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Sam Uffindell tells Hosking ‘I was a 16 year old kid and I made a mistake’

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New National Party MP for Tauranga Sam Uffindell tells The Mike Hosking Breakfast that he’s very remorseful for what he did at boarding school two decades ago.

Uffindell was a fifth form boarder at King’s College in Auckland. On the last night of the year he and a group went through the 3rd Form dormitory and beat a fellow student. Uffindell said ‘three others’ were attacked. The victim in this case wasn’t targetted.

Uffindell was interviewed this morning by Mike Hosking:

  • Unprovoked attacked, last day of school, 3rd form dorm, punched him a number of times on the arm and body, and was asked to leave the school.
  • Something I’ve reflected on quite a lot, very remorseful about it and very apologetic.
  • I took full ownership for what happened, reached out, tried to atone for what I did. Leant lessons from this, and tried to make myself a better person as a result.
  • He wasn’t targetted for any resons. We just went through the 3rd Form dorm.
  • Three others were attacked.
  • Hand on heart, don’t remember hitting the victim with a bed leg. I don’t recall it. It wasn’t raised when I was asked to leave the school.
  • Disclosed this at pre-selection, let the party know about it. We talked through and they appreciated I was up front and open about it.
  • It was 20 years ago. A very, very stupid and regretful thing.
  • Would have been better to have brought it up in public earlier.
  • I was a 16 year kid and I made a mistake

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  1. Time for every single MP, sitting or standing, our Prime Minister and every single member of her cabinet, each minister, policeman and policewoman, teacher, headmaster, minor and major celebrity, and anyone in any type of public office or role – in fact, just everyone to have to declare every single misdemeanour they’ve ever committed, regardless, from the age of, say, 14 to the media to made as public as possible.

    He, she or they who are without fault, please cast the first stone.

    • How about I send my son down to throw stones at your sons head and then we just move on from there with no animosity?

      • What an appalling thing to suggest, sending your son to throw stones at another’s head.
        Just the kind of attitude that could have caused people like Uffindell to do what he did.
        Who knows his young background, circumstances, personality issues or the violence and bullying he was exposed to.

        Bullying is dreadful. And far better an honest genuinely remorseful bully than one who never owns what they’ve done.
        Bullying is institutionally entrenched in New Zealand, from the top of government down.
        Look how they’re bullying us into accepting what we don’t what to accept, which we all know is wrong and undemocratic.
        I think each of us can think of many instances of this particular brand of bullying.

        The worst bullying I’ve experienced has been in New Zealand and from adults.
        Chidden and teenagers learn to become bullies from adults in systems of institutionalised bullying.

        • Here we go, sticking up for the bully, he is the real victim here!
          You are right thou, we know nothing about this man, well not ‘nothing’ we know he beats up vulnerable children don’t we, that in its self is a marker that indicates dark traits that there is something wrong with this guy.
          He doesn’t deserved be to be part of the ruling elite and he should resign, if he refuses he should submit to a phycological evaluation.

    • Yeah and let’s have a good hard look at the media figure heads as well. There would be a lot of people running for cover.

      Everyone who’s been done for drink driving, everyone who’s taken drugs, anyone who has been violent. Downloaded porn, dated underage people. Let’s have a hard look at those who are kicking up the biggest stink first.

      Let’s start at the top, and work our way down…..

  2. He’s now joined the country,s biggest bunch of thugs…the ones with the biggest guns and threats that destroy the public’s lives…tax us to death and destroy our freedoms…maybe he found Jesus and will turn his life for a better path

  3. Assaulted a boy 3 years his junior with a gang, beat him badly, didn’t suffer any consequences other than being asked to leave one elite school to go to another elite school, police were not involved (why)?.
    Only apologised (by Phone) when he wanted something, didn’t disclose that to his victim at the time of the apology ( displays character traits of a dark personality).
    Fellow politicians will not condemn his behaviour or call for him to resign, probably because there would then be a flood of historical assaults coming out of the closet, Ardern said it was an issue for National, Labour must have many of these personality types on the bench (most likely Maori ladies followed by Maori men) not so their white liberal men who are all cucks, their white liberal women however would be masters at phycological torment, National would be the same.
    Expect this to be memory holed by the end of the week.

