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HomeNewsWatch: Guy Hatchard talks to GB News about the COVID mRNA vaccines

Watch: Guy Hatchard talks to GB News about the COVID mRNA vaccines

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Prominent COVID commentator and regular DTNZ columnist Dr. Guy Hatchard talks to Mark Steyn of GB News on the latest developments.


  • Polish study shows mRNA vaccines may be damaging brain cells and the immune system.
  • German study of ‘all-cause mortality’ has found that since the COVID vaccine roll-out, young and middle-aged persons are dying in larger numbers.
  • COVID did not cause excess mortality in 2020.
  • Middle-aged men are getting ‘anxiety’ as they think they may be similar to Shane Warne.
  • 2,000 excess deaths in New Zealand during COVID vaccine roll-out.
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are ‘plumbed into’ the government and medical regulators.
  • The frightening prospect of a biowar future.


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  1. Guy. Thanks so much for your great reporting and speaking the truth/facts openly! Pity it can be broadcast nationally!

  2. Spot on. Natural immunity, driven by good food and exercise, is the basic tool we humans have. Ivermectin and other alternative options were completely cancelled in favour of the gene therapy for which public were seduced to give “informed consent” in the initial stages. Once mass formation of public opinion occurred, mandates were imposed, and anyone disagreeing were completely cancelled or ostrasized. This all happened in the so called democarcy loving free countries. Legacy media played a huge role in this deception, and continue to do so with the ongoing Ukranian conflict.

    The Truman Show continues…..

  3. Great interview. Mark Stein is the world heavyweight champion of sarcasm, always love what he has to say 😆

  4. My vote’s for Dr Guy Hatchard as Minister of Health for New Zealand! Not sure if he would want the position, but scientific objectivity, sane intelligence, truth, clear direction and genuine care for New Zealanders would at last prevail.

    Considerable suffering and damage is being, has been, caused by this current govt’s slavish, unscientific and patently stupid following of that single source of disinformation and gargantuan profiteering, Pfizer. Never mind the Faustian contract they’ve signed with Pfizer on behalf of New Zealand, which the public are not allowed to see yet must pay enormously for.

    None of these govt and associated decision makers can ever claim ignorance or that they acted under orders. They’ve paid many many millions of tax dollars for propaganda to spin doctors and media. The govt et al have received uncountable emails, petitions, OIA requests, published papers, ‘vaccine’ damage testimonies and had court cases advising them of the not-fit-for-purpose effectiveness and damaging consequences of mRNA COVID injections – almost all of which they’ve ignored or denied.

  5. Guy, please offer your expertise to the British Medical Joirnal audience through the Reader’s comment option for the recently published article enititled

    The illusion of evidence based medicine

    Link https://www.bmj.com/content/376/bmj.o702

    This opinion piece reflects many of your thoughts but does not amplify the diet-health dimension.


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