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Watch: Does Top Spy’s definition make Ardern a ‘potential terrorist’?

Jacinda Ardern created two different classes of people when she brought in jab mandates and passports.

She gloated about it in an interview last year, saying ‘Yip, yip, that’s what it is.’

No Prime Minister in New Zealand’s history has been responsible for creating such a blatant ‘Us vs Them’ division in our society, between the mRNA vaccinated and unvaccinated.

In a recent report from Newshub, NZSIS Director General Rebecca Kitteridge said that someone ‘developing an ‘Us vs Them’ world view,’ was a sign a person was potentially developing extremist views, and could go on to commit an act of terrorism. Recognising these signs could be ‘the vital piece in the puzzle that ultimately saves lives.’

So does this make Ardern a potential terrorist? After watching a video by CoronavirusPlushie, it appears the Prime Minister’s words brings her well within our top spy’s definition of ‘potential terrorist.’

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  1. Ardern was advocating “rules based order” and so she is exempted. Dont ask what those rules are but Arden will utter them from time to time as a matter of convenience. For example,
    Rule #1 Arden is the only source of truth
    and you need to follow Rule #1. Those who fail to follow Rule #1, cannot understand the other rules, and so no point in revealing them.

    ???? Right wing extremists, anti-vaxers, Putin puppets, white supremacist, national security threateners etc disobey Rule #1.????

    ???????? In summary, if you fail to accept the only souce of Truth, you are indeed a potential terrorist.????????

    ????????Confused????????? Dont you worry; NZ government has public interest journalism funding to STUFf and other media outlets. ????????????

    ????☝️Read all their articles and watch their videos at least couple of times????☝️. If you still fail to obey Rule #1, you are no longer a potential terrorist but a real terrorist, and hence a national security threat indeed. ⚖️‍⚖️

    Amen ????????

  2. The Head Girl Syndrome – the opposite of creative genius
    The ideal Head Girl is an all-rounder: performs extremely well in all school subjects and has a very high Grade Point Average. She is excellent at sports, Captaining all the major teams. She is also pretty, popular, sociable and well-behaved.
    The Head Girl will probably be a big success in life, in whatever terms being a big success happens to be framed (she will gravitate towards such aspects of life) – so she might in some times and places make a Good Marriage and do a great job of raising a family; in another time and place she might go to a top-notch college and get a top-notch job – and pursue a glamorous and infertile lifestyle of ‘serial monogamy’; with desirable mates.

    But the Head Girl is not, cannot be, a creative genius.

    Modern society is run by Head Girls, of both sexes, hence there is no place for the creative genius.
    Modern Colleges aim at recruiting Head Girls, so do universities, so does science, so do the arts, so does the mass media, so does the legal profession, so does medicine, so does the military…

    And in doing so, they filter-out and exclude creative genius.

    • As Goethe once wrote (and as noted by Albert Speer when he read the passage in Spandau Prison);

      “Those who are not qualified but allowed to succeed, that is tragic enough! But for the truly qualified not to be allowed to succeed, that is the real tragedy!”

      Head Girl and Head Boy also has to do with the Family Bloodline, the founding Colonial and Provincial Towns & the Cities from which they came, and who’s who in the listings of ‘Societal Hierarchy’.

      It certainly has nothing to do with merit, creative thinking or IQ…it’s all about promoting the offspring of the ‘Powers That Be’, even if the offspring is mentally defective as a bullying and manipulative psychopath or sociopath! That is how they stay in power!

      Note also that the Masonic Lodge lies at the heart of the ‘Powers That Be’, using their adage of ‘As Above, So Below’, and the hidden Zio-Communist factions that have camouflaged themselves behind the scenes doing the bidding of the WEF Globalists, almost all of whom are *Jewish from Khazarian and / or Ashkenazi descent.

      *They may not be operating in the open, but many are Masonic Lodge members, so there is a Zionist Hierarchy within the Masonic Hierarchy, and rest assured they operate under the rules of Talmudic and Noahide Law.

  3. Exactly!! I’m sure we can see more points from the “spot the terrorist” guidelines that could add to our suspicions about Jacinda Adern. What does the reporting process involve? How many Kiwi’s are up for calling in to report our PM? Let’s get started

  4. Divide and conquer is a classic Roman Empire tactic to divide us and make us fight and conflict with each other so that we do not see who the real problem is. This has been going on for (at least) hundreds of years with wars between countries for spurious reasons, wars between religions (the Crusades) and so on. Nowadays the divisions created for us by “our Elites” are woman v man, hetro v homo, white v black, rich v poor, Capitalism v Communism, Muslim v Christian, Russia v the West, and now the latest is vaccinated v unvaccinated or masked v unmasked.

    What “the Elites” fear the most is that we, the People, start to see through all this manipulation and assert our individual sovereignty and love for each other, and contempt for the people who have manipulated us all into playing their division games. What they fear the most is that we, the People, start waking up. This is, indeed, what is happening now.

  5. Jacinda Adern’s UN speech regarding the use of the internet to spread mis disinformation has been interpreted in a few different ways. We are wary of the hidden implications of the wording in that speech because we have heard terminology from our PM leading us to believe the Covid “vaccines” would not be mandated. Yet a clever strategy via propaganda led to companies, medical boards, education boards etc applying pressure to employees in the form of “no jab, no job.” Is this verbal coercion a sign that a person is leading other people into a decision that doesn’t serve the coerced well. Yet serves an agenda that the person who has used coercive terminology well. Mmmmm, where are the directives from Jacinda Adern leading?How does this fit the potential terrorism framework?

  6. Ardern has classified and nailed herself with her own rules!
    She lied to everybody, attempted to coerce, trick, bribe, mandate, cajole, intimidate, bully, gaslight and mock the public into taking deadly and dangerous
    experimental posion jabs.
    And after posioning so many KIwis, continues to lie and decieve where she can, though her impact her
    diminished, for many it is too late.
    You don’t need studies done to see what is happening right in front of you.
    People are dropping dead or falling ill from thiese jabs, that is terrorism encapsulated.
    Her and her govt are the worst terrorists this country has ever seen up til now.

    • And… she and her…’government’…with the help of the lying and totally-discredited NZMSM, continue to accomplish the mission of terror by following the dictates of the WEF, NWO, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and Bill Gates…even if she is in self-denial, which would lead one to believe that the government is headed by a Zio-Communist self-delusional psychopath!
      And then, there’s the inconvenience of Clark, cocaine, and cover-ups! But, that will all go the way of the Justin Davis Files…!

  7. Like all narcissistic wannabe totalitarian tyrants Jacinda Ardern uses gaslighting, social division and ‘othering’ as her preferred political tactics. Her blatant and shameful disregard for the basic values of honesty and common decency haven’t gone unnoticed.

    It’s highly concerning that Rebecca Ketteridge, who as a civil servant should be politically impartial and should certainly know better, is now promoting the same unethical dictatorial party line.


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