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Watch: ‘The Zelensky regime is evil’ – US expat unloads on Ukraine leader for arming criminal gangs

As more people in the West come to understand the complexities of the Ukraine situation, and the role of NATO and the US in creating the conflict, and the role of legacy mainstream media in shaping a false narrative (yet again) a US expat gives his view from the ground in the empty streets of Kiev.

In the short video made on 28 February as he walks to the supermarket, the man blames Zelensky for creating chaos by arming Ukrainian gangs with military-grade weapons. This policy won’t stop the Russians and will only cause suffering for the Ukrainian people, just so the President can have a ‘photo-op’, as he explains.

Because of the weapons the Zelensky regime handed out ‘willy-nilly’ in the last few days, a lot of criminals have these military-grade weapons.

So there’s been robberies, there’s been looting, there’s rapes. There’s been all kinds of havoc because of these criminals.

It’s known for a fact that a lot of the shooting that went on last night in Kiev had nothing to do with the Russians. The Russians were 10 kms or more away from these shootings, so it was clearly, probably, gang-related…

That’s something the Western media’s not talking about – how the Zelensky regime, by handing out weapons, has basically given weapons to all the criminal elements in the city. And the criminal elements in the city are first of all working out their dominance hierarchy in the anarchy the government has created. And soon enough, once that’s settled, they’ll start targeting the civilians. That’s what the Zelensky regime has done.

Let’s not pretend otherwise. These people [Zelensky] are creating chaos in Ukraine, in the name of people fighting against the Russians. It’s absurd, it’s irresponsible, and it will only hurt the Ukrainian people.

I’ve come to the conclusion the Zelensky regime is evil.

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  1. On his perfect phone call two years ago, Trump is on record saying, “I want nothing from Zelensky, I want no quid pro quo. Just tell him to do the right thing…”

    The fact that Zelensky then proceeded to do precisely NOTHING thereafter tells you everything you need to know about this guy.

  2. Does anybody know the real history of Ukraine? In WWII many Ukrainians were Nazi sympathisers and camp guards at concentration camps, that they took part in the massacre over 2 days of 30,000 Jews

  3. Ohh Wake up people!! You believe this fake sh*t!!
    Zelensky is part of the NWO, he is one of Schwaub’s protege’s, so is Putin!
    All Planned for the fear driven dumbed downed hypnotised fools!
    All media driven!

    And no im not a troll, everything i’ve said can be found on line!

  4. 28th of February will always be remembered. This is the date in 1986 when the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was killed, when walking with his wife towards his home after being at Cinema.
    Such a coindidence to have this date used.

    To notice: Regarding MH 17: shot down 17.7. 2014 the Hoover organization reported (published) of the crash THE DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED. (Screenshot awailable)
    The americans are the ones responsible for the killings of the passangers. This was to make sure EU would join USA sanctions put on Russia by Obama the day before, i.e the 16th. of July.


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