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Watch: Trailer 4 of Billy Te Kahika’s ‘River of Lies’ documentary released

Week 10 of production has now been completed.

This the 4th trailer for what could be the most explosive documentary ever made in New Zealand and which investigates the Covid-19 issue and what could be evidence of crimes against the people of New Zealand.

Episode one is where we take the ten fundamental claims made by the Ardern led New Zealand Government about Covid-19 and examine them to see if they are true, based on honest science and without conflicts of interest.

We also examine potential corruption or at least immoral dishonesty of New Zealand mainstream media who have been bought and paid for.

Episode two is when we will investigate money flows, contracts, funding, nepotism, conflicts of interest and ideologies that may be hostile to a free New Zealand society.

Visit the documentaries new website at riveroflies.co.nz.

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  1. New Zealand is currently enduring an infestation of corrupt WEF sponsored politicians. Jabcinda being of utmost concern obviously.

    “That is what it is. So yep” says it all in one short gleefully sadistic sentence. This will likely be her enduring epitaph.

  2. If you want to really get shocked at political party lies about covid, then check out Brooke van Veldon of the ACT Party, in the NZ Herald on page A13, Wednesday 28th December.

    Cop this for mass murder and mass maiming of NZers and their kids, pack of lies by this communist WEF controlled ****.

    NZ is now “very well known” internationally to be under “pure evil” political forces control.

    Meaning NZ is known internationally thanks to this ****** **** **** and her look alikes, to be politically totally untrustworthy and murderous in intention.

    These words in the NZ Herald, to relentlessly decieve the NZ public by the team behind Brooke van Veldon.

    “The tools available to fight it have changed too. Vaccines arrived, [under emergency use fraud while banning Ivermectin at the NZ border] . . faster and better than anyone imagined. They dramatically reduced hospitalisation and death rates, for earlier variants at least.

    [tell that to the 58,000 NZers reported vaccine damaged, protesting outside Parliament, the dead by cancer and clots and so on].

    This pack of lies by van Veldon goes on with more packed crap.

    That has long been refuted by large teams of international scientists and medical specialists.

    “Brought out this Prime Ministerial spray”. “It also brings home exactly why we are taking such string measures to stop the spread of this virus . . Today’s death is a reminder of the fight we have on our hands . . stay at home, break the chain and save lives . . ” “You must stay home”. [while putting up the 5G towers nationwide].

    “The vaccine loses its effectiveness over time, hence the need for new boosters”.

    [while banning Ivermectin at the NZ border, which Nobel prize winning miracle medicine in 2015, stops the virus spike protein toxicity, of all variants, at all stages, according to USA military Intel in April 2020].

    Meaning deliberately getting rid of known to be near 100% effective medicine which destroyed the power of any “emergency use experimental untested gene therapy, that has murdered and maimed people and their kids on a vast global scale”.

  3. I see that “terrorist” disguised as an epidemiologist Michael Baker is back in the news, and still be isn’t being taken down. So he can continue to spin fake narrative crap.

    If any fake lockdowns take place again it will will via the fake narrative of this “terrorist” and the other “terrorist” Souxie Wiles.

    Both funded by Gates as far as I am aware, certainly that’s what funds Baker, who is a known communist sympathiser.

    I refer to terrorist by way of the description of what is going on by Archbishop Vijano on December 27th 2022, “The media have created a social alarm, an action of real terrorism towards the entire population . . has promoted the use of an alleged vaccine, which is actually a genetic serum . . with widely demonstrated short term side effects, while the long term effects are still to be seen”.

    Which can obviously be applied to this Michael Baker, as a “terrorist” advertising the use of more 97% + false positives RAT tests, in order to prolong the “terrorist” spin.

    RAT tests are derivatives of the PCR tests, that the Lisbon Court found to be 97% + false positives; that the USA banned because it could not tell the difference between the flu and covid, also that it detected particles much later, long after any infection was possible.

    With further use of this test to prolong the “terrorist” narrative by Michael Baker, no doubt on orders from overseas, in order to seek a way to cause further lockdowns.

    So if this “terrorist” Michael Baker is left to continue with his “pure evil” “terrorist” intent, by freedom media not taking him to task. Then who is really to blame for what this “terrorist” Michael Baker causes, alongside “terrorist” news media, to befall NZ citizens and NZ children.

    This Michael Baker “terrorist” needs to be flattened.

  4. This Michael Baker and his RAT test is one of the main depraved, lying, “terrorist” tools still available to the “terrorist in chief” Jacinda Ardhern.

    If I could get down to Dunedin where this “terrorist” is based. I would use his head to paint a wall with, and feed the pigs what’s left.


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