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Watch: ‘Clear signal of increased risk of serious adverse events’ among the jabbed – Expert

Dr. Peter Doshi is a former Editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

He is also a professor of Pharmaceutical Health at the University of Maryland.

Doshi voiced his skeptism over the use of mRNA vaccines last year.

Now, with data from their use worldwide for months, Doshi’s early concerns over the novel mRNA technology have been borne out.

‘The Pfizer and the Moderna trials are both showing a clear signal of increased risk of serious adverse events among the vaccinated.

‘Serious adverse events are events that the companies themselves have classified as being the most concerning quality, namely, it’s something that usually lands you in the hospital, and that’s why it’s classified as a serious adverse event.

‘And the trial data are indicating that we’re seeing about, an elevated risk of these serious adverse events, in about 1 in 800 people vaccinated – one additional serious adverse event for every 800 people vaccinated.

‘That is much, much more common than what you see for other vaccines, where the reported rates are in the range of 1 or 2 per million vaccinees. In these trials we’re seeing one in every 800. And this is a rate which in past years has had vaccines taken off the market, just to put that in some perspective.

‘Like in 1976 we had Guillain-Barre Syndrome after influenza vaccines which were then withdrawn.

‘The other thing in terms of background to understand is that we’re talking about randomised trials here. There’s a lot of trials out there, but we’re talking about randomised trials, which are widely considered the highest quality evidence. And we’re talking about the trials that were submitted by Pfizer and Moderna that supported the regulators authorisation.

‘So the results are really raising concerns, particularly about the safety of mRNA vaccines in low-risk groups. And that’s why it’s really important to have an independent replication of these data using the individual participant data from the trials.

‘When you’re entrusted for protecting the public’s health, as a regulator, you need to be in receipt of all the data – not summaries of the data, but all the data. The most granular, detailed data should be all in your possession, and you should be going over that with as much scrutiny as you possibly can. That’s a repsonsibility I think that the regulator has.’

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  1. The west doesn’t value anything it claims to value. We crush individuality, censor speech, brainwash with propaganda, imprison and torture dissident journalists, tyrannize, terrorize, bomb, invade, rob, oppress and exploit. “Western values” are nothing but a propaganda construct. A giant jerk-off fantasy.


    Catlin’s OpEd explains the fundamental attitude of Western elites to managing their sheeples. So forced jabbing without any consideratioin to human rights is not a surprise.


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