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‘Stop using nurses as political pawns’ – Nurses For Freedom NZ

Nurses for Freedom NZ news

An article published on 30 April 2023 in the New Zealand Herald, presents comments from the Minister of Health, Ayesha Verrall regarding the ongoing controversy in relation to the shortage of nurses in our healthcare system.

In response to this report of a recent exchange between Dr Verrall and Dr Shane Reti (National) about figures related to numbers of nurses exiting their roles “Nurses are growing increasingly tired of being used as political pawns” says Deborah Cunliffe, Founder of Nurses for Freedom NZ, “Both individuals’ comments miss the mark and fail to ask the underlying cause as to why nurses are leaving and why hundreds of nurses are not renewing their annual practicing certificates”  says Deborah.

In December 2021 over 821 experienced nurses and midwives were stood down, resigned, or were terminated as they refused to take the experimental Covid-19 vaccination.  This number does not include nurses in non-government organisations or carers. It also does not include nurses who left before they were terminated, for instance those opting for retirement or those on short term contracts.

“The lack of accurate data representing actual nurses leaving the profession i.e. not renewing practicing certificates in 2022 and 2023 is unacceptable” says Deborah. “The public however should be concerned with the numbers that are being touted as these are highly likely to be under-representative of the true picture and continue to include unvaccinated nurses willing to work, but unable to return to their vocation, even though our public health system is in crisis.”

“The number of nurses and midwives leaving service will continue to rise, as increasing numbers refuse Covid-19 boosters whilst others are unable to work due to vaccine injury. Add in those nurses who are simply overwhelmed, over-worked and over Covid and a bigger exodus awaits” says Deborah Cunliffe, who was interviewed recently about ongoing issues for nurses in New Zealand on realitycheck.radio.

“If we want to see real change in the nursing profession, we need to address key issues which include freedom of choice and informed consent for everyone, including our nurses and midwives” says Deborah. “It is evident that political manoeuvring is not the solution to the challenges faced by New Zealand Nurses and we need to question whether or not those entities currently claiming to be representative of nurses are actually fit for purpose.”

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  1. One clown, Rob Zorn, media and comms advisor for the NZ Nurses Organization, said there were ‘very few’ nurses affected by the mandates.
    821 affected workers sounds a lot to me.
    He is just following the MOH narrative of deny deny.

  2. They WONT stop using you as political pawns because that’s all you are to them. They will NOT acknowledge the mandates as the true reason for these issues because their bosses won’t allow them to. The only talking point permitted is that all the doctors and nurses we had just suddenly poofed into thin air one day and now we desperately need more.

    National’s goal is to pretty much double NZ’s population through importation. They’ve said it repeatedly. So they will continue to squeeze “we need more doctors, nurses and teachers” into every utterance for as long as possible. But they don’t REALLY care about the problem because it’s a completely manufactured one.

    The big business interests who pull their strings want cheap labour, even if it means importing the kind of “peace-loving women and children/doctors and scientists” as they did in the UK. You know, the ones who have “sexual emergencies” when they cross paths with lone women minding their own business. The ones who form grooming gangs you somehow aren’t allowed to discuss online without a visit from the thought police.

    And don’t worry about the inevitable surge in crime and drugs, the housing shortages, and all the no-go areas we have to look forward to. Just get your next booster and smile about paying higher taxes so the weather will change 😊 🌈

    National are every bit as corrupt and untrustworthy as Labour, perhaps even more so. NZ politics is like trying to choose between lung cancer and stomach cancer.

  3. The nurses have brought this shortage all on them selves if they had of supported there workmates when they were stood down by the M O H this would not have happened why didn’t they do anything.Reap what you sow.

    • Many people trusted their leaders. It was the right thing to do BUT then we discovered our leaders were simply being lied to by their superiors and that is the chain of command. What we need to achieve is a public awareness campaign that delivers to every household the message that they were lied to and that we can never let this happen again.

  4. If there is no shortage of medical workers, why do many chemists, surgeries, blood labs… have signs saying “due to staff shortages…. ”
    We have truly been lied to by career politicians and BIG pharma.
    Public Law changes need to be established so that ‘government officials’ can be prosecuted for bribery, false statements, and failure to take actual data into consideration.
    This law change could then bring a balance back into society. Gangs may be an issue, but the ‘political gang’ has the worst impact on society.
    Natural Health need to become mainstream in schools and society. The greatest ‘pandemic is diabetes. I notice how everyone is becoming overweight and is now being treated as the new norm, even encouraged.

  5. My wife was an extraordinary senior nurse and former midwife along with other family members in ED and intensive care wards here in NZ Basically you have to follow the party line and if you don’t they boot you out. She worked without smoko breaks, had rushed toilet stops and worked about an extra 1.5 hours per shift for free doing paperwork. The nursing union which is completely hopeless, based on being political and money hungry refused to answer any of her workplace complaints. My advice to all medical staff, leave NZ for Australia, Fly In Fly out work , they treat you as a human being not a thing to be pulled apart by govt mumbo jumbo and as a dedicated professional nurse is happy being mentor to younger staff members. To treat nurses with such contempt is a true refection of the party line who bury their heads like an ostrich these days. Good luck to the survivors that stay here.

  6. There is a great deal of evidence suggesting loss of moral among doctors and nurses.

    The moral of the people in these medical professions seems to have declined as politicians, bureaucrats and “administrators” gained more authority and power to control their lives and professional services.

    Medicine used to be all about doing the best one could to help individual patients when they were ill.
    The difficulties, long hours and sacrifices were rewarded by a sense of deserved satisfaction, self-esteem and pride for being of real service to real people in times of real need.

    Then along came the politicians, bureaucrats and other “outsiders” with their ambitions for prestige authority, power and control of everything and everyone else including medical services.

    Patients were renamed “consumers” and their medical professionals were renamed “providers” whose obedience and loyalty was owed to the politicians, bureaucrats and administrators..
    The former self-regulation of these professions for the benefit of the patients was taken over by the people in governments for the benefit of “the state” and their idiotic ambition of a “health care delivery system” like a fast food enterprise that they owned, controlled and managed.

    The once sacred , confidential and personal relationships between doctors, nurses and the patients they cared for were destroyed and the only real incentive left was THE MONEY that could be earned by obedience to the new bosses regardless of whether it was best for the “consumers” or not.

    Unfortunately, money cannot replace the lost sense of satisfaction, self-esteem and deserved pride derived from serving and caring for other individual human beings and that is why the “health care delivery system” is such a failure.

    I used to be a doctor, experienced the decline and destruction of the medical profession, got out, did something else that was more satisfying and rewarding and have not regretted it at all.
    I am not surprised that so many other medical professionals are choosing to leave this corrupted system.


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