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Watch: Trump says NATO & US acted ‘dumb’ in dealing with ‘smart’ Putin

The former president suggested the US’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan prompted the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

Former US President Donald Trump has argued that President Joe Biden and NATO had acted “dumb” compared to “smart” Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed Russia’s conflict in Ukraine would not have happened under his presidency.

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Trump made the comments during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday. Addressing his supporters, Trump noted that he was the only US president of the 21st century to not oversee Russia’s military action abroad.

“We were a smart country. Now we’re a stupid country,” Trump said. He went on to argue that “Russia respected America” when he was at its helm, but now Joe Biden is seen as “weak.”

Trump suggested that Putin “made his decision to ruthlessly attack Ukraine only after watching the pathetic [US] withdrawal from Afghanistan” last year, and claimed that the Russian leader was “playing Biden like a drum.”

“Yesterday reporters asked me if I thought President Putin was smart. I said of course he’s smart, to which I was greeted with, ‘Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to say,’” said Trump, before doubling down on his remark that Putin is indeed “smart.”

“The NATO nations and indeed the world, as he looks over what’s happening strategically with no repercussions or threats whatsoever, they’re not so smart. They’re looking the opposite of smart,” the 45th president continued, suggesting that the West should have threatened Moscow with more severe penalties in addition to sanctions.

“Putin is saying, ‘Oh, they’re going to sanction me. They’ve sanctioned me for the last 25 years. You mean I can take over a whole country and they’re gonna sanction me. You mean they’re not gonna blow us to pieces, at least psychologically?’”

‘The problem is not that Putin is smart, which of course he’s smart, but the real problem is that our leaders are dumb. Dumb. So dumb.’

Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine on Thursday, insisting it was a necessary step to counter what he said was “aggression” by Kiev against the Donbass republics, which have been in the state of a perpetual military conflict with Kiev since the 2014 coup. The Kremlin argued that the Ukrainian troops had been gearing up to take the territories under control of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics by force to put an end to the 8-year-long “war.” Kiev had denied it was planning such an offensive, and has accused Russia of an unmotivated attack.

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Source:RT News

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  1. They can say what they want, this man was a good president. Every move he made was to help the people at the expense of the establishment, and not the other way around, as has been the case in America and certain other places (cough cough) for decades now.

    That so-called election was a pathetic farce, and the blithering old fool they installed in Trump’s place proves himself unworthy everyday has he moves from one flaming political catastrophe to the next, even WITH a complacent media lying at his behest.

    What a shame.

    • Trump was the worst President in US history. A pathological liar, lazy, self-obsessed and stupid. Impeached twice, with bipartisan support in the Senate for his conviction on both occasions. He sucked up to Putin and weakened America so badly he emboldened dictators everywhere. His mismanagement of the pandemic resulted in the unnecessary deaths of literally hundreds of thousands of Americans. He lost the election comprehensively, with Biden receiving the highest number of votes in history and a greater share of the vote than Reagan got in 1980. He’s a loser, and is also the worst ex-president in history, spending his time wailing and whining from the sidelines. Yet the GOP bend the knee. Hilarious.

      • Wow, now this is impressive! See, this is how I know I’m on the winning side.

        Ten, maybe twelve straw men deployed without hesitation. I’ve never seen such skill! I mean, yes, technically anyone here in the comments could go back and read that those were all basically just CNN talking points that failed to stick and Democrat political ploys that each fizzled out badly, but when you put them all together like that it really makes an impact!!! Lol, you must be driving the website owners and their readers absolutely wild with your unbridled genius.

        Fight on comrade!

      • “He lost the election comprehensively, with Biden receiving the highest number of votes in history…”

        1) Vote counting was halted the night of the election in many swing states with no reason given or fake reasons supplied (water main, just toilet overflow)

        2) Hundreds of eyewitnesses gave testimony at multiple states’ legislative sessions detailing the election crimes.

        3) Video evidence showing concealed cases of ballots being pulled out and scanned repeatedly in Georgia after the poll watchers were removed due to the “water main leak”.

        4) Voters identified as indefinitely confined to illegally receive absentee ballots even though they are young and healthy
        Ballots for voters under the age of 18 were counted.

        5) Voters submitted multiple ballots in the same state or across multiple states.

        6) Voters submitted ballots in states they do not live in.

        7) Poll watchers illegally removed from polling places for questioning fraudulent vote counting (ample video evidence of count centre windows being boarded and covered up at the same time).

        8) Absentee ballots counted even though voters never requested or filled them out.

        9) Vote counting machines had overridden vote selection percentages above 60% in some counties, and FAR above normal ranges in many others (Antrim county machine audit).

        10) Vote counting machines had the overridden vote selection logs wiped for 2020, but previous years’ log data was still there (Antrim county machine audit).

        But yes, it was the “most secure” election in history.

  2. I’m not a fan of Trump and probably never will be. I was relieved he was voted out. But hear me out.

    I didn’t like Trump’s blatant nepotism and favouring of his family and acolytes, or his bullying treatment of staff or public who questioned him, or his irascible hotheadedness or his sexism toward women or attitude toward certain groups. In the position of POTUS there’s something to be said for diplomacy, however the incumbent may feel.

