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Watch: Clot shot horror – Liz Gunn talks to mum whose baby developed huge clot and died after jabbed blood transfusion

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Mum Cornelia from Montana in the US told her tragic story of loss and medical misadventure.

‘This is my son before and after he got a transfusion of poisoned blood. We begged the hospital to let us get pure blood. They refused and gave the blood to him without our consent. He developed a blood clot instantly that stretched from his knee to his heart. He made it two weeks before he died.’

She told Liz Gunn of FreeNZ that her son Alexander was born in January of this year, and died on 17 February.

‘Medical staff gave him the blood around the 1st of February.

‘What happened was he had an operation, he needed to work on his throat and they told us it was very rare that babies would need blood. We have been trying to get directed donor blood for a while, but they told us it was impossible because of how expensive it was, which turned out not to be true, and we were able to get a directed donor blood.

‘He went through the operation, did not need a blood transfusion. We had signed saying that basically we only granted the use of blood in the emergency that they nicked an artery.

‘So, the doctor then gave him the blood later, after the fact, just after the operation, without our knowledge.

‘I walked in probably 20 minutes after they stopped giving him the blood, and it was kind of shock because we had clearly stated we didn’t trust their blood. The doctor said ‘not to worry, nothing’s going to be wrong with his blood.

‘I felt very violated because we hadn’t agreed to that use of blood. She just did it anyway, saying his haemoglobin levels were low. The next day (or later that day) they discovered a blot clot had started to form.

‘My husband had told them the reason we didn’t want a blood transfusion from the blood bank was because of blood clots. We were afraid that would happen. And it did, like instantly.

‘And then they told us blood clots in babies are very rare, but blood thinners will just fix it. But that did not happen.

‘The clot just continued to grow and they had him on the highest amount of blood thinners they could legally give him, and it did nothing. It started in his knee and went all the way up to his heart. When it started inching towards his heart they told us we had to start preparing for death.

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  1. Evidence beyond dispute. Baby had operation. Baby was given unsafe Blood. Baby quickly development blood clot. Baby died.

    The doctors and nurses involved were a witness to this event. The medical profession has hard evidence on vaccinated blood transfusion.

    There is nothing more to be said.

    Well there is, but I had better not say it here..!

  2. How dare any government-paid and aligned judge’s decision supercede that of baby or child’s parents, especially when there are preferred and suitable options easily medically available.
    The blood of this baby’s life will literally be on the hands of this judge.

    Never have we lived in times of such unmitigated deliberate disinformation and blind stupidity.

    The judge who ruled fairly recently in favour of giving children mRNA spike protein injections is still fresh in our memories.

    By the way, it’s so good to have you back Daily Telegraph!

  3. Rest In Peace precious baby Alexander.😔 To Alexander’s parents and family may the lord hold you up in your unbearable grief. We will pray for you all 🙏

  4. Absolutely tragic. How the jab zealots sleep at night is beyond me, they would literally rather kill a baby than bother to look at any evidence contrary to their beliefs.

    Indoctrination, incuriousness and groupthink in the medical profession is a very dangerous combination.

    • This mother and her son Alexander have been utterly betrayed by the whole Medical system of NZ. The NZ Medical profession has been brainwashed by the ‘science’ they have also been brainwashed to follow the narrative. But one day they are going to look in the mirror and answer to themselves. You see they are on the wrong side of God. One day they may be judged by their peers or the public, but the real judgement day will come when they have to answer to God.

  5. Listening to your interview I felt the love of my dear mum lost early 2020 , I miss her every day but am thankful she has missed out on the past 2years , the love I see on display from these beautiful mums for there sons bought me to tears , god bless these dear mothers in their lives and thanks to you Liz for your work. , Gods work , thanks again

    • You are so right.

      The wilful blindness of the government and the captured corporate media is now beyond incompetent and far beyond criminal.

      They all need to own up to their wrongdoings and attempt to make amends for their truly evil behaviour.

