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Steve Kirsch challenges Sean Plunket to $1 million bet

Steve Kirsch news

Prominent mRNA critic Steve Kirsch rang into Sean Plunket’s show on the Platform this morning.

Kirsch, a man who made his fortune in the US tech industry, has generated a large following across social media for his opposition to the mRNA experimental vaccines. Kirsch was initially in favour of them – both he and his family received the first jab.

The call-in has generally been described on social media as train-wreck with Twitter users accusing Plunket of talking over his guest and using ad hominem attacks instead of engaging in proper rational debate about the evidence.

The full 36 minute interview has been published on Rumble by CoronavirusPlushie.

Kirsch will join Voices For Freedom tonight for a recap and analysis of the interview:

Writing on his Substack today, Kirsch called out Plunket and challenged him to a $1 million bet. Kirsch has become famous for challenging any scientist in the world to a debate on the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccines, in which he would put up $1 million for the willing participant. So far, no one has taken up the offer.

‘Sean, if you are so sure you are right about those clots like you said, would you like to bet me $1M? This is a quick way to double your money without risk’, wrote Kirsch.

He also offered to fly Sean, all expenses paid to the US, to inspect the medical records of 1,000 jab-injured patients and meet with them.

On the Substack Kirsch referenced a significant amount of scientific evidence and studies to back up his concerns over the mRNA jabs.

As of today, Plunket has not responded to Kirsch’s offer. This would not come as a suprise to Kirsch, who wrote, ‘Of course Sean will never bet me because he knows that what he said was misinformation.’

Kirsch fleshed out the details for a proposed debate, to ensure fairness and transparency:

Sean, how about we go through as many of the 84 points in Why can’t we talk about it? as we can in 2 hours and have a discussion based on data and evidence, rather than Sean’s beliefs. This means government data, data in peer-reviewed scientific literature, and independent third party polling data.

We’ll have a panel of judges randomly chosen from both camps: Sean’s and mine, e.g., 40 people per side.

Then we take a vote at the end to see whether the audience shifted their position.

And I’m perfectly happy to draw questions evenly from Sean’s list of questions to make the debate topics totally fair. Each party submits 10 topics, each person gets 3 minutes of total talk time per issue. A total of 2 hours.

Each party gets the questions in advance so there are no surprises. A fair fight.

How about it Sean? Do you think you can win a fair debate where you supply half the questions and I supply half the questions?

Note that I have a much bigger follower base than Sean so he can’t weasel out of this challenge arguing that he doesn’t want to give me a platform to spread misinformation. Instead, it’s me giving him an opportunity to reduce vaccine hesitancy among my followers.

Furthermore, Sean doesn’t have to promote it to his listeners at all, therefore, he will not be able to argue that he is “giving me a platform.”

So we’ve eliminated all the potential excuses for saying No.

So how about it Sean?

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  1. I just finished listening to this on replay as was off to work this morning and missed it.

    Terrible interview Sean. Nothing good is achieved by people yelling at each other. I wish Sean would just ask a question and then let the person talk. Re the data. Here in NZ the all cause mortality has risen dramatically to over 35,000 where as even on a bad flu year it’s 33,000. I guess we can argue and say it’s the boomers starting to drop off, so let’s see what happens next year. Either way it’s a rather large sudden % increase. Similar patterns are being observed in Australia and Israel for example, the UK and Ireland also to name a few. I don’t know anyone who has died from the vaccine, but I do know of sudden cancers, strokes and sudden swelling of lower extremities leading to death, an aortic aneurysm and unexplained infertility. Time will tell I guess.

    Still glad I didn’t take the poison and I will never EVER wear a mask EVER again or be restricted to move around my own fucking country and I know I am not alone in these sentiments.

    Oh yeah and if I need a blood transfusion I would rather die on my hill thanks. Keep ya manky blood.

    • My previous employer forced me to take the vaccine or lose my job. One day when the tide turns I intend suing them (the company and its directors), the manager wo instructed me to do so, and Jacinda for committing a crime against me.

  2. It is quite fascinating to hear Shorn Plonkett now having done such a complete turn around. While he was earlier open to discussion he has now wholly shut the door.

    We must therefore wonder what happened over the last few months to bring this about..? Is he under some form of duress, is he being paid, or has he over the last few weeks had some type of medical misadventure from the vaccine affecting his mind.

    He may of course gone quietly insane and should be put in a safe place to keep us all free from harm..

    • He’s trying too hard to appeal to both sides. He fancies himself the edgy “maverick”, but still wants his show to be mainstream enough that his buddies in the NZ MSM don’t completely unperson him for wrongthink. That’s why he becomes so irritated and immediately starts cutting callers off when they say anything remotely antivax. Total coward.

      Steve Kirsch would run intellectual circles around this twit while he just sits there going, “nuh uh” for 45 mins.

