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Watch: ‘The Cauldron snaps closed’: Encirclement of main Ukrainian army complete

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Despite what the legacy mainstream media report, the Russian military operation is going to plan, with confirmation from the MoD the entire eastern Ukrainian army has been encircled.

While most reports in Western media centre on Kiev, there is actually little or no Russian military action there. Instead, it’s all taking place in the east, where the Russian MoD has now confirmed the complete encirclement of Ukraine’s main army force.

Encirclement news

Watch expert analysis from The Duran, explaining Russian military tactics based on ‘The Cauldron’ encirclement, which is a different philosophy from US largely unsuccessful tactics of ‘shock and awe’.



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  1. Excellent video explaining the Russian strategy. Americans and puppets can only watch and learn!

    While US and it’s client states are jumping up and down like clowns sanctioning their pants off, The disciplined Russian forces have the Ukrainians effed!

    The decent Ukrainian people should immediately arrest Zelensky the clown. That imbecile is played by the Americans and he will get a lot Ukrainians killed.


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