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South African court action to stop use of Pfizer mRNA jabs could have ‘global implications’ – expert

FASA news

A group of international scientists and leading experts have filed proceedings in the Pretoria High Court seeking to stop the use of Pfizer’s mRNA jab.

Accordiing the world expert cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the case could have ‘global implications.’

Once a proponent of the products, double-jabbed Malhotra lost his father to a heart condition shortly after his booster, and has since changed his stance on the mRNA gene therapy.

The case is an application for judicial review of Pfizer’s mRNA products, which are argued to be ‘unsafe and ineffective.’

In a press released Freedom Alliance South Africa (FASA), who are the plaintiffs, are seeking a court order to set aside the government’s authorisation of Pfizer’s jab, stating:

‘In addition to setting out the facts showing an unprecendented rise in vaccine injuries, the papers cite new real-world data analysis which reveals an association with increasing deaths from both COVID and non-COVID causes in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Six month data of Pfizer’s own randomised controlled trial revealed an almost 50% increase in death from any cause in the vaccinated (20 deaths) versus unvaccinated (14 deaths).

‘Global data is showing alarming signals and correlations between the administration of Pfizer’s COVID mRNA vaccine products and the unprecedented rise in serious adverse reactions in patients, including disability, foetal abnormalities, aggressive cancers and death. As the global medical community increasingly becomes aware of the problem, the FASA has taken on the government and the medicines regulator SAHPRA, to safeguard public health.

‘…While it has arguably been possible to suppress and distort facts in the public narrative either for or against the vaccines, that will not be possible before our courts.’

Prominent South African neurosurgeon Dr. Herman Edeling is one of the experts witnesses in the case. In his affidavit in support of the application Edeling said, ‘These papers prove that the Comirnaty vaccine cannot, and should never have been branded as ‘safe and effective. The applications set out clear evidence that Pfizer’s vaccine trial for Comirnaty appears to have been a whitewash – mired by what appears to be substantial data manipulation, data inaccuracies, and inaccurate statements of outcome.’

Malhotra reviewed Edeling’s evidence and said the case was ‘factually, medically and scientifically sound.’

‘It is highly likely there would have been substantially less deaths and illness in the global population if the vaccine had never been approved in the first place,’ said Malhotra.

The proceedings were filed on 23 March, and court date has yet to be scheduled.

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  1. You have to admit that all these allegations must be true, what benefits would come to all these highly qualified people to just make this all up, pay out a lot of money and give up their time?
    How disgusting you must be being a so called journalist for msm taking cash from the government and withhold this information.

    People in governments and msm have lost their human title and I really don’t know how they exist day to day being nothing more than slime by telling citizens that the vaccine poison is safe and effective.
    They must of signed their souls to Pfizer and serious amounts of money must of exchanged hands to be this tight lipped and stone faced.
    They are assigned to hell and they deserve it.

  2. Dr Aseem Malhotra is everywhere at all times lately, yet his expertise is no more, and substantially less, than the many more experienced and qualified who were calling out warnings in early 2020 and who have been blacklisted or ignored since then.
    After the death of his (vaxxed?) father in July 2021, Malhotra had a change of heart about the mRNA injection. This doesn’t make sense to me. From proponent to opponent overnight. And he didn’t know about mRNA before his father died?
    For myself, I have never trusted a media darling.
    And leopards don’t change their spots.

    • This leopard changed his spots. I would say YOU are the controlled opposition. HE is trying to do his part to undo the damage he and others have done by promoting a dangerous injection.

    • It is an honorable thing to change your position when faced with facts, and accknowledge that you were wrong. Dr Aseem did both, stop trying to cancel him or you are just like the ignorant mass.

    • Absolutely agree 100% with Samantha and Johan here. It takes a real man to own up and admit he was wrong, especially someone who has a public profile like Malhotra. He has everything to lose, and is risking everything. It’s people like Malhotra that will more likely change the public’s and other experts way of thinking and stop this madness. God bless Dr. Malhotra

  3. If this South African court action has any implications for Pfizer’s ‘Çominaty’ vaccine it will probably be to enhance its efficacy.
    Rigorous study and real-world evidence from hundreds of millions of administered shots prove that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Deaths caused by vaccination are extremely rare and the risks associated with not getting vaccinated are far higher than the risks of vaccination. But that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from lobbing a variety of untrue accusations at the vaccines.
    Some claims about those who’ve suffered heart issues also weaponize a kernel of truth — that COVID-19 vaccines can cause rare heart inflammation issues, myocarditis or pericarditis, especially in young men. Medical experts say these cases are typically mild and the benefits of immunization far outweigh the risks.

  4. South Africa is a failed state
    Maybe John Minto and his entourage of geeks in crash helmets should get over there to rectify what they had a big part in producing

    • South Africa might be failing state under its current regime, but its courts have always had a very good reputation and is still held in high regard internationally. South Africa’s Roman Dutch Legal system, infused with British Common Law, makes it much more rigorous than the Common Law systems of English speaking nations. The codified nature of their system is much less prone to ‘interpretations’of the law. South African judges also have always had a reputation of making life hard for their government, both under the white government and the current regime.


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