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Steve Oliver: ‘I think we’re being lied to’

Steve Oliver, owner of the Oliver MMA gym gives his views in a wide-ranging interview with pro-freedom journalist Chantelle Baker, recorded on Christmas Eve 2021.

Oliver’s gym was fined $12,000 in December by WorkSafe for ‘knowingly operating without implementing vaccine requirements.’

It’s the most high-profile case so far of a business being fined by WorkSafe for COVID vaccine requirements. All of the gym’s staff are vaccinated, except for Oliver and his wife.

Chantelle Baker talks to Oliver to get his views on the fine, as well as a discussion about mental health, the COVID narrative, the lack of male leaders opposing the government’s COVID measures, and developing boys into men.

A Give a Little page set up for donations for the legal fund reached its target of $40,000 in 13 hours.

The video is posted on Baker’s Facebook page: link.

Selected transript:

‘It’s been two years. It started out two weeks to flatten the curve and we’re two weeks deep on this thing. Every time you turn the news on it’s COVID, every time you turn the radio on it’s COVID. I’m just over it, you know.

We’ve got a community that’s in need at the moment. We’re out here in West Auckland. And we’ve had maybe three cops show up in the last two weeks. Mental health is at a crisis level – not that these politicians will know. They’re claiming to be health experts now. They’re claiming to know what’s best for the people, but they’ve really lost touch.

Mental health is the real pandemic. You ask people on the street what’s the problem. Violence, suicide, this is the problem that’s hitting our community, what’s hitting our people, and COVID’s way down on the list. COVID’s a factor, but it’s not top of the food chain for us at the moment. We’re just trying to get our people moving, support them, trying to get their mental health in check. Just being there, being a safe space for our community.’

CB: ‘I know the government came out and said the suicide stats had dropped in the last year compared to a few years ago. There was another report which came out saying actually the Coroner’s inquests a few years ago went from around 620, and now it’s dropped down to 23. So that seems like a huge difference in what they’re actually looking into and what they’re actually trying to access as suicide. Do you think that could have an impact on what the true results actually are?’

‘I think it’s a joke. I think we’re being lied to. It’s not just once in a while. I think we’re being strategically lied to. Like I’ve said, they’ve lost touch with their people. You talk to any policeman. I’ve always had a great relationship with police. We’ve trained them. Army, I’ve trained the army. We’ve got the ear to the ground in the community and the police it’s beyond problematic. The level of suicide is an epidemic. But everyone wants to play games, manipulate numbers, come out and say it’s at an all-time low, it’s a joke.’

CB: ‘So why these police are not coming forward and saying what’s actually going on?’

‘I’m not too sure. I’m talking to them, and they’re telling me. 10,000 businesses a month are going under, so there’s obviously going to be a high level of need in the adult community. But it’s the kids, I’m really concerned about the kids at the moment. 12 and 13 years old, why put that kind of pressure on 12 and 13 year olds? Right when they’re trying to establish networks, find our who they are as humans, you’ve put this absolutely massive peer pressure on them about vaccination. All these sports, they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They haven’t even been mandated, and they’re putting this on the kids. Kicking them out of these sports, these poor kids, all they live for is to go and try play rugby on the weekend, that’s their passion in life, how they identify with the world, and they’re kicking them out. It’s an absolute disgrace. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, putting that on the kids.

And what are we supposed to do. She came in on the pretence of transperancy and being kind, and it’s laughable, it really is.

We’re trying to be a safety net for those who don’t feel safe with this injection. We’re trying to be here for them. But they’re turning us into criminals.

The whole narrative’s laughable. You can still catch it, and you can still spread it. If you can’t say this narrative out loud and keep a straight face, it’s laughable.

The problem is, corruption is real, and people love money. And the root of all this is money. Pfizer’s making silly amounts, I think $268 million a day, they made in the last quarter. $24 billion in the last third quarter of this year.

It’s not about safety, it’s about control.

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  1. “It’s not about safety, it’s about control.” Never was a truer word said. I have no wish ever to be controlled further by a person, I once admired and voted for, and her utterly cruel, ignorant and narcissistic cohorts. All slavish acolytes to their meta narrative of the Great Reset they intend achieving by any means, foul or unfair.

    And we are the ones they intend continuing to divide and control until we too are obsequious slaves doing their bidding, if we don’t stand up and resist this absolute insanity.

  2. My grandson got selected for an elite youth rugby training camp for under 13’s. He 12. He wont take the vaccine and consequently isnt allowed to play rugby. Same with my granddaughter. 10 years of age, champion equestrian, wont take the vaccine so cannot compete.

    I agree we are being lied to. Is there any evidence of back handers?

  3. Another comment. Change the government? Is there any point? They all sing from the same song sheet. I wonder whether the national and act mps have dual party membership

  4. India with 5x the population of USA, has half the deaths from COVID then USA? USA 823,000- India 476,000.. AND why does Japan (half the USA population) only have 18,000 COVID deaths?

  5. It’s never been about a virus. The end game is about getting everybody onto a digital passport, which leads to track, trace and control.


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