    I was relieved when Biden came in as I felt, then, Trump was a wrecking ball doing more harm than good to America’s cause internationally. Not living in the US or being a US citizen I can’t comment on the overall outcome of Trump’s ‘reign’ for US people, the state of their economy or standard of living et cetera.

    I had long been aware of the wealthy ‘controllers’ and their deep state activity within governments and media, causing and funding wars, false flag terrorist and other attacks, manipulating media, assassinations etc.

    However now I see – I certainly didn’t previously – the WEF’s far reaching infiltrated political and economic involvement in international, particularly Western, politics, I fully see how utterly dangerous Biden is. Although he seems dithering and idiotic, he’s the ageing glove over the hand of the WEF, their associated wealthy cabal and technocrats et al.

    That said, trying to find a person in the US willing to stand as President who’s not already waist deep in political mire and, or, controlled by nefarious big money/pharma/cabal/techocrat interest, left or right, is ne’er impossible.

    In that respect Trump, hardly any choir boy when it came to underhand financial wheeling and dealing, was perhaps different and I can understand his appeal to many Americans, in addition to his other political rallying cries and promises.

    Had Trump been a lot less irascible with his hirin’ and firin’, overt racism and bully-boy tactics he may have won more hearts. I don’t think he would have won mine, though.

    Which brings me to New Zealand, and my experience, no-one else’s..

    Once a supporter of Jacinda Adern, I will never again be so, mainly because she used her position to, undeclared and unmandated by the NZ public therefore deceitfully, offer NZ as some global experiment and political offering to her WEF leader Klaus Schwab. It’s frighteningly cultish to witness and also know “our team of 5 million” are an innocent unwitting part of her/their experiment. My trust was immediately lost in Adern and therefore Labour. Although I accept some in that cabinet may not be slavishly following Adern’s agenda and indeed be deeply uncomfortable with it. Hopefully they will come out of the cabinet and declare the truth about themselves.

    I imagine there are people, like me, who never will like Trump, and who admire Biden even less. Also people who once voted for Labour NZ, nearly twenty years for me, and who previously considered themselves firmly on the left – yet are now deeply mistrustful of most in power on the so-called left. Whose trusting followers seem to constantly repeat and believe whatever the paid-up media de jour informs them to be the truth.

    So I’m no longer in the socialist, fast moving toward WEF-communist-dictated, left camp and I’m not in the right’s dug-outs either.

    It’s a strange place to be in. The blinkers are off. It’s a brave new world for me.

  3. “Trump was the worst president in US history”
    -Strongest economy and lowest unemployment rate in US history.

    “Pathological liar, lazy self-obsessed and stupid…”
    -made ten billion dollars prior to becoming president, financed his campaigns himself, donated his presidential salary, is estimated to have lost near a billion of his own money through his presidency.

    “Impeached twice”
    -once for firing a corrupt FBI director who refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for crimes that led to the DEATH of US soldiers in Benghazi. The other time for suggesting on a phone call that someone should look into the Biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

    “Sucked up to Putin and weakened america…”
    Weird how Putin never dared to touch Ukraine during 4 years that his supposed “puppet” was in office ????

    “Mismanagement of the pandemic…”

    “Lost the election…”
    -at 04:00 in the morning, when trucks full of mystery ballots were delivered to count centres that were supposed to be closed, when vote count software showed inexplicable jumps in numbers for Biden that no one has been allowed to question or audit since.

    Seriously, switch CNN off.

    It’s turning your tiny brain into sh!t

  4. Anonymous: “I’m not a fan of trump and probably never will be…”

    That’s okay, you don’t have to be. Just the fact that you’re awake enough to see the WEF’s control of the leadership class for what it is, is enough.

    Left or right wing honestly doesn’t matter. As long as we can agree certain human rights (like medical freedom) need to remain sacred, I don’t really mind what the rest of your politics are. We can disagree and still share a world together amicably.

    Again, you don’t have to like Trump, but there’s no denying he did a better job than the hapless Alzheimer’s patient currently in the White House. Also keep in mind around 90% of everything you were told about Trump came from the same media you’re now beginning to question, so maybe give that some thought.

    It’s a strange place to be, as you said, but it’s really not a left vs right thing anymore. It’s an up vs down thing now, the elites on top vs us peasants down at the bottom. And there’s nothing they love more than when we fight amongst ourselves

  5. The West should stay out of Putin’s business. He is one leader that did not sign with NATO. He doesn’t trust the West and why should he. Just Globalists (all the other friggin governments that want to control the world and Putin will not have them do this to Russia). He is smart and a good judge of character and he knows who the poisonous venom are seated in other countries’ parliaments. Look at President Bush who staged the war in Iraq just to appease other country officials to get their hands on oil. Greed, manipulation and false propaganda just to cause conflict and the West has caused most of the conflict to other countries. Mind your own business NATO and stop trying to control the world. You are not the good guys here!


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