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Watch: ‘Unprecedented betrayal of the Australian people’ – Aussie senator vows to hunt down ScoMo for COVID crimes

In a powerful speech to the Australian Senate, Queensland Senator for Queensland Malcolm Roberts vowed to hunt down Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other ‘COVID criminals’.

Last week Roberts presented documents and evidence of ‘a catastrophic failure of Australia’s regulatory framework with regard to the approval and roll out of the COVID ‘vaccines’.

He said [paraphrasing]:

‘COVID vaccine injuries are hidden behind anonymous government data, while COVID virus supposed harm is splashed across prime time.

What deceit. What criminal incompetence.

Pharmaceutical companies fund theur own product’s approval.

Where are the checks and balances? There are none.

Repeated vaccination is doing more harm than good.

This unprecendented betrayal of the Australian people must be referred immediately to a Royal Commission.

To the Prime Minister, the Health Minister, the federal health department, all of you who have perpetrated this crime, I direct one question. How the hell do you expect to get away with it? We’re not going to let you get away with it. We won’t let you get away with it. We are coming for you. We have the stamina to hound you down, and we damn well will.’

Full video:

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  1. […] Den australske senator for Queensland, Malcolm Roberts, giver sine kolleger en overhaling forderes Covid politik, der vil frem i verden.  Tænk hvis vi i vores elendige Folketing havde medlemmer med en sådan karakter og viden. Hvis ikke det var så alvorligt, ville det være en ren fryd at høre, en det er dyb alvor. Mange dør i denne tid, jeg ser lige, at to til har begået selvmord fordi de ikke kunne leve med vaccinebivirkningerne. Og vi ved godt, hvem der har de liv på samvittigheden. Der er én omtale af det i australsk MSM: ‘UNPRECEDENTED BETRAYAL OF THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE’ – AUSSIE SENATOR VOWS TO HUNT DOWN SCOMO FOR… […]

  2. If only we had a sitting MP with integrity like this man. How we haven’t had intense scrutiny of medsafe is beyond me

  3. What a damn shame we don’t Senator Roberts here in NZ. I cannot think of a single NZ politician who has the spine in Sen. Robert’s little finger.

    My contempt for NZ Politicians is absolute.

  4. This is what more politicians should be doing. The cat’s out of the bag and we’re wise enough now to know there will be no end to vaccines. It’s how we’ll be controlled until they kill us off. More politicians should start the review.

  5. Question. Where was the senators.? The senate looks completely empty, so who was he talking to. Probably no one, cause no one wants to listen. When senators get asked about the speech, they can all say nothing because they weren’t there. Another dead end.

  6. Why aren’t any of our members of parliament standing up to our draconian PM. She needs to be arrested, tried and jailed for the atrocities she has done to our citizens. She is pure evil with a capital “E”. Luciferian worshipper. Liar, hypocrite and destroyer of people’s lives. “Hey Jacinda – seeing that the mandates don’t apply to you, go and get your vaccine jab for hypocrisy”.

  7. I could not find the video link for this news story working. This is may have been deleted. Found another link to view here.


    30 pieces of silver, and you can teach a horse to deal cards, Jacinda Ardern. Seems Senator Malcolm Roberts is content with the truth. What are you wearing to the international court, Jacinda Ardern? Something orange?


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