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Watch: The 12 Truths for Christmas – 5. The single source of truth?

In this video series ‘The 12 Truths for Christmas’ NZDSOS member Dr. Matt Shelton talks to Dr. Emanuel Garcia about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This fifth episode of twelve published to Rumble by CoronavirusPlushie is subtitled ‘The Single Source of Truth?’, where Shelton discusses how pervasive messaging created a climate of fear – a fear that was unfounded, but which played on the basic human instinct to survive.

‘You could more properly call it the source of single truth – there was just one message that was being delivered relentlessly – all you need to know is ‘virus bad, vaccine good.’ And it was so distributed in every aspect of how we receive our messaging, and how we live our lives in New Zealand via the mainstream media, that was relentlessly singing this tune from the same hymn book that many people had no chance.

‘Even if you didn’t actively listen you absorbed it subliminally from everybody else that listened in the workplace, in the family and on social media. Here was our salvation, we’ve been frightened to death, and here is the solution, so you can all relax. And of course anyone who chose to disagree with that it risks the safety of all of us, and thre freedom of all of us.

‘And it was very clear to me, and I have to say, the patient’s I’ve had and the people I know that have come to New Zealand from other countries that have lived through takeovers and tyranny, and very ruthless totalitarian governments, were all saying to me, ‘Why can’t people see what’s coming? We’ve seen this before. It’s as clear as day for us, why can’t Kiwis understand what’s going on here?’

‘It seems to me that people are so well understood that we’ve been weaponised without realising it, against each other. The way the human mind works and how powerful our fears and our survival instincts are, and what we’d do to be free of the psychic pain of the unknown and anxiety and fear, and the collusion we all go into to agree what the problem is, but more importantly what the solution is. If we all just agree then it must be real and we’ll all be fine meant that this thing has just lumbered on, and people have not been allowed to stop, spend the time in the quiet to think for themselves ‘What do I actually think? What do I make of the facts as best I can figure out? Which they are, in amongst the rest of it.

‘But when your media personalities and your sportspeople, the influencers that have all been part of the fabric of our lives in this connected world we live in, are all singing from this same hymn book too. Many people never actually had a chance to sit down and think for themselves what they actually think.’

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  1. It’s funny, even among the pro-vaxies whenever I mention “THE BIGGEST LIAR in New Zealand”, they always immediately know exactly who I’m talking about.

    Even without specifically saying her name, they know who I’m talking about straight away.

    How they distrust almost every other word she says but somehow still believe she’s being honest about the clot shots is something I’m still trying to get my brain around, but “single source of truth”?

    Nope, even the mutants chuckle dismissively at hearing that one.


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