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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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HomeNewsAnti-mandate protests underway around the country

Anti-mandate protests underway around the country

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Anti-mandate protests are in progress around the country.




Update to follow.

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    • Lol, so that’s it then?

      You’re just gonna steal my username like the sad, pathetic communist you are 😆?

      I must have put you in your place one too many times hey? Too many good points.

      Keep it up, keep harassing ordinary people who just want to speak their minds👍

      You’re turning more people against your side of the culture war than any good point I could ever make.

    • @quacc… Yes, some/everyone else looking after you as well. Looking ahead, you should be pleased. Unless you enjoy being yoked.
      1/3 of NZer’s are supporting the freedom rally by all accounts.

  1. This week we all make History .Make sure youre legacy shows you stood on the rights of future generations freedom to choose.

  2. True to form, NZ Herald reports about 2,000 protesters.
    1-News reports on distrust of MSM growing, with many alternative news sources fake news.

    Now lets go to a trusted source that proclaimed:
    – 80,000 Kiwis could DIE.
    – Safe and vigorously tested.
    – 95% effective.
    – No one would be mandated.
    – No one will be discriminated for choosing not to to be vaccinated.

  3. Be great if a truck could be arranged to remove the bagged rubbish. One less thing for negative media to report.
    A worthwhile thing to sponsor.
    Be sure to film it all in case the police get cute about access. Just a team of rally attendees would sort it in no time.


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