  6. I’m struggling to “not make defamatory remarks” and frankly it’s hard not to “Despise such behavior”
    Only to add that these Individuals do not deserve an Absolution and as far as I’m concerned will never receive one…

      • And if they give this baby the blood and things go wrong, how are you going to fix it? How is any body going to fix it. So let the parents make the decision for their child and you can make yours.

        • Things won’t go wrong due to a problem with the blood. That’s anti vaxxer bs. Jesus, you cookers are always claiming you do your own research and yet you’re all totally clueless and believe anything Liz Gunn tells you. She’s an unemployed journalist and grifter, not a medical professional.

          • @bloter, are you a medical professional? Giving us your assurance like you are, or is it an opinion like every one else. And you didn’t answer my question, What are you going to do to fix it IF things do go wrong with the blood? You can’t, so let the parents and any one else do what they think is right for them, just as you have the right to your opinion.

        • If the parents were allowed to decide where the blood comes from what stops other parents refusing blood from people of a certain race, or religion, gender or sexuality? There is also no evidence that their blood would cause blood clots either.
          I understand Will’s parents must be terrified and truly believe they’re doing the right thing. Misinformation like this don’t help, it’s just more scare mongering.

          • What rubbish. Blood is blood except when it’s full of MRNA lipid nanoparticles for which there is NO along term safety data.

            But nah ypu make it all about race and sexuality FFS. 🙄

            Get over yourself.

      • With all due respect, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

        Safety should never just be assumed. Ethically the precautionary principle should apply.

        Having been called into question and for the sake of full public trust and confidence, the onus is now on NZBS to prove safety by comparing ‘vaccinated’ to ‘unvaccinated’ blood.

        Hopefully there is indeed no difference, the point is currently we simply don’t know.

      • No evidence???? Alexander’s case is evidence for the possibility. Site the study showing lipid nanoparticles or the spike protein is not in transfused blood? Oh you are one of those that says no evidence just because they purposefully have not done the studies. Just like doctors who say the mRNA degrades quickly after injection & only elicits a local response. Oh is that why the lipid nanoparticles widely distributes (see japan’s tissue distribution studies) or that spike is detected months after vaccination. Go read before you make blanket statements. I would never have an operation without my unvaccinated family donating blood for me until they do the studies.

  7. Thank you so much Cornelia for agreeing to the interview and to you Liz for doing it with such compassion and empathy.This leaves absolutely zero doubt that baby Will should not be put in such danger.
    Everyone connected to baby Will’s case needs to see this. In fact all in NZ should.

  8. It would be gross negligence if the New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) hasn’t already conducted thorough research into blood safety following the C-19 jab rollouts.

    Surely this has already been done, and if not why not?

      • Obviously everyone regardless of their opinions about the C-19 jab wants a safe blood transfusion service in New Zealand.

        Who conducted the research and where has it been published please?

    • Because they stupidly have contaminated the blood supply with vaccinated blood which does cause blood clots it’s well-known because of the spike protein in the blood they have also been paid off to continue the narrative

  9. Everyone in New Zealand should be entitled to informed consent free from duress or coercion.
    That’s really the important principle at stake here.

  10. What we do know, in general, is that these ‘jab’ induced clots do not respond to the usual treatment as ‘non-jab’ clots do. This is more compelling evidence that this is spike protein induced iatrogenic harm.
    Sad, very sad, get a lawyer

  11. NZers have very short memories regarding the arrogance of the country’s health “professionals”. Remeber the cervical cancer scandal, the illegal and preposterous internal examinations of unconscious women who had just been operated on where tribes of medical students would gather aorund a female in recovery and poke and prod wihtout any consent whatsoever. The medical profession screamed blue mruder when called out on it.

    Then remeber the total incomptance of the National Minister of ehalth and his “health advisers”who imported blood from Australia but were too stingy to screen it for Hep c. Of coruse all the victims are dead so no compenasation for them at all.

    NZ’s medical profession is merely carrying on in the same time honoiured arrogant and seflf entiltes way they always have. Until soem of them are jailed nothign will change.

    • I agree. I remember when the government, MSM and medical fraternity all falsely claimed the jab was 95% effective and prevented transmission.

      As far as I’m concerned these reprobates are now on permanent probation.


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