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Watch: The 12 Truths for Christmas – 10. Ethics and Principles

In this video series ‘The 12 Truths for Christmas’ NZDSOS member Dr. Matt Shelton talks to Dr. Emanuel Garcia about the Coronavirus pandemic.

This tenth episode of twelve published to Rumble by CoronavirusPlushie is subtitled ‘Ethics and Principles, where Shelton describes a process of mental awakening as the evidence of harm mounts and New Zealanders start to question the official narrative.

‘There is something really really badly wrong. We have enough red flags in my view that we know that there’s something bad, we know we’re at risk, we know we’re in danger. There’s plainly huge forces at work. There must be massive money, in order to achieve all this in all the countries where the roll-out has happened.

‘And in the face of more and more obvious proof that this whole thing is falling apart, and that people are being harmed, and that we’ve been lied to, and that we can no longer trust that our officials are doing the right thing for us.

‘People are asking questions more and more, and that’s the beginning of the process. We have to make sense of things that don’t make sense. Once we ask questions, and once we’re prepared to go to places that previously we’ve never needed to go. We live in a particpatory democracy. New Zealand always ranked at the top of the scale in terms of freedom from corruption in government. We’re a small country, we would know if people were criminal, or insane or truly didn’t have our best interests at heart.’

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  1. Interesting comment by Dr. Peter McCullough,
    The medical profession is now incapable of realizing they have done harm.
    Even if you consider the good intentions, the facts, are exactly that facts. Not theories, not conspired. Just plain, simple facts.
    They now have a mental illness, because the reality is beyond their ability to comprehend.
    They did harm, failed in their oath.

  2. The comment by Peter McCullough really hits home, we are now fully responsible for researching our health options and trying to find a health professional to support our health goals. Yes I believe the level of psychological propaganda that has been used with fear as the lever has caused mental health issues for many health professionals…..sadly

    • This is very true. They can’t accept that they have done massive harm, ignored their oath, and very possibly acted as the henchmen of a very corrupt Globalist elite and their equally corrupt political puppets.

  3. The Govt. gladly rolled out these experimental MRNA and DNA ‘vaccines’ because they got paid to do so in that they signed up with the
    evil flawed WHO WEF 2030 depopulation and taxing ‘climate change’ agendas without referendum from the people. They are just self serving freeloaders at the expense of the people. But they really crossed the line progressing into Infanticidal Genocide when they started criminalising ‘antivaxxers’ then pushing mandates not only on the people at large but also onto the helpless young children and infants with no voice. Their constant coercing threatening criminalising ‘no jab no job’ tactics used in pushing the mandates was abhorrent. They willingly paid parents of deceased children up to 450k in some instances, ‘hush’ money to shut them up and make them go away, knowing damn well what was killing them. Evil blood money. They also persecuted any Doctors and Medical Professionals who spoke out so they could keep pushing the narrative. They were acting like disciples of Dr Josef Mengeles. They violated the Nuremburg Codes, they are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. They suggested lets have an amnesty ? Yeah right – like the one they had at the Nuremburgs Trials would be good – they hanged those in MSM who pushed the Propaganda as well ! No way hosay to any amnesty the Govt. need to be held to account over this Genocide. Like Dr McCullough states THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY REALLY BADLY WRONG !!!

  4. My first choice is accountability should be in the courts and not on the streets. I believe the people WILL NOT accept any ex Judge appointed by ANY of the participating governments who are in effect, the ones on trial. The public are not prepared to see a predetermined show trial. That’s not going to work here. What laws have been broken? Well for a start, a number of New Zealanders are hurt, sick or dead with blood clots. And there are millions more that took the unsafe, ineffective mRMA injection. If you are waiting for the police to arrest and charge someone. Well, those guys have already showed us where their loyalties rest. I think it should be in the high court and work its way up to the supreme court. I think that’s about the best authority with the least interference we have.


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