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Watch: The 12 Truths for Christmas – 7. A Whole Load of Lies!

In this video series ‘The 12 Truths for Christmas’, NZDSOS member Dr. Matt Shelton talks to Dr. Emanuel Garcia about the Coronavirus pandemic.

This seventh episode of twelve published to Rumble by CoronavirusPlushie is subtitled ‘A Whole Load of Lies!’, where Shelton discusses how the data from various sources is clear, that we are facing a COVID jab catastrophe.’

‘Everything we were told at the beginning has turned out to be a complete load of crap frankly – you know, that the injection will stay in your arm – I mean, what a load of rubbish. We’ve been injecting people in the muscles for hundreds of years because we know that what you’re injecting will get in the bloodstream and travel very quickly all around the body. We know that, and Pfizer knew that too. They did some animal studies in Japan that they didn’t expect would make it into the public, proving very quickly that the vaccine concentrates in certain organs in the body, in particular the ovaries, the bone marrow, the spleen, the liver.

‘I can speak as a concerned private member of the public. I’ve decades, 42 years since I left medical school, so I can’t suddenly drop everything that I’ve learnt, although I’m expected to and not practise medicine without a licence. But I can tell you that the evidence is in, that this thing is catastrophic. Whether you look at what the insurance companies are saying, and their bottom line is profit, and they’re legally compelled to warn their investors and shareholders that ‘our profits are going to be down big time because we’re seeing a 20% rise in all cause mortality, or a 40% increase in deaths in the working age population, so we could be in trouble here.’

‘Places particularly like the Office for National Statistics in the UK that has been putting out month after month after month what seems to be completely correct and true data, that paints a horrifying picture of the risks to vaccinated people – their increase vulnerability to COVID and really bad outcomes, but also all the other things that can kill people off happening, and in every age group.

‘It’s inarguable, but many people are still sticking their head in the sand, saying black is white, and telling lies.’

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  1. As more evidence that comes to light about the devastating effects of this ‘vaccine’ that people where coersed mandated and criminalised into taking by illegal threatening Govt. overreach, the more the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘antivaxxers’ are vindicated. It is a matter of ‘we told you so’ that Govts. want to run away from. They want an amnesty – yeah right ! what about ‘no way hosay’ ? what about the same amnesty the Judges gave the accused at Nuremburg 1 ? Those of the then MSM Media that spread the propaganda where also hanged ! – Nuremburg 2 awaits for the perpetrators of this evil.


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