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‘The Tide is Changing’: Nurses National Action Day – recap

Yesterday crowds gathered at locations around the country to protest the continuation of health mandates and drawing attention to NZ’s ongoing crisis in the health system.

A spokesperson for organisers Nurses For Freedom NZ (NFFNZ) told DTNZ:

‘The action was well attended at all venues and the public support unprecedented and as heard by the toots and seen by the waves

‘The tide is changing.

‘One prominent Medical Physician shared with our teams on the ground his frustration as GP’s send him case after case of myocarditis. His response to the GP’s was to stop giving patients the vaccine as it clearly is not working and detrimental to their patients. He will not be having further vaccines himself. This off the cuff conversation says it all really and sums up what most are thinking but few are scared to say out loud.’

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  1. Even our four-footed friends know what’s going on..! Pity the donkeys in Parliament and their media slaves are too stupid to figure it out. Two short planks no longer has the meaning it once had. Good Lord, when is this nonsense going to stop…

  2. “We value our nurses, midwifes and doctors.” What a load of bollocks! But when I see pictures like these up and down the country I know we will get there in the end. It is this outpouring of support that makes me proud to be a Kiwi. We must never let Janus Jabby think she is going to get away with this. All power to the people, all day long.

  3. Mandates are not the law
    But only a recommendation
    All it took were enforcers
    To play the game
    And the participants
    Being lab rats
    In a huge maleficent experiment
    And a bio weapon
    Masked as a vaccine
    PCR tests did all the rest
    To deliver the manipulated results necessary
    Kary Mullis Noble Prize Winning Scientist on the PCR Test
    Mullis was an outspoken critic of Fauci
    But died before he could expose him

  4. Jabsinda will move the coiuntry to Green in two weeks because she is getting more and more exposed and public are waking up. Many see the “masking mandate” scam but still fear persists on a portion of the public at the same time due to propaganda. Booster scam is also not working. Jabbed population is suffering more than unjabbed. Given that the scamdemic has reached a state of normal flu, the proportion affected is still a small percentage and so the propaganda has some effect but a large section of the public are no longer trusting Jabsinda or Laxon.

    Will they life the mandate on unjabbed health workers? It calls for the opposition to call this scam out too in addition to the Union of jabbed to realise the issues and show courage. In the absence of such moves, Jabsinda will continue her tyranny. Cost of living crisis is what is going to throw her out even though we are going to see lot of dollars spent on propaganda at the time of election.

  5. Another example, one of many, of New Zealand’ shame. This disgraceful Labour government need to go. Call an election and let the people decide! Staying on if you are not wanted is folly.

  6. So proud of these wonderful people!
    Time is proving them right, honest, kind and brave – which we can never say for most leaders in this govt.
    The tide is indeed turning swiftly now – and I know which side I’d never want to be on.

    Doctors in Australia speaking out too.

    Now that Fauci’s jumping ship, you’d think the traitors of the NZ public – those govt leaders and most preferred media – would wise up and take their cue from him.
    But no, on they continue. Pfizer’s sinking Ship of Fools.

  7. See this article and youtube link:



    “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”
    Voltaire – Questions sur les Miracles

    “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”
    Gustave Le Bon – The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

    However : “To rise from error to truth is rare and beautiful.”
    Victor Hugo

  8. When you have the NZ Medical Assn (and Australia) threatening doctors with de-registration if they speak out, what do imagine happens?
    Under the carpet it all goes.
    This is a moment in NZs medical and history that will come back and haunt them. The collaterally damaged as well.

  9. Labour seems intent on destroying Our Health system.
    But Why?
    To do the Reset Adhern has mentioned in speeches similar to Klaus Schwab the self proclaimed leader of the New World?
    The more Nurses and Doctors they terminate…the more that are not coming back!!

  10. Cry the beloved children : https://expose-news.com/2022/08/29/europe-691percent-increase-excess-deaths-children/

    Safe and effective? You be the judge : 9 in 10 of COVID deaths over the last year are amongst the triple vaccinated :

    We need total transparency; to have fully available to the public all scientific information, data, trials, original sources, communication and payments for advocating then mandating the COVID 19 mRNA gene therapy, then the names of all university personnel, media, doctors, scientists, govt officials and companies et cetera involved.

    We also need to see the contract, in full, this govt signed with Pfizer on behalf of New Zealanders.

    We were promised a government of transparency, and many of us voted Ardern and Labour in on that ticket.
    Let’s have that transparency, in full, now.


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