      God what I would pay to see it! 😆

  3. I’ll take Steve up on his offer to go to the US – I need a holiday – only problem is they still aren’t letting unvaccinated people like me in so I would need to cross the border illegally through Mexico. 😜

  4. The ‘interview’ was unlistenable. Sean Plunket was totally unprofessional, he wouldn’t let Steve Kirsch speak and just angrily shouted and ranted over the top him. Absolutely bizarre behaviour.

    I genuinely think Sean Plunket is possibly suffering from some kind of jab-related psychosis.

  5. In Sean Plunket’s famous, conspiracy theorists are a real pain article of 2012, he said,

    “…that the Freemasons are an ancient order seeking global domination when they are actually secular apolitical community clubs like Rotary and Lions.”


    A secular apolitical community clubs like Rotary and Lions?

    Except every Governor General of New Zealand is a Freemason. And that includes Lord PLUNKET, Governor of New Zealand and Grandmaster:


    The Freemasons did not go away, they have expanded. Pretty influential I would say, wouldn’t you?

  6. I listened to the interview and Steve Kirsch remained calm and focused throughout. Sean on the other hand tried to monster Kirsch by talking over him and sledging the guy. And when he descended into swearing then I knew, (and everyone else knew) the case for Steve was won.

    Sean Plunket not only met his match he was bettered and then some. Because the more Plunket attacked Kirsch personally the more information and references to reports and people Steve Kirsch was able to get out on air in a way that demonstrated he stood on solid ground.

    Plunkets pride sunk him. Thanks Sean…..

  7. Plunket is a has-been shock jock trying to stir up ratings for a shyte media platform. Best thing to do is turn him off and don’t listen to the Platform

  8. Firstly Steve our sincere apologies. Plonker meet Steve, Steve meet the most arrogant, insane, rude, blind, vax pushing embarrassing, bad mannered, truth denier, misinformation spreader, data denier, one eyed, disrespectful, fuckwit that nz has to offer! These are not ad hominem attacks, im just speaking to plonket in his language so he can understand. If there is any doubt that the jab crosses the brain barrier, then this one sided verbal attack should clarify without a doubt, that yes it does !Plonket is living proof! He’s terrified of data and facts, he knows the jab caused his heart attack, his verbal diarrhoea is an attempt to shut down any debate because he’s scared. Some of us can handle the truth… plonket can’t. Steve, plonket can’t go to the states at your invitation for these reasons.
    No 1 He knows he will lose.
    No 2 He doesn’t want to be the guy that’s made a huge mistake and then have to swallow his immense pride.
    No 3 He won’t take the risk of adding blood clots to his already vaccine injured, failing health by flying such a long distance.
    No 4 He’s not sure who will run his boot licking platform while he’s gone.
    No 5 He hasn’t got the money.

    • Stop using words like ***** and little ***** for Michael Laws, it’s more than an insult to women.
      DTNZ you should edit this, it does you no credit publishing this!

      • It’s not an INSULT TO WOMEN™️,

        It’s an insult aimed directly at Michael Laws (one he richly deserves). INTENT and CONTEXT do actually matter, no matter how much righteous internet prefects like to pretend they don’t.

        Maybe switch off the morality policing for five minutes, go outside and have an actual conversation with another sentient human being, instead of wasting your time virtue shaming a news site over comments it’s readers post.

        This is how some of us talk out here in the real world. Yes they’re naughty words, yes they’re offensive, but moist as the thought might make you, you CANNOT CONTROL WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY.

  9. Liz Gunn is the only (former) journalist who has any credibility…as does the NZ Daily Telegraph!!!
    So do the ladies over at Voices for Freedom, and the co-leaders of the Outdoors & Freedom Party.
    Alternative Media is now going mainstream, as the MSM for years now has never been trusted!
    Most MSM presenters / reporters are psychopaths seeking self-aggrandisement and twisted validity unto themselves.. How do we know this?
    By their hateful reactions to the truth, or in being challenged with the same! When they are proven wrong, their hatreds spill over into full blown displayed rancor towards the rate-paying public.
    As Jordan Maxwell pointed out, secret societies and conspiracies can do just about anything they want; they can disenfranchise you, malign you, even kill you. But once they have been exposed, it’s game over for THEM, as their lies have then lost all power! (as has happened with most TVNZ / RNZ presenters, along with Sean Flunkett, Michael Outlaws, etc. I wonder what Lodge they belong to…!)

  10. Plonket and Laws DEBATE THIS!! You owe it to the nz public that you misinform on a daily basis. I want to see the proof to back up your claims! I want evidence to assure me that what you are spreading on your platform is true! The onus of proof is on you to back your narrative. Prove that nobody’s injured or dying! If you believe what your saying what’s your problem. I dont believe you have any proof or you would be debating this. Produce your evidence or shut up!! What you are doing is dangerous and reckless. NZDERS ask yourself why they won’t talk about it. Ring them up, ask them and when they hang up on you because they can’t back up their claims you will know they are paid for slaves without a leg to stand on.

