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The collapse of the New Zealand health system – Or is it being collapsed?

Health System news

Dedicated to nurses, midwives and ambulance staff, and to mandated practitioners.

We have been told that the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” is “safe and effective” and would protect against covid-19; that it would protect against serious symptoms and keep people out of hospital.

Now we have a crisis in our hospitals “because of COVID”. The truth is that in this country at least 80% of people in hospital because of COVID have been vaccinated.

The data from Australia is even more stark; I came across the following just this morning:

It appears that we have a crisis in our hospitals and it is getting worse, week-by- week. For example this while I was compiling this article:

Dunedin Hospital Closed to Visitors

Dunedin Hospital is no longer accepting visitors to any of its wards because of an outbreak of Covid-19, combined with increased pressure on capacity. Visitors were turned away from the hospital yesterday after the restrictions were implemented at 6pm. Southern District Health Board chairman Pete Hodgson said there had been an outbreak of Covid-19 at the hospital, which was the reason it had to close the doors.


I wish to start with some anecdotes from people that we know.


I have a healthy 78-year old friend who we have been worried about for some time as he has had 3 doses of the “vaccine”.

A few weeks ago he had very sore feet and was getting round in woollen boots. We immediately suspected blood clots.

He had several online consultations with his doctor who could only suggest he bought some special boots but showed little interest in investigating further, something that has become the rule, rather than the exception.

When he finally had to crawl to the bathroom and couldn’t walk his family phoned for the ambulance.

The ambulance staff did not believe that he was in pain and couldn’t walk until they accidentally kicked him in the foot and he yelled out in pain. He was sent to Wellington hospital in our region and indeed, he did have blood clots, all to do with his smoking or his age and nothing to do with a vaccine booster of course!

He had an operation involving the transplant of veins that appeared to be successful; he was recovering and was, according to his nurse-daughter due to have a second operation on his second leg on the Monday.

We learned that on the evening before he was diagnosed with covid-19 and was put into isolation where he has remained for the week.

During that time he has had no symptoms of COVID other than being irritable and stir-crazy from the isolation.

The latest news is that he has been transferred to Hutt hospital – the one that, as you will see, is having its largest wing closed down soon.

All this is because of a shortage of operating room staff at Wellington hospital. So he was down for an operation on Monday (because it was urgent) and by Thursday there is apparently no staff to do the operation.


We have another friend who has worked outside for 35 years as a gravedigger – the one who reported that in his career he has never buried so many people as he has over the past months, especially following a “vaxathon” last year.

He was done out of a job because he refused to have the vaxx and as far as we know has not been reinstated despite having heard (in the middle of the night of course!) reports of a shortage of crematorium and cemetery workers.

They will never acknowledge or admit that cemetery workers have been mandated out of their jobs but instead produce human interest stories like this:

‘I respect these people who are buried here’ – Graveyards call out for volunteers

‘Public and community-run cemeteries around the country are struggling to recruit staff and volunteers.’

So, folks just don’t want to do the job any more?

Is that it?


We have anecdotal information that after an unspecified (but considerable) number of nurses in the hospitals walking out of their jobs because they would not succumb to the vaxx no one has been allowed back to their jobs.

In an interview recently Liz Gunn said that far from people returning to work more and more are leaving the sector because the demands are becoming greater and greater so that those who have received three doses of the mRNA shot will be regarded as “unvaxxed”.

All the while, it seems that staff are allowed to work with COVID symptoms but are not allowed to be unvaxxed.

A well-known figure in the movement and my former doctor, René de Monchy had this to say when I asked him:

As to my situation as mentioned in the article, it is indeed so that on 18 November last year I was told that I was not able and permitted to work any more and the hospital said I was not allowed anywhere on the DHB grounds, which would be considered a criminal offense…..

A colleague of mine who is a gynaecologist and who was working in the same hospital, has not been able to work anywhere in hospital or do locum work as a specialist or as a doctor in general because he is unvaccinated. (Edited)

So we have a crisis in the hospitals due at least in good measure to Jacinda Ardern sacking her most dedicated nursing staff.

