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Watch: Ministry of Health whistleblower Barry Young talks to Alex Jones

Barry Young (aka ‘Winston Smith’), told Alex Jones he hoped more whistleblowers would come forward to expose government misconduct.

‘Absolutely come forward,’ Young told viewers.

‘Their narrative is crumbling. Every time they come out with something, it’s ‘anti-vaxxer’. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. Or, it’s ‘misinformation’. How can it be misinformation when it’s their own data? Their audience is shrinking, and more and more people are seeing the truth.

‘Anyone who has access to this level of data, be brave. Because bad things happen when good people do nothing,’ said Young.

Ridiculous ‘Gestapo arrest’

Young described the day he was arrested, saying eight armed police smashed his front door and trashed his house. He wasn’t home at the time.

When he returned he saw unmarked cars in the drive and a group of people milling around his opened garage. Thinking it was his son’s friends he drove up when a group of police suddenly swarmed his car yelling at him to ‘Get out!’ He was cuffed ‘super tight’ and put into the back of a car then taken to Wellington Police Station.

‘It was like the Gestapo… it was awful,’ he said, characterising the aggression shown by police as ‘ridiculous’.

His experience at Rimutaka Prison was more pleasant, however. He praised the kindness of staff there, some of whom told him they were ‘on his side’.

Young said he began to have suspicions about the government COVID narrative when the mRNA gene therapy rollout was so rushed. His position as the sole administrator of a nationwide Ministry of Health database on the gene therapy gave him access to information that was being actively hidden from the public. Red flags began to emerge when he analysed the data.

Young is no stranger to top-level IT administration, having previous roles requiring high-level security clearance for a number of banks in New Zealand and Switzerland.

Efforts made to disclose concerning jab findings to politicians and senior civil servants

Young said he made numerous attempts to disclose the information to the appropriate authorities before he went public.

‘We tried so hard to reach him,’ said Young of his and Liz Gunn’s efforts to contact NZ First leader Winston Peters.

He said politicians were just one ‘uniparty’ who ignored the people after they had made their election promises and the votes had been counted.

Having received no response, Young sent an email outlining his concerns about ‘serious safety signals’ in the data to ‘everyone in the Executive leadership team – all the Deputy Director-Generals, and then I sent another one to all Members of Parliament saying exactly the same thing.’

He was then locked out of the system and sent a ‘discplinary notice’ to attend a meeting at the Ministry. But he didn’t attend because it was addressed to the wrong person, and had the wrong job title.

The following day (Friday 1 December) he received a couriered letter of suspension from the ministry. On Saturday, the day before his arrest and the day his bombshell interview with Gunn first aired online, he received ‘some kind of warrant’ that he didn’t understand.

Commenting on Young’s plight, tech specialist millionaire Steve Kirsch told Jones this was a case of the government wanting to send a message that ‘they need to hide the data from the public. They need to hide the public health data from the public. And that they will go after anyone who tries to create any kind of data transparency so the public can figure out what is going on… The New Zealand Ministry of Health and Health New Zealand are complicit in covering up the deaths of over 10,000 people.’

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  1. Government is very worried about the truth. They pushed the science (no such thing). The only trust us speech that is truly showing the lies. Pushing unproven drugs . And now look where Jacinda and Bloomfield are at now , SCARY

  2. The immediate push to ban the data and stop anyone from ever seeing it, tells you everything you need to know. Things that are obviously fake are never censored, only things that are damaging to governments.

    Likewise the utter silence from ALL political parties when this man was trying to sound the alarm also speaks volumes, and just goes to show that NONE of them are going to break ranks and do the right thing. They’re all implicated and deep down they’re all terrified. The anglosphere is run by a global mafia.

    We should reject and revile all our politicians JUST AS MUCH as we do Jacinda Ardern, since they’re just as complicit.

  3. Many alternative media platforms, scientists, medical professionals have been talking about what is REALLY HAPPENING only to be censored and vilified. Mainstream media have been bought and paid to suppress the TRUTH ever since COVID was announced. Great job, Barry Young, Alex Jones, Steve Kirsch and others including the Daily Telegraph for bringing the TRUTH to the public!


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