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Watch: The pandemic was planned by people ‘who worship Satan’ – Yeadon

Dr. Mike Yeadon is the former Chief Scientific Research scientist for Pfizer.

Yeadon, who doesn’t believe in God, summarises his opinion that the global COVID pandemic was planned, and that such a diabolical exercise could only have been conceived by those who worship Satan.

This is a battle between ‘good and evil,’ he said.

Consultant cardiologist and TV medical expert Dr. Aseem Malhotra tweeted a video of Yeadon’s comments, together with his own statement saying, ‘To truly understand what’s happening is to realise that a psychopathic entity has unleashed its power on the world on a unprecedented scale.We must stop them.’


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  1. J*** are the Serpent Seed of Genesis 3:15
    The littoral biological offspring of Satan the Devil that Old Serpent
    Through the progenitor Cain
    All World Governments
    The Beast of Revelation 13:1
    Which came up out of the Sea
    Non Israel humanity
    March in lockstep to the beat of the NWO great reset
    Making them proselytes
    Democracy is a privately owned and controlled jewish bank
    There is only one party
    Nasi (Nazi) the Speaker
    Works the same for everyone

    • It depends what sort you are talking about. There are good ones and then there is a certain faction (Z) who were behind the Nazis who want the others gone, if you get my drift……now where have we seen that (Z) lately? …….hmmmm ????????????????

      • The Battle Flag of the Ukrainians now has a swastika in the middle of the field…
        Ukrainian vehicles have the ‘Battle Cross’ in white as did the German Nazi Panzers circa 1939.
        The International J3wi$h Bankers funded the Nazis, and thought that the sacrifice of certain J3wi$h sects was acceptable in order to bring about Global Noahide Law under the dictates of the Talmud.
        These J3wi$h Banksters also funded Bolschevism, as historically noted and observed by Aleksander Solzhenytsyn. Result; 65 million Russian Orthodox Christians brutally murdered!
        (see the 1993 Russian Movie ‘The Chekist’ online…)
        The International J3wi$h Banksters and the J3wi$h Bolscheviks enacted Holodomor, and began the concept of Holocaust in 1922 via the GULAG System that another ‘Socialist Government’ pick-up on, that being Nazi Germany…
        See ‘Chabad 1994 Rabbi Schneerson’ and why this Ukrainian War has been on-going since the last two J3wi$h Ukrainian Presidents have been in office.
        Zelensky has’ Israeli’ plans for the Ukraine…and the ethnic Russians in the Donbass have been attacked since 2014, similar to the Zio-Communist J3wi$h attacks on the Palestinians for the last 75 years!!!

    • To respond to your comments regards “Serpent Seed” etc would only add to that confusion

      What I will say is that these elites think they are gods. But say this. By “us” ordinary people not throwing them into a pit and burying their crap ….. allows them to continue.

      Therefore the outcome does not rest with them but with us.

  2. The drive to control is a display of fear driven lower vibrational beings. Thankfully there is less of this lower vibe than the lighter higher vibration of Aroha, love. For humanity to plan to harm humanity displays an absence of love. Hence the length of time taken to plan this degree of harm is vast as the perpetrators are aware of how powerful the high vibrational element is. What to do…..intentionally raise yourself out of lower vibe fear thinking, live like you love life and you will find yourself loving life. The control plan will only work if enough of us comply with the “rules” of the plan. Live with the absolute best of intentions for good health right until the end of the road…..then when you find the end of the road keep up the high vibe slide in sideways and celebrate that life well lived❤

  3. I agree with Yeadon in that he has captured the spirit driving this wickedness very well. It is certainly not Godly in any sense of the word. There is no kindness in it whatsoever. It can best be described as malevolent. I can see why he would put it in terms of Satanic by way of comparison to the good.

    There’s no doubt at all that the world has gone down a very large rabbit hole with cavernous endless tunnels, leading in every direction except to the truth. So it is good to see men like Yeadon speaking out. His credentials add weight to his view, as with the numerous well qualified medical professionals sounding alarms around the world.

    The tragedy is few people in places of influence are actually listening. Until they do, little will change in the short term. All good people can do is to keep ringing the bell…

  4. Where is the National Party in all of this. Have you ever tried to contact anybody in the national party? Oh but I forgot. The definition of the national party “Labour in blue skirts”
    I have a distinct dislike of Michael Baker (and others). The definition of Michael is “likened unto God”. Baker thinks he is God and is a false idol and Baker needs to be canceled

  5. Matthew 12.30
    Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.
    We are in the End Time Season. It began a few years ago and we can have no knowledge of when it ends.
    Sartan is real and he and his supporting bad angels are very active among us. THose who are not Godly can only be on Satan’s team. You would be surprised at how they can infect humans and their surrounds.


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