All this is being ascribed to COVID amongst staff (which well might be the case, at least in part) while the other main reason is ignored or even denied.


This is further illustrated by this story: another acquaintance had to go to Accident and Emergency (ER) with a kidney infection was not responding to antibiotics.

Although she was regarded as urgent she was shunted off to a room where she was left for a long period of time.

She alluded to the fact that there were very few nursing staff and they were being moved from Emergency to other areas of the hospital.

This was confirmed by her:

“The nurse said they were reducing the number of staff in A&E – they already couldn’t cope and reducing numbers would be diabolical”.

There have been accounts in the media of staff having to work very long shifts.

There was a story of a woman working in a small rest home, of maybe 50 people, having to work 3 days in a row and grab some sleep in between and couldn’t get home for 36 hours.

She reported after having been at work for 2 whole days having to stay on because no one turned up to relieve her.

Changes are being made to our work visas that allows the fast tracking of immigrants in professions where there is deemed to be an acute shortage – medical professionals, builders, project managers, engineers, dentists.

Nurses were not on this list.

A Swedish nurse reported she cannot practise nursing here because her qualifications are not recognised here, all that despite the fact that probably has among the highest standards of nursing in the world.

Another Indian doctor we know who is working with immigrants in a poor neighbourhood reported she had to go “through hell” to get her qualifications recognised. She reported being bullied and generally treated very badly.


Perhaps the clearest example of how run down the health system is comes from an interview of Steve Oliver with Liz Gunn where he describes his friend having a heart attack in front of him.

Getting only an answering service on 111 which said they were over capacity and to go to a GP. he set off taking his friend to the hospital in Whangarei.

When they got to medical centre where they tried ringing emergency; the phone rang for an hour and a half without being picked up.

His friend started to get anxious and instead of being sedated was told they would ring the police and have him thrown out ion the street.

They managed to finally get an ambulance and when they got to the hospital there were staff everywhere, all clipboards whose only concern was if he had any COVID symptoms.

Steve Oliver was told the hospital was 150% over capacity and he had better go home and see his GP.

After sleeping for 2 days he was told the earliest he can get a PHONE consultation was Monday. The heart attack happened on the previous Thursday. Other comments were that:

  • Health practitioners are still being mandated when we are being told the mandates are over. The exit from the health profession because people don’t want to take the boosters.
  • The hospitals let people go to work if they have COVID symptoms. How will that stop people getting sick?
  • The response from staff to question was “no comment” or that they can’t do anything other than just deal with the fallout.
    People are unaware that this is going on until they need the system.


While we are seeing that there are greater levels of hospitalisations of the vaccinated and deaths are constant compared with when we had the original Wuhan strain of Covid-2 things are only going to get worse.

We have not reached flu season yet.

This prognosis came out a couple of days ago from a modeller who I have to say have never got things right:

Covid-19: Hospitalisations could be higher in second Omicron wave

Older people are expected to be on the list of people who will be eligible for a fourth dose of the vaccine later this month.

“Offering a fourth dose of the vaccine as we go into winter for those groups is a really good way of mitigating the risk.” (sic)

This report from February from Dunedin Hospital which has just closed its wards to visitors is fairly typical of hospitals across the country.

Visitor access changes to southern hospitals

Hawkes Bay describe an increasing number of people admitted to hospital with flu although it has to be asked how they distinguish influenza from COVID seeing they have very similar symptoms.

In any case it is leading to a call for people to get the flu jab although there is evidence that it can only make matters worse:

Spike in people admitted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital with flu

As at Monday, there were 10 people in Hawke’s Bay Hospital with influenza.

Four days later, there were 33 people in the hospital with influenza, with one of those patients requiring intensive care support.

It comes during the same week the hospital’s ED reported its busiest days on record with almost 200 presentations on both Monday and Tuesday. Now we come to the big story.


Heretaunga Block Hutt Hospital news

In the midst of a dire health crisis it was announced that the Wellington region’s second largest hospital, the Hutt Valley hospital is closing its Heretaunga Wing, which houses 79 percent of the beds and services and 25 percent of the region’s capacity as well.

