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Watch: Doctor’s message for Ardern – ‘Resign and tell New Zealanders the truth’

Nelson doctor Cindy de Villiers has a blunt message for the Prime Minister.

In a YouTube #shorts video uploaded recently by FreeNZ, de Villiers’ had the following message for Jacinda Ardern:

‘Ardern, if you have any semblance of humanity, you will resign and you will tell New Zealand the truth.

If you are unable to do this, God help us all.’

Dr. de Villiers runs a private functional medical clinic specialising in functional and integrative medicine. She has had 11 years of formal medical training, and 29 years experience in diagnostic medicine.


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  1. Ardern is also a trainee of the Schwab WEF school for young global leader-followers. They keep in constant contact for instructions. This smells like high treason and we need criminal prosecution accordingly.
    Nanaia Mahuta’s power also needs probable criminal investigation. I have been such an investigator and the warning bells are ringing loudly.

    Another matter,the whole of the Labour Cabinet (and the rest of their MP’s) seem to be incapable of executive government. They held themselves out as such at the elections and their degree of inability is equivalent to fraud on the people. There needs to be accounting for that.

    The “Public Service” has essentially rotted to death. Advisers beget advisers ad infinitum. Who actually carries out the duties of State? LIght Rail for Wellington and the new strangulating motor way proposals are surely a joke. Wellington needs thinning out not more “public servants” and cars stuffed into it. The city has excessive population for the possible transport routes. It was full in 1950.

    Ardern R. is living a life of mistruth.

  2. She’s right. Anyone who knows the truth and has gone along with this charade for the sake of money has no conscience and no soul.

    To stand by and watch the pain and suffering and worse still be part of it is the most despicable act one human can do to another.

    If we see any of these people in our towns and shops, in our restaurants, on aeroplanes, on the street wherever- we need to make them know how evil we think they are. Don’t ever let them rest, call them out, don’t let them forget we know what they did. For the rest of their days if we have to.

  3. “If you are unable to do this, God help your soul!”…well said, Dr de Villiers, well said; and God help us all as well.

  4. Jabcinda has no conscience. Sold it Satan, and so she will use all evil to remain in power. She is still in the lower order of Satanism, and will climb further. Even if she is not in power, she will push the orders she reveive. At some stage she will be moved to the international scene by the Satanist order.

    • Yes you are right. It sounds crazy at first, until you dig deep down and find out about these devil worshiping Luciferians. All associated with the Freemasons.

      They are SICK. Notice the first thing her govt did was remove the Lords Prayer from Parliament? I had a very uneasy feeling about it at the time. Now we know why.

      • Absolutely. The removal of the LORD’S name was a warning indeed. Yet Muslim prayer in Parliament was acceptable. She is a floater, sailing on the winds of convenience, a rudderless vessel. I agree with the sentiment, God help and have mercy on us all…

        • She is not rudderless at all, there is a clear evil, satanic plan afoot, along with a nefarious sprinkling of communism/left wing radical terrorist socialism and fascism…. and more.

          There is nothing to like or want before or during her lifespan that is of any use, benefit, help whatsoever from her existence.

  5. Klaus Schwab (the face of the WEF while the others work busily in the shadows) has made it quite plain what the WEF has in store for the population of the world. He wrote a book about it describing in detail how it will be carried out and what the end result will be. The Georgia Guidestones gave a revised version of the ten commandments where the intention to reduce the world population to half a billion was engraved in stone. Anybody can go and read them. Bill Gates is on record saying if ‘they’ get the vaccines right they can reduce the population by ten percent. What western governments intend to do for their own populations is no secret. For the past two years whole populations have been locked in their homes, made to wear useless masks, and injected with an experimental mRNA solution not once, but three times, soon to be four. There are plans to inject infants and toddlers on the way and it will be done, by people who profess to love their children. Now we have monkeypox – really an epidemic of shingles due to lowered immunity due to the mRNA injections – and there is talk of yet another virus by the name of Marburg. This will never stop. It is not intended to stop.
    The average joe has made a conscious choice to go along with authority. He is the ultimate coward who does not want to know the truth because of the demand for action this would require of him. He will have himself and his family injected and masked and consider himself a law abiding citizen. If a child of his dies due to his actions, he will take the hush money from the government and go along with the narrative. He hates the people who have the courage to resist and would happily see them forced to be injected like him – or placed in prison. They consider themselves righteous. They are the witch burners of earlier times and they have a vicious streak. Anyone who thinks these cowards and karens are suddenly going to experience an epiphany and see what is really going on is living in fairyland. The way they are is the way they are, the way they have always been, and that is the way they are going to be until they breathe their last breath.
    You can only depend on yourself.

    • Well the creepy Georgia Guidestones are gone, blown up then knocked down for one. Not sure of the meaning of it but glad they are dust.

      You are right about Monkeypox. It’s just the shingles caused by the vax. I know a lady who has had it 3 times in 6 months, her husband has also had it twice. Both vaxxed. Bother neighbour got it after his vaccine also.

      Marburg virus -ah yes, Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley (a eugenicist) wrote a book called Marburg Virus. Coincidence much? Nah.

      As for people taking hush money, well I know times are tough but there is no amount of money I would take to bush me up if a loved one of mine was injured or died from the vaccine.

      Now the thing to watch for is this Foot and Mouth. This government will use that to cull more livestock in New Zealand. I question whether it really is a threat or if this is another one of their cooked up climate change schemes which I am now convinced Mycoplasma Bovis was. Anything they can do to shaft the farmers. Disgusting.

      Re masks, happy to report my son went to school today maskless, found most of his peers were the same. Teachers mentioned it and then obviously decided they were pushing ???? up hill. I call that a victory. So, the govt can shove ????their masks where the ☀️ don’t shine.

  6. She is a puppet and who ever gets in next is the next puppet. How can this be stopped? If the sheep wake up or not? How can it be stopped? Successive governments watch as their “slave populations” now starve and freeze and live on the streets in greater numbers than before. This has all been planned and laid out in detail for at least 50 years. We have woken up too late…. I hope I am wrong…


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