    Schwab boasted about moving ‘his’ people into positions in the Cabinets of government. In October we must co-ordinate the small parties into one and move ‘our’ people into Cabinet. Voters United.

  5. Who in the Opposition and Minor Political Parties is going with him to chaperone?
    Note to Opposition and Minor Parties; demand to see the ‘Minutes of the Meeting’, and be prepared to filibuster, boycott or delay the implementation(s) of Globalist WEF Zio-Communist efforts until Labour is out.
    Knowing that National is part of the Globalist Bankster Cartel that was firmly cemented in place with J3wi$h Bankster John Key, National probably should not be trusted either, as Luxom may end-up picking-up where Robertson left off…
    Note; $30 million under National was set aside for Special Needs / Special Education, and NONE of it was ever disbursed!!!

  6. Robertson is just another brain dead puppet of the NWO he will be at the criminal banksters meeting just to make up the numbers. All the decisions from the conference will already have been made for him. There is not one Politician National or Labour worthy of a single vote. The whole Beehive needs to be smoked out cleaned out and washed out. Out out out with the lot of them – all hopeless useless. And just remember this – they have passed legislation to the effect that they are now no longer Public Servants anymore. This means they are not there to serve you they are only in Parliament for themselves to line their own pockets as fast and as quickly as possible at the expense of the population. Merry Christmas.

  7. Now has the handbook on how to introduce “Unicorn” the digital currency. Do not sign up to this whatever giveaways he taunts you with.

  8. Most people in NZ are embarrassed of Grant Robinson. Ashamed how he mismanaged other people’s money. Had he the chance to do the right thing but he chose to waste money on pet projects. Thats what history will say about him.

  9. For a he/it/thing that has played such a superb hand at destroying New Zealand for the vast majority, this added tax payed junket seems a contrarian reward! How the man can even look at himself in the mirror is unimaginable.


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