It contains the children’s ward, the maternity wing, the coronary care unit and other wards and services.

The reports say that the DHB used a 10-year-old seismic assessment to persuade the Hutt City Council to go easy on it in May 2021:

Of special interest is the birthing unit.

If closed that would leave no maternity services in the Hutt Valley and people may have to go elsewhere where services are already stretched to the maximum.

Everyone, right up to the Health Minister, Andrew Little says they want to keep a hospital in the region but reality on the ground paints a different picture.

There had been talk of shifting birthing to a unit, Te Awakairangi, owned by a charitable organisation, the Wright Family Foundation, was mothballed only last year due to lack of funding.

Much-loved Hutt Valley birthing centre set to close next month

However a motion to this effect was voted down by a majority nine members of the board at a special meeting just a day or so ago.

Hutt Valley DHB declines to make maternity services move a priority

However, as the following article makes clear the problems are not confined to the Hutt Valley but are across the region.

Hutt Valley Birthing Unit news

We are blithely told that services will be transferred to other hospitals . However, there are problems in Wellington as well:

Wellington hospital staff shortages at ‘critical levels’ in midwifery, nursing, allied health

That leaves the only other hospital in the region – the small Porirua hospital. However, the media reports:

18 percent of health workers at a Porirua Hospital are absent as the impact of the outbreak continues to grow outside Auckland


If you thought the problems were limited to the Hutt Hospital you would be wrong.

Within a very short period of time three other hospitals that I know of were singled out for partial closure – all because they are prone to earthquakes.

Firstly there is Wellington hospital where they have discovered they have to move its emergency department “because its structure might fail in a quake

More shaky hospitals: Wellington emergency department deemed earthquake risk

Health system news

That must be a really urgent problem that has to be solved immediately (sic)!

Then there is Hawkes Bay Hospital where they have discovered its newest buildings (built in 2004) has been found to be “earthquake-prone” just a month before the Hutt Valley and Wellington announcements. It has been reported that they cannot install their new MRI scanner

One of Hawke’s Bay Hospital’s newest buildings was found to be earthquake-prone

Hawke's Bay health news

The hospital’s Acute Assessment Unit, pictured, was found to meet just 15 per cent of the National Building Standard requirement last year. Work on the building since then had
Of course it is all a big coincidence and anyone who recalls the 1931 Napier earthquake will realise it is shaky.

But have you heard of any earthquakes in Auckland?

But within a day or so of the announcement about the Hutt Hospital it was announced that its Galbraith building is ‘earthquake prone’ (“just 20 % of the New Building Standard”):

Building at Middlemore Hospital confirmed as earthquake prone

Again, we have a hospital catering for poorer parts of the population that includes a maternity wing.

In 2019 they were going to scrap the building but once again it is in the headlines. The timing is amazing.

The Hutt Valley Hospital issue has had quite a lot of press but the situation with the other hospitals are, on-the-whole well-hidden. However, this was reported:

Seismic risk assessments exposing widespread shaky hospital issue

NZ hospital news

Isn’t it strange how at a time when the health system is in dire crisis and losing staff at an amazing rate that policies are being enacted that would reduce facilities and they would undertake a major reform of the system?

If it is not by design it seems to me that if there nefarious aims this is just how they would go about collapsing a health system that was already in a parlous shape


The situation in the rest homes which was previously almost intolerable has only got worse:

NZ Health Group Managing Director on inadequate funding for home and community support that contributes to staff shortages and affecting future age care options

The article reports that the New Zealand Health Group, the largest provider of home support services has had to suspend referrals in Auckland, turning away 20 to 30 a day, due to the lack of registered nurses needed to supervise carers.

Furthermore they report the vaccine mandate took out more than 400 caregivers, and they have lost about 20 per cent of nursing staff to district health boards (DHB) over the past six months because of the pay gap.

In this regard, a friend’s mother has been in hospital taking up bed space that is already in short supply while they look for a bed in a rest home.

However, there have been none available anywhere near where she lives.

