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Watch: Tucker Carlson reveals shocking mRNA studies the government and mainstream media don’t want you to know

Fox News host Tucker Carlson presented evidence from studies in The Lancet and the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology (JFCT).

‘Is there a connection between getting multiple COVID vax shots and getting sicker? Can the vaccine actually hurt you?’ asks Carlson.

Carlson’s questions were in response to the revelation this week that quadruple boosted President Joe Biden, who is also taking daily ‘COVID medication’, is COVID positive.

The JFCT study opened with the following statement:

‘In this paper we present evidence that [COVID] vaccination induces a profound impairment of Type I interferon signalling, which has diverse adverse consequences for human health.’

Interferons play a crucial role in triggering the human immune response to viral infections, and according to the JFCT findings, the COVID mRNA medication ‘profoundly impairs’ the Type 1 interferon signalling.

In tweeting the clip, independent Australian journalist Avi Yemeni urged followers to watch the video before Twitter removed it.


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  1. Clinical trials for Pfizer’s covid vaccines conclude in 2023 but they’ve already made the billions of dollars they set out to make and wrecked the health of so many people. The UN wants the world’s population to total 500m people. The WEF is on board with that. Constant viral crises being introduced and high fuel prices will keep us in our feudal localities to get the temperature down by 2 degrees. Nobody mentions the vast amount of volcanic activity that adds to emissions each day though. The Netherlands are big food producers but they’re leading the charge into famines. Its all planned right through to carbon labels for food. Its now religious extremism.

    There’s reaction from our fascist government when protestors march in cities this weekend. Maybe Ardern should give up dinners in Spain, advising the US on gun laws and spreading covid on her treks to appear on the world stage. We have people sleeping in cars here and there’s a 124% increase in government advertising for anything from covid to ACC to the Transport Agency since 2017. We need a snap election.

    • Well f*^K. Alot of us really tried our best to warn people. But, like Tucker said, most felt compelled or forced to take the jab to keep their job/life.

    • There is no ongoing clinical trial, nobody is recording adverse events, governments will write the final summery for the trial and the pharmaceutical companies and the CDC and the FDA will supply the supporting documentation.
      And then there will be a new law it the West called Covid denying, you don’t want to be a covid denier do you? Lol.

  2. When the jabbed wake up and realise they have been thoroughly duped there are going to be some angry people.

    I am not here to say I told you so, I am here to say I am sorry for what has happened to us all and to comfort anyone who needs it and welcome them over to join with the other freedom fighters. ????????????❤️❤️❤️

    • Nope, I’m going to rub their smug arrogant noses in it at every opportunity.

      The people who were honestly duped get a pass, but the ones who told me to my face to “shut up” with my “freedom nonsense”, that I deserve to be a second class citizen and that I should lose my job and have my kids taken away for being such a “reckless idiot”, and that the world would be a better place when people like me finally die off…

      Those people are gonna get the biggest, most obnoxious helping of “I told you so” in history from me, with a side order of point and laugh.

      Yes I’m petty, no I don’t care.

      Not that it matters anyway – most of them will continue to deny the obvious right up until their last breath.

      • Jabcinda successfully divided the society. There are many vaccinated public who hate the unvaccinated. The reality is not told by the government and the legacy media. Cost of living and other issues shifted the support to Jabcinda but those who oppose Jabcinda still feel hatred towards the unvaccinated. Both agents, Jabcinda & Luxon, work for the deep state and Globalists, but many thibk it is conspiracy theory and address the freedom fighters as idiots and misinformed. Sad and depressing indeed.

    • They won’t wake up, they are to far in, the government will keep stringing them along because they are to far in too, we the unjabbed are a problem for them, if they can get rid of us the they can blame it all on the virus. What to do?

  3. Anybody who believes that Biden, (or any members of any government in the western world) has been vaccinated is simple minded. The NZ Government has exempted all its members (and their families, and the bureaucracy) from the mRNA injection. I too have been told I endanger other people by not being ‘vaccinated’ so now I just say I am fully vaxd. I too have been told I must wear a mask and when I say I am vaxd and not in danger, they standard answer is ‘I’m not going to get into that.’ Push it and they get nasty. Don’t think for one minute they will join the unvaxd or unmasked. They want you to be masked and vaxd as well. It’s that kiwi dog in the manger no tall poppies here attitude. If I had to do it, you will too. If I have to suffer, you will too. If I am stupid, you are going to be stupid too.

  4. Tucker Carlson quotes The Lancet but ignores an open access June publication in that journal (Global impact of the first year of COVID-19 vaccination: a mathematical modelling study) which found that based on official reported COVID-19 deaths it was estimated that vaccinations prevented 14·4 million deaths from COVID-19 in 185 countries and territories between Dec 8, 2020, and Dec 8, 2021. This estimate rose to 19·8 million deaths from COVID-19 averted when excess deaths were used as an estimate of the true extent of the pandemic, representing a global reduction of 63% in total deaths during the first year of COVID-19 vaccination.
    It was interpreted that COVID-19 vaccination has substantially altered the course of the pandemic, saving tens of millions of lives globally.
    It was stated that inadequate access to vaccines in low-income countries has limited the impact in these settings, reinforcing the need for global vaccine equity and coverage.

    • What a load of rubbish, given that Covid 19 has never been isolated it cannot be proven to exist so all your claims are redundant, there was never a pandemic, it was just the flu renamed or did you fail to notice that it all of a sudden stopped for two years, as to the rest of it including Long Covid (haha) its a reaction to the poison that they injected you with, you know the one, where the doctors got $359 per jab, but it was all for the good of the army of five million or something like that, wake up, you have been played.

    • “a mathematical modelling study…”
      (Ah yes, that distinguished scientific practice that told us there would be a new ice age in 1980, that the rainforests would all be gone by 1990, that the hole in the ozone layer would grow and we’d all perish from skin cancer by 2000, that the polar ice caps would melt by 2010. The same mathematical modelling that kept being wrong over and over throughout the pandemic period, but is somehow still supposed to be gospel)

      “Official reported COVID-19 deaths…”
      (Are you talking about the figures they plumped up by including car accident and gunshot victims? Remember all the graphs showing how ordinary flu mysteriously took a holiday and disappeared for the last two years?)

      “An estimate of the true extent of the pandemic…”
      (A genuine pandemic wouldn’t need to have its “true extent” constantly and irritatingly shouted out to people against their will, they would know it from the piles of corpses rotting in the streets and the general collapse of society around them. We were locked in our homes while outside the earth continued to turn)

      “Substantially altered the course of the pandemic…”
      (It demonstrably DID NOT. Fully vaccinated and boosted brainlets are still contracting Covid, many unvaccinated still have not. All the vaccines have done is cause crippling injuries, sow political division and disrupt critical supply chains)

      “Low income countries…”
      (Most of the actual stats we have today show that poorer, less vaccinated countries seem to have faired far better than authoritarian leftist hellholes in the west. No one in government or the media seem to want to talk about it ????????‍♂️)

      “Vaccine equity…”
      (They’re welcome to mine, I won’t be partaking).

      So once again; nope ????


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