  11. As a once avid Morning Report listener I can only question what medication Sean is now on. I have never heard such an unhinged, bombastic rant from him before. By not allowing Kirsch any substantive argument in response to his incoherent ad hominems, he left us nothing of substance upon which to judge the “debate” (if it can be called a debate) except the relative demeanour of the participants. On that basis Kirsch won by the length of the street.
    The forlorn plea expressed in our inane National Anthem “God Defent New Zealand” is suddenly looking more desperate.

  12. Just found an article from the Newsroom by Marc Daalder Feb 12 2021 headlined Magic talks Peter Williams give a shout out to Antivaxxers. About 4 paragraphs down Plunket is featured. It’s clear to see that grubby Sean is also a sex*** ***vert sympathiser. Stop giving this airwave hijacker oxygen!

  13. The platform, these are their words not mine. Open/tolerant… fact checked and debunked. NZ owned independent media company where “your opinion matters “ fact checked and also debunked.

  14. This wasn’t an interview it was just plunket yelling over the top of some one that he had decided before he even spoke to him was wrong and would always be wrong no matter what the evidence could possibly show. That’s why he was not interested in facts and just the pointless ad hominem attacking of Kirsch.

  15. With statistics now clearly showing up the vaccine as not ‘safe and effective’, it is almost tiring listening to, watching, reading the slow uptake of this information by paid off MSM.

  16. Sean Plunket has unfortunately become one of the most cruel and socially divisive media voices in New Zealand.

    New Zealand does not need journalists like Sean Plunket now.
    We need to heal and find each other, despite differences of opinion about a medical procedure, instead of allowing anyone in media to stupidly abuse those they do not agree with.

    What is worse, Sean Plunket very obviously does not directly consult medical experts, data or facts; it’s embarrassing listening to him rant like a brainwashed parrot in its cage while, sadly for him, steadily destroying his perch with his beak.

    Sean Plunket has abused his platform and lost credibility as an open-minded ‘alternative media’ journalist.

    Some of what he says borders on or is hate speech and I believe a case in this respect can now easily be made to the Human Rights Commission.

  17. Plunket is the quintessential MOCKINGBIRD. Unwitting (certainly sounds unwitting) ally to the social engineers in the violence of a global(ist) disinformation war.
    Determined no psyop the size and nature of COVID could possibly occur in NZ without him knowing about it, he lashes into his opponent with the fury of the righteous. The needle cultists of empire.

    Everyone has been there. In that rabbit hole of knowing everything about everything and getting angry in defence of it. Having learned nothing of the ‘big LIE…of living the ‘Big LIE’ just beyond the Pale of individual experience.
    And he represents that vast constituency. His voice; a voice of reason to the collective insanity ‘knowing’ and ‘trusting’ the VAX is ‘safe and effective’, because they (we) are told it is. That there is ’no evidence’ refuting it. Like ‘the Russians’ are the aggressors in Ukraine; or that ‘gravity and fire’ brought this whole stinking and malevolent epoch into play.

    Media. Academia. Science. The classic liberal educated bourgeoisie targeted by Cass SUNSTEIN and Adrian VERMULE in their seminal 2007 ‘Conspiracy Theory’ paper; where ‘to trust’ that ‘the science’ as input ‘data’, through trusted networks and voices – especially voices – (which are trustworthy by virtue of the fact that they are ‘theirs’) , would be accurate; unfettered; un-doctored.

    4. John Pilger:
    “In the 1970s, I met Leni Reifenstahl, close friend of Adolf Hitler, whose films helped cast the Nazi spell over Germany. She told me that the message in her films, the propaganda, was dependent not on “orders from above” but on what she called the “submissive void” of the public.
    “Did this submissive void include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie?” I asked her.
    “Of course,” she said, “especially the intelligentsia…. When people no longer ask serious questions, they are submissive and malleable. Anything can happen.”

    In this effort, Plunket relies on the collaboration of source. That he can trust his sources. Any break in that chain will fuck his thinking to point of internal combustion. Thus his determination NOT to contest or to allow contest of the ‘evidence’ (data) Kirsch struggled to bring to the table. Plunket’s official narrative only has the weight of it’s own corroboration to sustain it. Within media and academia and science revolving door networks, is it’s power. To not question the entirety of that as a construction – is the power holding it together. And if the opponent is steadfast, anger results. And anger is a weakness to be exploited.

    Try as he may, Plunket didn’t make Kirsch angry, only himself. And his arguments blew hot wind all over the room.
    Read SUNSTEIN and VERMULE, and you’ll find Plunket. You’ll find Laws. Hill. Dan et-fking-cetra. Ten million of them all around the broadcasting world playing out journalistic fantasy – state funded/corporate or podcast. Using the same methods; fingers in the holes in the dyke of psyop.


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