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UK State broadcaster BBC contacts Kim Dotcom over Liz Truss phone hack

Liz Truss hack news

The legacy media outlet was probing Kim Dotcom on his knowledge of the incident.

DTNZ recently reported on the hacking of former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’ phone by Russians.

Reports have since emerged that Truss sent US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a message saying ‘It’s done’, moments after the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was blown up. The alleged message would clearly point to British involvement in what amounts to a terrorist act, one which has put Europe’s energy security at risk for years to come, and which saw an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

Dotcom revealed Truss’ tweet to his followers on Twitter recently and the BBC contacted him with questions about the allegations, asking for evidence to support the claims.

In his response Dotcom reminded the BBC journalist of Edward Snowden’s revelations, ‘…any message sent on civilian communication channels is compromised by several top-tier intelligence gathering nations. The intel chatter is that Liz Truss used an insecure message to send a revealing message, timed shortly after the Nord Stream explosions, to Blinken. I have seen the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry raise that question publicly with the UK Government. I think they would not have done that if they didn’t already know the answer.’


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  1. This is serious stuff.

    I can see now why Liz Truss was put forward to be PM. To get that job done so that the WEF preferred Sunak would be squeaky clean.

    So now European are freezing and facing huge cost of living increases because of war games between UK and US against Russia.


    Kim I have some hope that you are a good person, I feel you are genuine, but if you read this then please learn one thing. Elon Musk is NOT your friend. He has just showed us who he really is by posting a picture of himself in a Satanic Halloween outfit. Look at all the satanic symbols on it. He is there to make us THINK aye is a ‘saviour’ when he is in fact the complete opposite.

    Time to wake up. The Pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

    • I don’t care one jot about your religious beliefs they are irrelevant and the last thing I want is for a bunch of hypocritical dictators to be replaced by a hypocritical bunch of religious nuts.
      I am a libertarian and so far as I am concerned if Musk wants to wear a jock strap and jandals to a haloween event that is his business. Having you tell us what to believe is my business and I won’t allow you to do so.

      • Well you have left it a bit late Dave as a bunch of hypocritical religious nuts have been running the place since the 4th Century, giving way to further hypocritical religious nuts masquerading as bankers and politicians, while running the media.

        Anon has as much right to voice as they have, as do you, Dave. And you’re the one who believes in anything goes. I know the word I’m thinking of is hypocrisy but I had better not use it here…

    • Yep, she was the patsy, in and out in five minutes flat. And the ‘set-up’ call to that Blinkin yank her one-way ticket to oblivion. It is just so fascinating to watch the play…

  2. Big Bull**** Corporation should contact Liz Thrash first & obtain her statement. If she lies to BBC, then it can take it with KDC. UK is a terrorist state and it has a long history. Likewise BBC has also long history of war mongering when it suits, and standing with war criminal like Tony Blair etc. BBC successfully fools British public and to a large extent other English speaking countries. BBC is full of wokes and works for the globalists but gets funded by the foolish Brits.

  3. The minute I heard about Nordstream sabotage I KNEW that without a shadow of Doubt the yanks ordered it and the gullible Brits once again put their necks into a noose for the goddamns.
    Putin also knows it and whole lot of other truths that the US and UK would prefer they did not. We are all going to find that out soon when Putin releases the info in a UK government changing expose.
    We know the Swedes and the Danes know it was the US and UK and we know the Germans know it too. The liars are going to find not onyl egg all over their faces soon but a whole pile of poo too.


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