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Patrick Lancaster: The YouTuber reporting from the Mariupol frontline

Patrick Lancaster, a photo-journalist, has been living in the Donbass with his wife and children for 8 years, and is fast becoming an internet sensation.

Lancaster’s video reports reveal the true human cost of the war and the devastation of Mariupol. His channel started five years ago when he uploaded a number of videos during early hostilties between the DPR and Ukrainian forces. He resumed reporting as the Russian ‘special operation’ began in March and is quickly gaining a large following as people tune in to watch the action and hear the stories of Mariupol residents who have lost loved-ones and their homes.

His early videos managed a few thousand views, but now command hundreds of thousands as people discover the real story of Mariupol.

Patrick Lancaster’s channel.


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  1. Patrick Lancaster is a true human when compared to the soul destroyed MSM transhumans who look for a pay cheque telling lies.

  2. Heartbreaking! So hard for innocent civilians when you don’t know who to trust or turn to anymore, and your own people are shooting at and killing you. Hope this guy received the treatment he needed and is on the mend.

    Never in my history have we as people lost as much faith in mainstream media, big corp/pharma/agric/military/tech and many governments and leaders – who have now become nearly synonymous, and equally reprehensible when it comes to spin and lies versus withholding or denying the truth.

    I will never forget the words: “You can trust us … Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.” And all the harm that has been done in NZ.

  3. It is shocking to see the calibre of NZ MPs. They dont seem to think logically at all. Just filling their head with the legacy media feed with no critical thinking. It is highly deplorable to see our MPs lack internaltional diplomacy and decency.


    Where were our MPs when US laucnhed wars and did they “summon” the American ambassador? They didnt even bother on Snowden’s revelations when US was spying on all friendly countries including NZ.

    The trust in media and politicians is very low.

  4. It just shows how low some of our so called leaders will go to sniff the masters ********, we should take light from Orban the Hungarian leader, send real aid not guns and soldiers, funny 70 years ago our parents and grand parents were fighting these Nazi b*****, now we are supporting them, I wonder what our forefathers would think of the situation now, the real question that needs to be answered, who will New Zealand support when the civil war starts in the Ukraine between the Nazis and the ordinary Ukraine people, we know it is not a democracy, and we know about all the terrible things that Zelenksy and the Nazis were doing way before the Russian special operations, but it seems that the msm think Zelenksy and his crew are the new wonder boys of Eastern Europe, they can’t be bad because they are fighting the dirty Russians, the big bad RED Bear. Just maybe the bear is the good guy, but we have been so brain washed over the years we just don’t see that, time for the media to come truly to the party and report the real truth not the western make believe truth, they owe it to all those men and women who died fighting the Nazi b****** 70 years ago.

        • I’m Hungarian, and it’s easy. Orban won the election because the majority of the people who voted are from villages or poor people with no education. Orban lost hugely in the capital and larger cities here in Hungary, he lost tremendously with educated people. Nobody with a brain and a little education want Orban, his pro Russia policy is absolutely shameful. I’m ashamed for our peoples choice ls in leaders..

          • I had the pleasure of staying in Budapest for two months about 12 Years ago. On the Pest side of course. Buda side is great but quieter. Certainly no expert here but fantastic place, people, extremely well educated and definitely aware of their history and sense of who they are. An almost completely unique language which they are proud to tell you, amongst friends English was spoken with us. Stern but correct, I wouldn’t have thought they were real Russophiles more that they not too keen on the latest thing or any one to push them around, given their history as having been quite well conquered many times, but no not Nazis and I think it would be unfair to judge country folk as uneducated or stupid. I just don’t think they like their shit to be messed with, I guess they’ve had that, and I knew/ met a cross section of people, artists and renegades as well. Some were nostalgic for the communist times as Czilla liked to put it. I really don’t know where Erik Novak lay in terms of that (he was acclaimed for the movie ‘District 8’) I would say he being a more progressive thinker. Don’t think he was “notagic for communist times” and not sure he’d like Ukraine Neo Nazis but I can’t ask him what he thinks about it all so can not speak for hiim.

  5. I am gobsmacked to see a paper in the west reporting on Patrick Lancaster, as he is showing the world what is really going on. Well done guys!!!

    • Graham, Patrick and Maximilian – three top Russian paid foreign language propaganda machines. All appeared since 2014. Graham is probably the most ridiculous of them all – caught so many times faking videos, faking pictures, twisting the truth, faking twitter account, paid by RT for years, connections with Zvezda, driven to sites at times by FSB agents. There is overwhelming amount of information debunking their lies, I could go on forever.
      I think the idea here for Russia to say there’s so called international “journalist” there reporting the truth, the heroes, while everyone else lies. This probably works on non-educated people.

  6. a bit weird that all of these “journalists” started uploading at the same time 8 years ago and considering that Patrick is such buddy buddy with the Russian military its also very weird that he always end up at the site of a Ukrainian quickly after they happen, but never is actually able to catch any of the attack in progress, also isn’t it weird how he has been able to support his family of 4 with no job for 8 years when his social media following isn’t remotely sufficient enough for that. For those who actually like to research things, here are some useful links:
    article: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2022/02/28/exploiting-cadavers-and-faked-ieds-experts-debunk-staged-pre-war-provocation-in-the-donbas/
    video (bit more information): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_utjirAJU9k

    • Don’t think it’s weird at all. What’s weird is a proxy govt. No wonder there would be interest in that from the moment of it’s inception. We don’t doubt that there is corruption in the govt. Of Ukraine. There’s just too much shit everywhere you can smell the stink from here.


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