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Two GPs speak out on ‘COVID madness’

Government's COVD plans are undemocratic, racist and draconian considering the low risk of COVID

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Dr. Ate Moala and Dr. Justine Mesui, medical doctors with extensive experience in working in New Zealand, particularly among Pacific and Maori communities made a subsmission recently to the Parliamentary Select Committee considering the Public Health Response Amendment Bill.

The Bill proposes new government powers to deal with the COVID crisis.

Dr. Moala posted video of the submission on her Facebook page. Both doctors spoke and made passionate representations to the Committee, explaining the devastation the government’s policies were having on the Pacific and Maori communities they serve, such as:

  • Causing division among families, churches and other groups.
  • Forcing people to take the vaccine or lose their job.
  • The sickening practice of the government using gimmicks like free KFC to coerce vaccination among lower socio-economic populations. These practices were an insult and akin to the Dawn Raids of the 70s and other inherently racist policies.
  • They asked why the government was forcing this vaccine through at speed, without consultation, and spending millions of dollars on the roll-out, when far more pressing needs, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease were more pressing, and had never received such funding in the past.
  • The government’s vaccine roll-out and COVID control measures were undemocratic, not based on science, not justifiable to achieve standard public health aims.

Dr. Moala and Dr. Mesui also spoke out about how they and their colleagues had been ‘gagged’, for fear of losing their jobs.

The full video can be found at Dr. Moala’s Facebook page, by clicking here.



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