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‘Stammering idiot’ – global celebs and politicians lay into Hipkins as ‘What is a woman?’ video goes viral

News of Prime Minister Chris Hipkins’ answer, or non-answer, to the question ‘What is a woman?’ has gone viral.

Hipkins was asked the question at a press conference yesterday. His response raised eyebrows with some questioning whether he has the ability to lead a country, while others felt he was stuck between a rock and hard place – knowing the answer, but unable to say it due to woke political correctness.

‘The…. biology, sex, gender, umm…. people define themselves. People define their own genders…’ said Hipkins.

‘in terms of gender identity, I think people define their gender identity for themselves.’

Hipkins insisted that he was not prepared for such a question, which he said was ‘out of leftfield’, giving him no time to ‘pre-formulate’ an answer.

Celebrities, politicians, influencers and netizens alike around the world were quick to lambast the leader for his failure to provide what they considered to be the obvious answer.

A ‘woman’ is an adult human female.

Member of the European Parliament Christine Anderson called Hipkins a ‘stammering idiot’, for failing to answer a question any ‘3 year old would have mastered.’

Piers Morgan tweeted, ‘Breaking, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister doesn’t know what a woman is, despite replacing one as Prime Minister.’

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling tweeted, ‘In the interests of balance, someone should now ask women how they define Chris Hipkins.’

Matt Walsh, producer and director of the popular documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ retweeted Morgan’s message to his 1.5 million followers adding, ‘I made the movie and I still laugh at every example of someone getting stumped by the question. Never gets old.’

DTNZ syndicated columnist Ian Miles Cheong told his half million followers that New Zealand’s Prime Minister was ‘unable to define what a woman is.’

Investigative journalist Ian Wishart noted the NZ legacy media’s silence as the story went viral around the world. ‘More deafening silence from @rnz_news, @1NewsNZ, @NZStuff, @NZMorningReport, @NewshubNZ as NZ prime minister @chrishipkins is mercilessly mocked around the world for not being able to define a woman. #hopeless.’

Video of Hipkins was seen by nearly 2 million people alone in one feed, women’s sports campaigner Ro Edge’s Twitter noted, leading her to also question why the legacy media was silent on such a viral story that was affecting New Zealand’s image overseas.

The Hipkins gaffe is fresh embarrassment for New Zealand, and comes a week after the visit of Women’s Rights campaigner Posie Parker was cut short following violent scenes at her #LetWomenSpeak event in Albert Park Auckland. Parker was assaulted with a can of tomato soup by a trans rights supporter, and had to be taken to a police car under security protection as a raging mob of protesters tried to get close to her. In response to the ugly scenes, the hashtags #boycottNZ and #boycottNewZealand trended globally on Twitter for a short time.


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  1. Hipkins as PM, Mahuta as Foreign Minister, Davidson as Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence and Sexual Violence.
    They make the country look like a comedy show gone wrong.

  2. Aarrgg.. Stop the planet I want to get off..!
    Yes he has removed all doubt the “man” is an idiot not worthy of consideration in any type of election. As the saying goes.. go woke – go broke. He is yet another embarrassment in a long line of Labour Party pratts soiling what was once a wonderful country.

    It’s over to you, Matt to continue building a party of right thinking adults, people who know what a man and a woman is, to lead us out of the mire and stench of Labour and National. As for Hipkins there is nothing more to be said..

    • Maybe Klaus Schwarb is writing his formulated answer as we speak. Hipkins is a spineless pathetic moron who needs to get out of politics all together.

  3. How hard is it to say 3 words. Adult human female. Says more that he has to formulate answers in advance.

  4. “Huh, huh, huh, huh! WOMAN!”
    “Shut up Butthead!!”
    “You said WOMAN Beavis! Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh.”
    “Er? WOMAN! Huh, huh, huh, huh.”
    “Er …. huh, huh, huh, huh … er ….”.
    “What’s a woman Butthead?”

  5. Hipkin a ” leader “? he does not even know he is a man if he does not know what is a woman. Scared of making ” ennemies”, coward ?

  6. As a kiwi expat in the Uk I can officially confirm New Zealand jokes have replaced Polish jokes for taking the piss out of someone. Thanks Hipkins

  7. It’s time to repurpose The Beehive as ‘The Museum of Stupidity’.

    School children in 100 years time will be amused by the useless twerps that used to run New Zealand.

  8. I just saw the picture of him in that awful t shirt, the one with pink Blue and yellow stripes. With different identities It just looks horrendous. Please, give up dude.
    It’s too cringy. Have some self respect.

  9. How do we get landed with such Klaus Schwab, brain-washed, choose you own gender, falsely called politicians???
    What a pathetic state of affairs. We could never expect a question like “How do we know our government is lying?” when they don’t even know what the truth is?


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