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Watch: ‘Those who conducted this vaccination programme made a catastrophic mistake’ – Expert

COVID vaccination news.

Dr. Paul Elias Alexnder is a former associate professor of evidence-based medicine at McMaster University.

He is a former COVID Pandemic evidence-synthesis advisor to WHO-PAHO, Washington, DC (2020), and former Senior Advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in the US government, Health and Human Services (HHS), Washington, DC.

Alexander was giving expert testimony before a Senate Committee just before Christmas. He believes officials made a catastrophic mistake in pursuing a mass vaccination programme. Natural selection will inevitably lead to mutations of the virus into new variants, which will potentially become more lethal.

‘Something has happened with these particular gene injections. Some call them vaccines, we continue to call them gene injections.

‘When you vaccinate a population, you are trying to stimulate adaptive immunity and that means neutralising antibodies that will eliminate the virus. So you want to stop infection, you want to stop replication, you want to stop transmission. But rapidly we’re going to see negative efficacy with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines particularly, where, we are seeing that those who are vaccinated are becoming infected and re-infected repeatedly.

‘So much so that when you use the vaccines now, they are placing the pathogen now, as Dr Cole said earlier, we are BA4, BA5 subvariant [inaudible]. When you place these variants under pressure, natural selection will operate and will select a more infectious variant, so much so that if you kept this bivalent programme going with your booster you are going to keep this pandemic going for many many more years.

‘In other words, this vaccine roll-out, the way it has been done and the way it has continued, will keep variants emerging one variant after the next, and they’re going to be more infectious. And there is a concern among virologists that they could be potentially more lethal and viralised. I have no question when you look at the data that the mass vaccination into a pandemic whilst there is tremendous infectious pressure. That is the issue. Those who conducted this vaccination have made a catastrophic mistake. You do not load your weapon whilst the enemy is on the battlefield. You vaccinate outside of season. We have vaccinated while this virus has been circulating. These vaccines cannot work, will not work. They will fail and are failing.’

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  1. 100% true. Unbelievable how the so-called experts like Bloomfield et al ignored basic medical science. And they gave him a bloody knighthood! Mind you, they gave Obama, the most violent warmongering president in US history the Nobel Prize for Peace. The world is truly upside down and insane.

    • Bloomer was just the face of the government, he just relayed the advice that was being given to all Western countries, remember the first thing they did was to throw NZ,s pandemic response plan in the rubbish.

    • yes, meant to kill first the olds and disables.
      Governments and insurance companies save then huge amount of money . Monies due for care and pensions.
      Always follows the bankers interests.
      Of course all governments knew very soon through statistics that pfizer was a killing agent.
      But they might even have known it earlier, who knows??

      • They knew earlier all right they paid ‘hush money’ up to 450k in some instamces to the parents of children who died from the jab. I hope the parents of those poor young innocent lost souls know that by accepting those monies that they are now party to the Genocide as well !

    • Well said anon! It’s so frustrating to keep going round the same mountain, the evidence is there for all to see. Why else won’t the government discuss it, why else are they censoring, why else are they ignoring death and harm, why isn’t msm reporting it! Covid was the Trojan horse this had nothing to do with health, the jab was and still is the intention of global psychos! A genocidal weapon to kill the population.They were deceived in epic numbers through fear, the onus is on the individual to research like so many of us did. Mmmm, so tell me again why an experimental jab that killed all the monkeys, that wasn’t proven, that had no long term data, that Pfizer wanted to keep hidden for 75 years, to inject the world’s population with, was ever going to be a good idea!!!!! I’m with you on this I wonder at the cognitive dissonance I guess there’s no cure for stupid.

      • It’s not stupid if it’s a plan, and THEY won’t pivot because THEY are in it with their snouts and their pea brain and even smaller consciousness. THEY are excuses for human beings, devoid of compassion, responsibility and courage, but full of greed and ruthlessness And that’s the definition of Psychopathy.. What would THEY be if THEY would realize that THEIR whole life and existence is based on being a scamming parasite?

      • Fun fact, #1, all Western (White) countries had the vaccine forced on them.
        Fun fact #2, all Vaccine companies are run by people who are eligible to be Israeli citizens.

      • i will tell you why nobody speaks about it. The people are scared to talk about death. I am not vaccinated but old. Both my sons got two shots. I ams sure that by now they know about the risks. They won t talk. And i neither. It will be soon enough if they get ill.
        As for the media or governments, they also are trying to hide the truth. When many people realize it, they will have nothing more to lose. Why do you think that in europe ( france and germany) have ordered repression vehicules : 90 centaures for france last summer

  2. A good review of the lyrics from ‘The Who”s ‘We Won’t Be Fooled Again’ is quite timely now…!
    Look for the ‘VGS’ (Vaccine Goon Squads) to come knocking on the door in 2023…that’s pretty much a given.
    KNOW your medical, civil and human rights BEFORE they do.
    Get your signage from the Voices for Freedom website, print off the appropriate ones, and post them on your property!
    Remember; you DO NOT have to open your door or ‘contract (talk) with or to those on the other side of the barrier’
    If National / ACT, or Labour / Greens get into Parliament in the next El-ection (El being Saturn, Satan and Saturnalia) we can expect Social Credit disenfranchisement via no vaccine booster ‘passport’, and the VGS knocking and trespassing on our properties! National / ACT will be doing the same as Labour is doing now!
    Be prepared!!! And-
    Vote for the Outdoors & Freedom Party, as co-leader Sue Grey was the only Party Leader who has stood-up to and against this multi-imposed government tyranny, along with Liz Gunn, Hannah Spierer, and Kelvyn Alp!
    Don’t forget about Dr. Sharma, Jamie Lee Ross, Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood who are all being bullied and persecuted / prosecuted WITHOUT A JURY TRIAL!!!

  3. “We come in peace. Inject to kill.”

    I would say it’s a fair bet, he will be ignored by the law makers as he is “unqualified” to make such assumptions…

  4. Geert Vanden Bossche said this at the very beginning of the pogrom. ….I mean, program. He was of course widely slandered – as anyone opposing the narrative is (he won’t get a knighthood). Yet the logic appears simple. But, both the original illness and the response to it come out of the same bioweapons labs. So this is an known unknown on the boil. The sheer size of this catastrophe is staggering. The HARMS data coming in now are horrendous.

  5. We need a new structure of govt, one who works for the new zealand public instead of this overseas power grab our main parties support. Support voices for freedom and counterspin for standing up and speaking out.


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