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Voices For Freedom mask awareness campaign: They’re ‘a tool for immense govt control’

VFF Masks Matters

Voices For Freedom (VFF) have launched a campaign aimed at creating awareness of the growing scientific opinion against wearing face masks.

Masks are not only incapable of preventing transmission of COVID – as one expert put it ‘they are a super freeway’ for virus transmission, but they are the ‘linchpin of the COVID narrative’, according to VFF.

‘…masks are a simple tool that gives the government immense control, which is why they’re spending vast amounts of your tax dollars to keep them around.

They know that without them, their whole narrative could come crashing down.’

DTNZ has recently featured a number of videos produced by CoronavirusPlushie in which world experts debunk the government’s messaging on masks.

The VFF campaign includes a host of resources – videos, articles and links to scientific studies, as well as social media tools to help spread awareness:

  • Profile pics
  • Facebook banners
  • Memes
  • Mask-Winked calling cards

Here’s some examples, visit the Voices For Freedom Mask Matters page to download files.

VFF Mask-Winked memes
Examples of VFF mask memes.
VFF 'Mask-Winked' campaign news
Examples of VFF mask Facebook banners.
voices for freedom mask awareness campaign4
Examples of VFF Facebook or Instagram mask campaing profile pictures.

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  1. Mask is not going to protect against the virus and yet public should have the right wear it or not. Pollen and other allergents can be filtered by a mask nd also it can harm if used for long hours. It is a matter of individual freedom but I agree that fear mongering and mandates are part of the plan to exercise control.

  2. I recall listening to one of the top people in the field on the subject of masks and the spread of the Coronavirus. She made it very clear that the only effective way to keep the aerosol spread from infecting individuals is for us to wear laboratory specification gear with an integrated air supply. Everything else is useless. You can bet your last dollar most of the people who ended up in hospital or intensive care with this Coronavirus wore a mask most of the time when out in public. Yeah, they are really effective eh..

  3. Funny how the avid mask wearers and jabbers I know have all been sick. I’m neither and still doing just fine thanks after 2.5 years of this non- sense!
    How long does it take people to figure out what is right in front of their noses?

  4. I don’t wear one, never had, never will, refusing is defiance and defiance is a tool to show the government you will not comply. Start how you intend to finish.

    • Agree 100%. Also ,if you haven’t been , it’s time to start calling out the idiots. They have had 2 .5 years of living in fear of the invisible boogie bug. If you really want to avoid getting “the covid” just keep food on you and keep snacking. Covid knows you are eating so will just go away……………… Ha Ha Ha Makes me wonder ???why is there so many fools in this country

      • Because the bulk of the population watch TV1, listen to RNZ, and read MSM. They are not naturally fools, but have been conned by media they habitually trusted. Things are changing but it’s going to be a huge paradigm shift for many. A little grace, my friend, goes a long way…

  5. You can smell how effective pants are for retarding a fart – how on earth can anyone believe that a mask can stop a virus?

  6. Have been flying internationally in recent months. Air NZ is insisting on masks on flights yet once you exit the plane, there’s hardly a mask to be seen. Currently I’m sitting in an overseas airport – no masks, but unfortunately I’m about to board AirNZ!


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