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Watch: Liz Gunn talks to Counterspin outside court

Liz Gunn news

Liz Gunn spoke to Counterspin Media outside the Manukau District Court following her appearance on charges related to an incident at Auckland International Airport on 25 February.

Gunn called for police commissioner Andrew Coster to be sacked following police actions at the Parliament Protest last year and also due to her treatment at the Auckland International Airport when she was arrested on 25 February.

‘It is disgusting the lack of respect for women, for people of age as well. And if we have a society where women and people of age are not respected then you can bet your bottom dollar that youth and men will not be respected.’

In respect to the arrival of Women’s Rights campaigner Posie Parker, Gunn also supported the right of people to decide what they want to believe. ‘I don’t want a state-controlled government telling me what I can think and not think.

Gunn also spoke about a story she’d heard yesterday, where a well-known female mainstream journalist with jab-injured friends and who is refusing to take the booster but is still pushing the booster on the public. ‘She [the journalist] knows that what is happening in mainstream media – this is what she called it ‘group think’ – this is Orwellian. Mainstream media has fallen into Orwellian group think. Do we want that New Zealand?’

Gunn then referred to the latest article by Dr. Guy Hatcard which showed a 103% increase in hospitlisations in 12 disease categories.

‘Know New Zealand the truth is coming out, and it’s coming out so rapidly here and in Australia, and across the world. Look at France, where they’re absolutely standing up and pushing back on police thuggery.’I’m going to say to the police who are left in our police who are maybe decent, and there must be some of you. You must stand up to the thugs amongst you. You must call them out to your bosses.’

‘I had a near-death experience which has freed me so much from the things of this world, and as you leave that body, none of the materialism matters. What matters is that we have helped one another, we have loved one another. We have served the truth. We have cared and been dignified and we have been good human beings.’

‘For me from now on, anything coming from politicians that’s based around fear, has a big smell of major bullshit and it should for you as well. Do not believe their fear-mongering, do not fall for their propaganda… We should not vote for Labour or National in the next election. Neither one deserves it. Let’s support Sue Grey in the Outdoor and Freedoms Party. Let’s support Matt King in DemocracyNZ and let’s hope other parties spring up as well that represent the freedom and truth tellers of New Zealand.’

Near the end of the address Gunn spoke to vaccine-injured man Rob Martin.

Martin’s wife Tash told Gunn that the former health worker has still not received any ACC. The mental health team told Martin his sickness was ‘all in his head’.

‘They ask him things like ‘can you see things?’, ‘Can you hear things?’ said Mrs. Martin. ‘His response is ‘I can hear the crap coming out of your mouth.’ He’s not mental. I don’t know why they think it’s in his head. He had a good job now he’s back on the job seeker. We have to tell WINZ. ‘Sorry he can’t go on a course to get a job because he had a job, then he took your COVID poison, got sick through that and now he can’t work. If he could work, if we could go back to how it was before all that COVID crap we would be just a normal kiwi family making a living.’

Gunn’s next appearance in court will be on 7 June.

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  1. If the establishment is haurranging you, you must be on target. The govt does not like the truth. Respect to Lizz Gunn

  2. Excellent article. I bet the DT and just a few others report accurately like this.
    Good on Liz and Jonathan for utilising outside the court room to encourage mainstream media to peek out of their propaganda-paid bubble. And good on the DT for publishing this account.
    What happened to Liz and Jonathan should put everyone in high alert. It looks like an increasing encroachment of a police state which we must turn from peacefully and say NO

  3. who finance main stream media in nw zeeland ? In europe they all get ( free) “subsides” from a.o. the bill and melinda gates foundation. Big money. Then all is said.

    • The MSM is bailed out by our govt. A huge amount of govt. advertising their propaganda and of course Covid propaganda constantly.

  4. Maybe Liz should counter sue for assault, then Auckland Airport will be forced to produce the cameras footage.

    Stay strong Liz. ❤️

  5. Good on you Liz. From my own experience, ACC will use any means to get out from covering people. People who need their help as they are not fit for work.

    That was not how ACC was supposed to operate.

    Truth and Love. Even for those that denigrate us. Tossing up whether the Outdoors and Freedom Party will get my party vote for the second time or if Matt King will be a more effective choice.


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