There was also a story of a woman working in a small rest home, of maybe 50 people, having to work 3 days in a row and grab some sleep in between and couldn’t get home for 36 hours.

She reported after having been at work for 2 whole days having to stay on because no one turned up to relieve her.

Another friend has a friend in a Lower Hutt rest home and reported that the old people are underfed and going hungry.

I have looked to see if these shortages are affecting the private hospitals as well.

However, I can find no indication of any problems being identified in the media connected the private system.

QUESTION: If staff are succumbing to COVID in the public hospitals would this not affect the private hospitals as well?

But that is not what we are hearing.

Are we being herded into the private system?


A major health reform in the midst of a grave crisis?

In response to the article above, Lower Hutt mayor Campbell Barry said that the Hospital Board needed to make a strong stance about retaining health services in the Hutt Valley while it still had the power to.

This is because the decision-making powers will be transferred to the new government organisation, Health New Zealand, next month.

This move is away from local decision-making towards a single centralised, govenment-controlled organisation, Health New Zealand:

Major health sector shake-up: DHBs scrapped and new Māori Health Authority announced

Just like this government relies on a “single source of truth” its response is always to regulate, legislate and centralise.


All of the above points to a problem across the sector with funding, from private rest homes to the public health system.

Debt across all the health boards reached $237 million in the last financial year, compared with Government predictions of $210 million.

Some of the hospitals badly need input, as shown by this article:

Whangārei Hospital: Leaky roofs, dodgy lifts, waiting lists and Covid-19’s here

It is unclear what the government has spend on COVID – on propaganda, buying in vaccines and what have you – I recall a figure of 100 BILLION. I came across the following official item that is designed to confuse as much as it is to reveal:

Controller update on Government spending on Covid-19

To put a $237 MILLION debt into context in 2020 the government expanded their money-printing (QE) to $100 BILLION:

Covid 19 coronavirus: Reserve Bank expands QE to $100 billion

According to the debt clock New Zealand’s national debt (which represents 42% of GDP stands at NZ$ 120 billion with interest payments of $5 billion.

To put this into perspective NZ cannot rely on a petrodollar backed by a huge military.

Instead, it does not earn enough from dairy and tourism (which has been closed down for 2 years) to make ends meet.

It does not take a genius to realise that this situation must have a huge effect on the public health crisis.

We can cover hospital debts only by still more borrowing.

Or we can tighten our belts but it will never be enough.


I am leaving it up to readers to decide how to interpret what I have reported – the degree to which the health system is collapsing or is being COLLAPSED.

Perhaps the fact that they announced the closure of several hospitals all within a short period of time is just a giant coincidence.?

Perhaps the fact that we have a shortage of nurses, cemetery workers etc. is just happenstance?

That is what the media would like you to believe.

They will go anywhere in their explanations other than so much as mention the mandated health workers.

They simply don’t exist.

But I for one don’t believe in “coinkydinks”.

Perhaps I can finish with the following?

We do not know what Jacinda Adern signed up to with Pfizer in 2021

We do not know what she signed to in America in the last week.

We do not know what Jacinda talks about in her daily breakfast discussions with former PM Helen Clark:

Helen Clark on Jacinda Ardern at the White House – how it works and why it matters now

But I can tell you what has been revealed about Helen Clark. who after being prime minister of New Zealand cut her teeth at the UN and other globalist organisations.

She is listed as a major participant of a WEF “Preparing for the Next Pandemic” stakeholder meeting at Davos.

WEF news

WEF news

You can find out more at AmazingPolly’s video, BOOM! Caught Red Handed Planning Monkeypox Pandemic.

I think I will leave things there.

This article was first published by Seemorerocks on 8 June 2022, and has been reproduced on DTNZ with the author’s kind permission.

