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Trans activist Shaneel Lal wins Kiwibank ‘Young New Zealander of the Year’

Shaneel Lal news

Shaneel Lal has been named the Kiwibank Young New Zealander of the Year for 2023.

Lal was a key figure in the organisation of the Posie Parker counter-protest which descended into violence on Saturday in Albert Park, Auckland.

The Young New Zealander of the Year award is sponsored by the University of Canterbury.

The category judges were Jamie Fenton, Head Judge, Young New Zealander of the Year 2011, Georgia Devereux, Co-Founder, The Social Club, Shay Wright, Co Founder at Te Whare Hukahuka and Jacinta Gulasekharam, Co-Founder, Dignity NZ, Human Centered Designer, PwC.

The award ceremony was held tonight at the Cordis in Auckland.

The decision will likely generate a lot of controversy with many believing Lal was responsible for the ugly scenes at Saturday’s #LetWomenSpeak rally.

Reaction on social media was swift.

More to follow.


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  1. Kiwibank are now 100% woke since the governments buyout. They pave the way for the green agenda with there shit advert boasting they will only lend money to woke rubbish.
    I wouldn’t expect anything else than giving their woke title to a freak show which they have done.
    Good on ya mate 😂

  2. Quite remarkable timing don’t you think?

    Coincidence or a vindictive insult aimed at women’s right campaigners.

    I suspect the latter.

  3. Jeepers, I bet Kiwibank’s CEO is having a sleepless night.

    I wouldn’t want to be standing under that gigantic sh*t fan when it starts spinning.

  4. The entire world right now:

    😑🤚 christians
    😏👉 groomers, anarchists and school shooters

    We’re living at the end of history, people. The collapse is here.

  5. Transgenders appear to be flavor of the month
    This is what Silicon Valley Bank in the US was into among other things
    Which collapsed
    Making videos on transgender and everything not to do with and not focused on banking
    The latest False Flag School Shooter in the US was diagnosed as transgender
    Which has parallels to the Christchurch alleged shooting
    Where one of the alleged victims has bare feet when the alleged shooter enters the mosque
    And blue socks on when the shooter comes out
    Obviously filmed on different days and not streamed live on FACEBOOK
    One of the myriad of holes in the obviously fake production

  6. No women in New Zealand should ever vote left, ever again.

    I am sure already no “White Cis Men” will ever be voting left

    • Sadly, white liberal woman (and a sizeable chunk of straight white men) ARE their biggest voting block.

      It’ll stay that way so long as the MSM demons keep up the lies- look at the lockdowns and vaccines for example. They know most us have the internet and already know more than the half truths and whole lies they report, but they do it anyway. Because they’re utterly shameless. Their job is to brainwash the simpletons while mocking those who question, and painting US as the simpletons. They are government foot soldiers, complete and utter parasites.

      Just yesterday I heard Newstalk repeatedly report that, “oh yeah there was a shooting in Nashville USA, and it’s raising questions on gun control.”

      And THAT’S IT. That’s all they reported. Not a peep about the shooter being a psychotic cross dressing freak like the kind they agitated into attacking Posie Parker last weekend. Nope, not a word.

      So at best, most of their viewers are intentionally kept in the dark and at worst most of them have been ACTIVELY lied to. For years now, probably even decades.

      And they’re all so hypnotised into just accepting whatever they’re told without question, that there really is no hope.

      They’ll continue to vote as they vote.

      • I think the education system is the cause of early onset wokeness and it is going to get worse as since this Labour Govt has been in power they have let the teachers set the curriculum and as you can see from the results learning standards have dropped significantly, I suspect most of the class time has been devoted to Woke.
        If people didn’t know, Shaneel Lal has been visiting all schools in NZ and is making presentations about transgenderism to pre-pubescent children paid for by the Labour Government, the people who hold 51% of shares in Kiwibank.

      • Yip, just so they can go about their merry little life without a thought or care in the world. Because what is life if you can’t keep smiling and liking posts of pussycats?

