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Trump has ‘made up his mind’ on 2024 presidential run – senior lawmaker

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It’s only “a matter of time” before he announces his decision on launching another White House attempt, Rep. Jim Banks insists.

Former US president Donald Trump has “made up his mind” on whether to run for office again in 2024 and will announce his decision to the public soon, Republican Study Committee chairman Jim Banks said on Tuesday.

Banks headed a group of almost a dozen House Republican Study Committee members, who met with Trump at his Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

The get-together, which the Indiana representative described to Fox News as “a great three hour-long conversation,” took place on the day the FBI searched the former president’s home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Banks insisted that Trump “didn’t seem defeated in the least bit” by the raid. “He was very fired up, very upbeat,” the senior lawmaker added.

The former president had earlier claimed that the arrival of FBI agents at his home was “political prosecution” and that it signaled “dark times” for America. The search was reportedly related to a probe into Trump’s handling of classified documents while he was in the White House between 2017 and 2021.

Trump’s plans regarding another presidential run in 2024 topped the agenda during his meeting with the lawmakers, Banks pointed out.

According to the Study Committee chairman, the former president told them that he “has made up his mind” on the issue.

Trump “said we are going to like his decision and it is only a matter of time before he will make that decision known,” the Indiana Republican teased.

Lawmakers have urged the 76-year-old to “get the decision out sooner rather than later,” Banks added.

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Source:RT News

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  1. It’s not going to happen, Donald.

    We’ve been here before. For two years you’ll win every single poll and debate, you’ll fill stadiums and block highways with legions of supporters and you’ll dominate every news channel, right and left wing.

    Then on election night, counts will inexplicably be “paused”, ballot inspectors will be kicked out of counting centres, windows will be boarded up, water pipes will burst, and all those nifty Dominion voting machines will suddenly show mathematically impossible jumps in your opponent’s numbers. An army of citizen journalists will film and document the various shenanigans, but the eatablishment’s big tech goons will be working overtime to ban and censor everything they can while the mainstream media minions swing into action and smear any sceptics as the descendants of Satan and hitler. Towards the end, they will likely have one of their intelligence agency thugs dress up in MAGA gear and commit another false flag to seal the deal.

    The powers that be stopped allowing proper elections to happen in 2016 after they lost Brexit, Trump and elsewhere. No one finds it odd how from 2017 onwards, utter reptiles like Turdea, Macron and Jacinda kept winning by “historic” margins despite the fact that they’re unable to walk openly in the streets among their citizens for fear of being jeered and booed (and in some cases slapped or pelted with stones). Yeah, that sure sounds like “popular” leaders to me.

    But yeah, whatever… keep voting, it REALLY makes a difference ????

    Put that little envelope into the box and feel good about the HUGE difference you just apparently made. The government will count your votes (and they’ll be honest about it, I promise) and they’ll tell you a few weeks from now whether you all still want them in power or not. Definitely a full proof system built on honesty and respect for the rule of law – there’s no way it could ever be manipulated or anything, especially not by ethical people like politicians, reporters and intelligence agencies, who we all know absolutely never ever lie ????

  2. We are truly living during extraordinary times. China isn’t going to allow Taiwan to be used as a Garrison for Launching attacks on China as has been the case many times throughout their history, most recently by the Japanese during the second World War. China simply won’t allow that to happen. The Democrats are currently rejoicing over the raid of Donald Trump’s home in Florida yesterday. As is the case with all actions taken by the current crop off politicians, this action too will Boomerang back on them.

    Washington is rotten to the core. These traitors need to be arrested, prosecuted and executed! In fact, this needs to happen to all Western leaders, the global elite, the heads of the mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry who are treacherously participating in a global criminal conspiracy, committing demoocide against their fellow citizens. This evil, this wickedness needs to be exposed and the perpetrators prosecuted. When these crimes against humanity come out in the open, I don’t see how these people will survive. My guess is that at some point, they will implement martial law to prevent themselves from being lynched by the public.

    America has come to the end of the road. Europe, the UK and America have been set up by the globalists to fail, to be eviscerated, to make way for the New World Order, a one-world government. Stupid, stupid Americans! They’re being led to the slaughter and none of their wise men can see it.

    If China does nothing on the back of recent events, Taiwan could quite possibly declare independence at the prodding of the US, which in turn would place China in a difficult position. My guess is China will invade Taiwan sooner rather than later.

    Get prepared for what’s coming down the road. To say that it’s going to be a rocky road would be an understatement.


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