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  1. They want us all DEAD thru their engineered orchestrated diseases, mandates, and adherence to the WEF, NWO, and IMF policies that are all run and controlled by Zio-Nazis and Talmudic Communists!
    The staged killing off of us via gradualism from orchestrated bankruptcies, un-affordable food, and the removal of healthcare in the public sector, (plus the rising SX premiums for those who can now barely afford such) will accomplish their goals.
    They already have a list of people whom they will help (Masonic-types, Luciferians, etc) and those who are not ‘in the club / lodge’ will discover their careers ending, going into extreme poverty, and being denied health care in violation of the UN Health Treaty and the Nuremburg Code.
    It is known that some patients were shocked to discover that they were organ donors in their health records when they were not! Many of these were also had ‘Green Sheet’ ‘do not resuscitate’ letters in their files!
    My sister in law has suffered L-4 & L-5 disks in her spine pop out with no operation offered. She was bullied out of her job of 18 years from major DHB, and AC C sent spies out to document her suffering (but did NOTHING about it) in their secondary, secret ‘unofficial’ file.
    Now she suffers from both types of arthritis, can barely mobilise from her knee and hips locking up, and nothing is done about it, except for the taking of 8 drugs per day!
    No operations are on offer to correct these torturous conditions with private health care knee and hip replacements!
    Hell, you can’t even go and get an MRI without first seeing your GP ($60) who then sends you to a ‘Specialist ($250) who in turn send you to get a scan ($280).
    And then, $590 later, you are told that they ‘cannot help you’ and finish their ‘care’ with ‘Don’t let this slow you down..!’ in a tone that is perfectly and psychopathically smart-ass!
    Noteworthy was that certain religious groups and ‘Secret Society / Hidden Hand’ members get EVERYTHING!
    The PTB here that have infiltrated the health care system, the media, and the politicians have an agenda and a plan, and it DOES NOT include the majority of us in those socio-economic plans!
    It’s not shocking nor less expected the lies told to the populations; psychopaths and sycophants (being enabled by sociopaths) lie all of the time, and once you are trained to pick them out via body language, phraseology, and actions as opposed to empty promises, then you will see how dire and serious the West is in, especially in Oz and Aotearoa.

    • I paid $2500 for 2 MRIs (one for each leg) to finally find out what was wrong with me. That was after being in the system for over 2 years being bounced from one person to another. I am sure that cost more than it would have to just get the scan done and find out what the bloody problem was in the first place instead of useless doctors guessing. NONE of them had it right. Just useless.

  2. Excessive poor quality migration is being pushed for over 15 years. Even the productivity commission has pointed out that our per capita GDP is falling in real terms even though the overall GDP is pushed up by lower productivity mainly supported by migration. All public services are stresedd out for many years. I suspect that it is plan to collapse all public services and introduce an American model. I feel we are simply a colony of US and both Jacinda and Luxon are just agents for “the agenda“.

  3. They fire police officers during violent riots.

    They fire truck drivers during a supply chain crisis.

    They push new taxes and “carbon” this and that onto farmers amid soaring food inflation.

    They shut down refineries and ban local offshore drilling as the international oil price climbs.

    They push to massively increase immigration during a time of low wages and high rent, exacerbating both problems.

    And last but not least, yes – they fire doctors and nurses during a (supposed) pandemic. All the sick and elderly people in the country who need normal, day to day medical care be damned.

    If you’re still unsure whether the system is deliberately BEING collapsed, I dunno what else to tell you.

  4. Of course the system is being deliberately collapsed. What does it matter? The very important people go overseas for dental and medical treatement anyway. Private insurance will not provide care even if you pay for it because there will be no first class care to be had in this country. All the name changes to institutions do the same. No-one is sure what anything is called and where anything is anymore. Soon it will be the very language we use. It will become a polyglot of pidgin English and meaningless words no-one really understands.
    A first world country in 1980, a third world country in 2030.
    All this is deliberate.

    • You are right. I can’t understand anything. I may as well have moved to a foreign country where I have not studied the language.

  5. God help New Zealanders. They are TRAPPED on sealocked islands with psychopaths preying upon them with needles. This will be a permanent ‘way of life & death’ for them. Who knows what genetic experimentations will be carried out on the Kiwis with impunity via centralised ‘healthcare’ – especially Maori! The entire country should be marching on Wellington for this hideous genocidal treachery.

