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Ukraine is an ‘artificial state’ – Putin

Ukraine - Putin news

The country in its current form was created by the late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, the Russian president said.

Modern Ukraine is a country that was artificially created by the actions of the late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin after World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin told American journalist Tucker Carlson on Friday.

In a wide-ranging and highly anticipated interview that lasted more than two hours, Putin described in detail the process by which Ukraine was created in its current form.

He recalled that, during the feudal fragmentation of Russia in the Middle Ages, Ukraine – which he described as being part of Russian lands – came under heavy Polish cultural, religious, and political influence. In the 17th century, the people of this region wanted to join the then-growing power of Moscow, but Russia wanted to avoid war with Poland.

Nevertheless, after a lot of deliberation, Moscow decided to bring this “part of old Russian lands” back into the fold, he said, which resulted in a war with Poland. Moscow reclaimed all of its “historic lands” during the reign of Catherine the Great, who ruled between 1762 and 1796, he recalled.

After the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia and another war with Poland, Warsaw regained control over large swaths of western Ukraine, Putin continued. In the 1920s, the Bolshevik government established a Soviet Ukraine that “had never existed before.”

The Soviet authorities were “Ukrainizing” this region, in line with similar indigenization policies pursued in other areas, the president said.

“After the Second World War, Ukraine, in addition to the territories that had belonged to Poland, received part of the territories that had previously belonged to Hungary and Romania… So, we have every reason to affirm that Ukraine is an artificial state that was shaped at Stalin’s will.”

Putin added that these nations in principle have the right to discuss the return of their former territories, but denied that he had ever discussed the matter with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. However, he suggested that Hungarians living in Ukraine want to “get back to their historic land.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. Arguably every state is artificial. Only states consisting of a single island with some critical self-governing mass could be seen as “natural” states. Iceland, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar.
    Not a guarantee for success either tho.
    Anyone in charge of an area inside a dotted line should pull their head in on artificiality.

    • I do not agree. There are countries that have natural borders, like mountains or rivers. That is how western europe was formed. Through natural ” barriers”. When we talk of geo- politic, the geography of the country, its borders and its neighbours are of the utmost importance.
      And coming back to Russia and its borders, mr Putin is very aware of it

      • I can think of a few natural borders like France – Spain, but name one European country that is fully defined by natural borders. Other than island states.
        I remain that the majority of borders are artificial.

        • Italy, switzerland Austria etc.
          You have to look at the mountain chains, hights of mountains, mountain pass permitting passages, the natural big rivers and lakes or seas.
          Do your own research. Or ask a professional military. He will tell you how important that is in defining a country s border as natural defences.

  2. I watched the interview and found President Putin to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, calm and wise.

    He also revealed the manipulations and shenanigans that the USA gets up to in the world and how even President Putin finds some of the US foreign policy crazy, even from a US point of view.

  3. Incredible interview. Shows Putin to be highly intelligent, rational and clear, as opposed to the Joe biden-Kamala Harris clown show. Boris johnson needs to face war crime charges along with clown zelensky

  4. A fabulous way to remove the WEF, WHO controlling the media and censoring open information. Hopefully a war is diverted and not just delayed. The US is going to have to find another way to pay off their US$34 Trillion debt other than creating a war, then charging other nations to stock up on military equipment.

  5. Thank you DT and thank you Tucker for this interview.
    Tucker was a little out of his depth now and then, as no one can beat mr. Putin and older european scholars on european history. It is what makes the soul of Russia and the soul of Europe. Ancient cultures evolving, aggregating and separating through suffering and hardship and victories and joys . Through centuries and transmitted by generations.
    The USA has no history as it did totally erase previous cultures . Cultures that got no chance to evolve like it did in Europe, Russia being also part of Europe.
    The USA speaks of the ” father land” .
    Russia speaks of the “Mother land” .
    Huge difference in approach as it is the mother who feeds and transmit values, traditions and religion. Your soul. Always.
    Further, mr Putin, an erudit and great stateman. You have to be blind not to see


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