  7. Every move the DS cabal make that is exposed I think “this will wake folks up” slowly but surely the truth is marching forward. Thank you Daily Telegraph, we are getting there

  8. It looks like a decorated Bobby Calf…
    I’m shutting down my KiwiBank accounts today- tired of seeing blue / purple / pink-haired bank tellers there who are passively-aggressive to normal people.
    One such creature demanded that I remove my hat and keep it off when I was trying to purchase a book of stamps- I contacted the HRC and got an apology from the regional KiwiBank ‘manager’…
    Being a government-owned bank that would have no reservation of releasing your info to other non-entitled government entities, this falls into line with the government-owned media.
    And…you can rest assured that when the government attempts the outright use of ‘Chinese Social Credit Scores’, KB will lock you out, or take your $$$ due to a declared Force Majeur.
    When you deposit money in the bank, the bank then ‘owns’ the same, and can with-hold or freeze your account(s).
    IF you have paid off your mortgage, then go to the bank and get the ‘security’ released, because until you do, even though the mortgage is paid off, THE BANK STILL OWNS YOUR PROPERTY!!!
    & DO NOT allow them to convince you that you need to keep the security in place…they will present dissuading reasons that are simply not true (ie ‘If you cancel / close out the security, you won’t be able to get insurance, borrow, or sell your home, etc…)

  9. To get an award in this country you must be a sexual deviant, racist, a violent demonstrator, a psycopath or preferrably all of the above. Immaculate timing Kiwibank. With judgement like that you will never see any of my money.

  10. This is amazing. We’re living in the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah once again.

    The perverts have taken over. Not for too long obviously.

    I can see this and I’m not even a Christian.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone repeatedly hit his face until his skull fractured. At least his identity is spread all over now.

  12. Shaneel Lal,s day job is a roving councillor that visits all schools in NZ with a team of 12 transgender activist and does presentation to pre-pubescent children on transgenderism, yes, Shaneel Lal and his team are trying to flip your kids and the government lets these groomers have access to your children.

    • Really? I would bet that a few parents are none to happy about that, if they’ve even been advised about it by the school admin.

    • Educate your children. Ask them if they’d think that would be a good lifestyle being drug dependant all your life. To he psychologically effected by those drugs. To have your teeth fall out from those drugs. And have depleted health in general.

      It’s un effing believable. Why can’t kids just go to school and I mean go to school and then learn to read for a start? Then all the rest. Some history wouldn’t be bad. Mathematics, all of that.

      • Sickos

        Why do people need t keep talking about their Fu*king sexuality??? Just STFU and keep your personal stuff at home where it belongs like everyone else does. NO ONE CARES WHO YOU SHAG – OK?

        If you have to keep talking about it and you talk about it to kids you’re a GROOMER

    • I know that it is a major problem in the USA with trans (sometimes with face paint and horns so they look like Baphomet – the trans goat) propagandizing children to change their sex. Then Democrats passing laws so that the children can change sex without parental consent and passing laws so that if the parents stop the child sex change, then the PARENTS can be charged with child abuse.

      At least now, the evil is right in our faces so that we can see it. In order to solve a problem, you first need to be aware that there is a problem and right now at this time, we are all being made aware that there is a really big problem.

      The drugs they use on the children that get sex changes are the same drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Also, some of the trans drugs make them more aggressive.

      In my opinion the first thing that must happen is all trans propagandizing MUST stop.

  13. There is an evil trans agenda sweeping through the nations of the world like a cancer. They have a job to do in lockstep with the cabal. Their job is to destroy the moral fabric of society’s across the world. Under the guise of inclusivity they will attempt to infect our children’s minds, close our christian schools, and spread their perverted demonic genital mutilation message to our most vulnerable. They are coming, they are here and we need to be in their way. They have government and corporate support, they are a crucial tool in our governments toolbox. But we know this, it’s no surprise now we just have to be ready.

  14. I have just returned from KiwiBank where I dissolved all my accounts.
    While in there waiting, there was another person doing the same. And a third was gobsmacked when we told her why we were waiting.
    What has become of my New Zealand?

  15. Shaneel Lal is funded by George Soros.

    No doubt that other freak who asaulted Kellie Jay is also funded by Soros in some way.

    Think about who are causing all the issues in this country……IMPORTED activists funded to cause division and perversion.

  16. Am I right in musing that there might also be admission as a foundational member of another very exclusive group? That exclusive group being “Leaders of an Honest-to-God 2023 Lynch-Mob.” (And nearly succeeded). A very exclusive group indeed,. Well done, another jewel-in-the-crown.


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