    Go and see today’s ‘Childrens Health Defense’ website (16 June 2022) and see the yet again, despite the evidence of untested results and serious harm, Moderna has been approved to be injected into babies and 5 year olds!
    So, New Zealand will follow suit as Jabsinda complies with the WEG / NWO / Masonic Lciferian dictates that are demanded of her by the PTB.
    The CHD page has been sent out to our so-called El-ected ‘officials’ here in Aotearoa. So far, only a generic response(s), and no personal response(s).
    But- could we have expected anything less?
    DO NOT COMPLY if you value your health, your children’s health, and know that the law (both domestic and international) is on your side via the Nuremburg Code, the UN HRC, and NZ Patient Rights!
    Parliamentary members are NOT trained professional healthcare providers, and the ‘appointees’ who are have been compromised.

  7. Regarding the twitter post above of Aussie hospitalisation rate vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

    To make the data meaningful it needs to be normalised to rate per 100,000 for example to account for the deficit of unvaccinated vs vaccinated, otherwise it is meaningless. This is how the official UK data is presented.

    As severe illness and death due to Covid 19 is highly age stratified this also needs to be shown to make the data meaningful. This is one statistic that the big pharma MSM and big pharma captured government health ministries do not show as it would paint a very clear picture to the public that the risk benefit of the vaccine might not favour otherwise healthy children and adolescents, or anyone under age of about 60 or 70 who does not have significant comorbidities.

    We the people still do not know what was in the vaccine contract between the government representing the people of New Zealand and Pfizer, maybe that has something to do with how the statistics are presented in New Zealand and/or why they are still pushing the vaccine booster shots through the media. Are they trying to reach target numbers as per the contract?

    I can quote the Crimes Act 1961 Part 8 Section 155:

    s155 Duty of persons doing dangerous acts
    “Every one who undertakes (except in case of necessity) to administer surgical or medical treatment, or to do any other lawful act the doing of which is or may be dangerous to life, is under a legal duty to have and to use reasonable knowledge, skill, and care in doing any such act, and is criminally responsible for the consequences of omitting without lawful excuse to discharge that duty.”

    s158 Homicide defined
    “Homicide is the killing of a human being by another, directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever.”

    So the question may be, was the government pushing the vaccine through the media, and mandating the vaccine for certain occupations, due to necessity or was it due to a business contract with Pfizer to administer a specific number of doses or a specific percentage of the population?

    Would the latter indicate a violation of the Crimes Act 1961 as per the above sections?

    • I too have wondered about the Pfizer contract and it there’s a ‘required population percentage target’ with significant penalties attached.

      The fact our ‘transparent ‘government won’t publish the contact is incredibly suspicious.

      I remember when Chris Hipkins was challenged about the exorbitant cost of each ‘vaccine’, he mentioned that “Pfizer wouldn’t be very pleased” that this information had leaked. A peculiar comment from the supposed customer.

    • Very interesting indeed. I wasn’t aware of the the Crimes Act 1961.

      It appears that the government, medical profession, academia and media have an extremely serious criminal case to answer.

      Under s158 ‘not knowing’ or ‘just following orders’ won’t be be a defence.

  8. They are collapsing systems that the west relies on to maintain its standard of living. The sanctions on Russia further act as a weapon against systems and markets the west rely on. As Klaus Schwab said, “you will own nothing and be happy”

    Our politicians are handing us over on a silver platter, the economic disaster ahead has been meticulously planned and they’ve done a good job. Leftist – Progressive politics requires the destruction of the status quo in order to replace it with an order of their design. Ordo Ab Chao as they all say.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” – Edmund Burke

  9. Back to caveman times eh?

    Our govt don’t care if we die. They are just useful idiots anyway. The elites in Davos and Washington don’t care if the useful idiots die either, that’s the irony. So it’s time to stand up to the useful idiots because THEY are the dumb gutless sheeple who are throwing us all under the bus. Time to seize our rights and voices back and shut those self righteous minority morons up for good and send them back to their parents basements where they belong.

    Also look after your own health folks and avoid the ‘health’ system like the plague.


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