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Stuff.co.nz editor responds to eye-gouge video manipulation claims

Stuff.co.nz Editor-in-Chief Patrick Crewdson denies the media outlet manipulated a video to cover up police brutality.

Yesterday DTNZ published a story on a Stuff.co.nz video many considered had deliberately blocked out footage of a Parliament protester being eye-gouged by police.

In an email to a DTNZ reader, which Crewdson agreed could be shared publicly, he said:

Stuff has not manipulated any video to cover up police brutality.
It seems you’re referring to this video we published on our YouTube channel. Late in the video, some of YouTube’s standard recommended content placements appear on the screen, suggesting links of potential interest and offering a chance to subscribe to Stuff’s channel.
You can see very similar placements appear at the same point in other Stuff videos on YouTube, such as this one.
The same video of police and protesters clashing – but without those recommended content pop-ups – is watchable directly on Stuff here.
What’s more, yesterday we published a story for which we interviewed Phil Peters – the protester who alleges police assaulted him – and sought a response from police. That story also contains a video showing the incident.
Far from manipulating content to “cover up” police actions, we have reported on those allegations directly – including with video footage.

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  1. Stuff being called to account, good, about damn time! Well done Daily Telegraph, keep on keeping on, we’re behind you for Truth!

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall … think of it, always.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  2. Stuff simply cannot be trusted at all. Today the uncritically repeated Doomfield’s lie that the booster jab gives good protection against Omicron.
    There’s a good video on bit shoot with Prof. Norman Fenton explaining why “there is no evidence the vaccine ever really worked.” And showing that UK Government figures show just how damaging the vaccine programme has been. bit shoot video/b6l1NY2uPN04/

    Stuff don’t seem to have bothered at all to report that Iceland has abandoned all covid restrictions and their Ministry of Health has said as many people as possible should get infected with Omicron because the natural immunity doing so confers is better than the so called vaccines.

    • The booster jab does give good protection against Omicron.

      As for Fenton, he’s been discredited. Check the real Daily Telegraph fir that story.

      • MOH data shows quite clearly that double vaccination does nothing to lessen the chance of hospitalization …. the same can be said for the booster ..
        27% of those admitted Wednesday were boostered ….
        The figures for the previous days were equally as bad if not worse …….Tuesday saw 91.2% of admissions having been vaccinated
        Feel free to keep spouting Govt misinformation tho

  3. I’m sick of the pathetic character assassinations the media do on people who stand up against the government. They sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver and will ultimately pay a heavy price

    • Absolutely – its all about only reporting on things that enable them to access the PM’s fund. Control the media – control the people.

  4. This guy, Patrick Crewdson claimed in an article last year that Government money did not sway their reporting at stuff. So I emailed him about this, asking why no journalists have covered what I thought was a juicy story about the alledged Douma, Syria chemicals weapon attack in march 2018. The one where there are 4 whistleblowers from the OPCW claiming their on the ground investigations were ignored for findings from others that were’nt. Ian Henderaon was the first whistleblower, and he was a specialist in this role. He claims the gas bottles could not have been dropped from a helicopter and looked to have been placed at the scene. (How does a gas canister break through a reinforced concrete roof but not break the bed it landed on).

    Why does Patrick not want to put the questions to Jacinda and Winston(foreign minister at the time) about what intelligence the US and UK showed them, that made them side with them. This was before the 100+ missiles were fired at Syria. What evidence did they see that made them believe it was Assad’s work and not the false flag it obviously was(the western media keeps very quiet about this incidence now)

    You are a sellout Patrick. Prove me wrong

    I have been emailing all NZ media about this story since 2019 when Ian first blew the whistle. Deafening silence

    • I switched to reading alternative media about 10 years ago and it just blew me away about the misinformation our MSM have been giving us. When it comes to global news, our MSM is copy and paste of Western propaganda. Just read some of the current bull dust about the Ukraine/Russia conflict. Western propaganda doesn’t mention that Ukraine had been violating the Minsk agreement for years and had been shelling the Russian speaking region of Donbass. These regions called President Putin for help .

      False flag to promote propaganda has been a western playbook for decades if not centuries. The Americans invaded Syria on behest of Israel- that powerful lobby group AIPAC has got the Americans and ultimately most western nations by the balls. Groups like ISIS, Al Qaida are a Western construct to further their causes. These so called ‘Islamic’ terror groups never go after Americans and Israel but blow up and terrorise other muslims. What utter bull crap. Grow a brain people.

      Gazza there is no point asking our bought MSM for any honest reporting.

      The likes of OPCW, ICC, WHO are tools for Americans to further their cause.

      Read the likes of RT, the Grey Zone, etc. Real news based on proper investigative journalism. There are plenty of other news outlets which are not mainstream but one needs to do their own research and truth is there in plain sight. All you need is common sense.

    • Jabcinda won’t ask for any evidence as she needs to support the American propaganda. Being a member of the Five Eyes means you are a slave to the Americans. Just look at the damage the Australians have inflicted on themselves by their hostile behaviour towards China- on the behest of America. China is Aussies biggest trade partner but that didn’t stop them shooting themselves in the foot. You just fix stupid I guess.


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