  4. If anyone was ever in any doubt over who the mainstream media works for, wonder no more.

    This is nothing but a lame hit job and anyone who can’t see it is blind and deaf.

    Turn the MSM off.

    As if other MPs don’t have skeletons in their closet.

    At what point are people allowed to move in from things they have done in the past?

    I am not voting national (or labour) but this is wrong on every level. Disgusting behaviour by the media.

    • As if other MPs don’t have skeletons in their closet. >Yes they do and they should be vetted and these transgressions should be publicly disclosed before being given power over vulnerable people.

      At what point are people allowed to move in from things they have done in the past? > After they have disclosed them and atoned for them in a timely and satisfactory way.

      UFFINDELL has done none of these things and is a loathsome dark character, he should go back to (((Bankstering)))

      • People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

        Be careful what you insinuate as well – otherwise it starts to look like defamation and there are laws for that.

        Everyone has something they probably did in the past that they now regret – even you I bet.

        • It is a real surprise what crawls out of the woodwork to defend scum and I have never take part in a beating of a 13 year old boy with a club, its low life’s like you that defend low life’s like Uffindell that keep this country from being nothing more than the ‘New Zealand Company 2.0’ shithole were our rights are transient at the behest of scum like Uffindell.

          • I am not defending him. What he did was appalling, but it was 22 years ago.

            I don’t condone what he did but it is VERY clear this is an orchestrated attack on him to deflect from the ABSOLUTE CLUSTER that is the Government of today.

            For what it’s worth, I used to vote national but they no longer speak for me and I will NEVER forgive John Key for doing what he did inflating housing and flooding our country with immigration that we were not prepared for with our infrastructure. So they won’t be getting my vote ever again. Why? Because I simply no longer believe the bull they say and then NEVER DO. Furthermore, I voted for Labour just the once, fool me once fool me twice – more the fool me. NEVER AGAIN. It’s hard to believe, but they are WORSE than National and our PM is the BIGGEST liar, deflector and hypocrite I think I have ever see in my lifetime and that includes my ex who cheated on me so there’s some stiff competition lol.

            In short, both major parties aren’t worthy of our vote. I will be giving Matt King and Democracy NZ my full support and if more of us do then we will have a genuine person who is looking out for our rights and freedoms in parliament to tell us what those other sneaky duplicitous individuals are up to.

            Getting back to Sam Uffindell, he made a mistake, he doesn’t appear to have done anything similar since, and he is a human being and is entitled to be able to move on. I mean it’s not like he sprayed hundreds of people with water outside parliament in a storm or anything is it? Or punched another MP. Or scalped tickets? Did he drive drunk or made false accusations ruining peoples careers? And he certainly didn’t shove his hands down anyones pants, get convicted and then get permanent name suppression or do drugs or anything? Did he? How many chances do some people need?

            Give the guy a chance – just the once at least. And stop buying the medias distraction while our sitting govt (and their useless green friends who seem to not even give a toss about the environment) conjure up new ways to control us and take away our sovereignty and rights.

            I ain’t falling for it. It’s the old ‘look over there’ technique.

  5. This is nothing compared to the vaccine injuries, social, and economic harm this bunch of idiots in Parliament has caused in the last two and a half years.

  6. I will not be voting Labour or National ,what a lying group of puppets these parties have been, if NZ have any brains left after being vaxxed they will vote some other party in.

  7. Ok so now we have a person who flatted with uffindell coming out and saying she felt scared of uffindell because he banged on her door one night and her father says the flat was trashed.

    Good grief, I went to Massey. These stories were normal back in the day. In fact – worse. Soak day, pelicans, Easter tournie, undie 500 where should I start?

    Another friend from Dunedin had her flat burgled, called the police, police came and said it was one thing to burgle but to trash the place as well was a low blow. Um no the flat hadn’t been trashed, that’s how it always was on a good day. Lol.

    Another flat I lived in with 5 ex massey guys, I had a lock on the INSIDE a of my room. They would get drunk, stoned, light their farts and play Kevin bloody Wilson until 4 in the morning. All are now family men with families and successful corporate careers. Would I ever think of dragging up their immature drunk behaviour 20-30 years later? NO. When I had enough of it, I moved out, no big deal. Some people need to harden up and get over themselves.


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