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Watch: ‘We never have this many’ – Video of 94 freshly dug graves in Oamaru cemetery raises questions

Oamaru cemetery news

A TikTok video posted by a couple of a graveyard in Oamaru has been shared widely on social media.

The couple have been regular visitors to the cemetery, where the woman stated her babies were buried.

Driving through the rows of graves they count the number of freshly dug plots. The final number was 94.

‘The small town of Oamaru. Just come to check my babies and look at all these new graves mate.’

‘Why? Why? Why so many? We never have this many. I’ve come here for the last 8, 9 years. These are all deaths in the last year. Like, fresh as.’

Leading scientists around the world, backed up with insurance data, are showing an increase in ‘excess cause mortality’, since the beginning of the pandemic. These deaths cannot be attributed to COVID, but coincide with the mRNA vaccine roll-outs.

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  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and call bullshit on the assumptions made in this tiktok video. It appears that this is just general maintenance of filling in sunken graves.
    Death records are public records which can be easily verified. If someone can verify the death/burial records from the cemetery then it will be easily proven or dis-proven. Otherwise I remain skeptical.

    • There must be some way of finding out what the death rates are.

      I have noticed there are deaths occurring in our town that are not reported in the paper. I know of 2 people who died in the last week and no mention in the death notices.

      How do we access this data?

      • Check records at the local cemetery? Deaths are public records. Can’t give you an exact answer but I am sure you can find out if you make a few enquiries. I would like to know the answer. all else fails then Statistics NZ has the data but you might have to collate it yourself.

    • However, if that were the case, this woman would have seen this before in the 8-9 years that she’d visited the cemetery, and routine maintenance surely wouldn’t have involved the removal of (so many) headstones?

      I’ve been to cemeteries where any many of them have graves that have had little maintenence done at all over the years.

    • Maintenance on old Graves would mean the Graves have headstones. The plots are filled in squarely, would maintenance fill in the hollows? This Woman has been visiting the cemetary for 8- 9 years and hasn’t noticed this many (even maintenance) before. Yes you are right it is good to obtain the records before jumping to conclusions, there are other factors to note here to.

  2. Thanks for posting this Daily Telegraph- we need to keep the pressure on the govt and medical people to get the truth out there.

  3. The problem is none of these supposedly sunken graves have headstones. Can you explain that? Look around. Gravestones everywhere. Not these.

  4. Not all bodies or human remains are buried in a grave. Far more reliable to have the death statistics, ages, co-morbidities and actual causes. Eventually we’re all going to die of something, if not old age. Make your life the best it can be.

  5. When are people going to wake up? 74% Miscarriage rate from a top fertility doctor in one of Australia’s biggest hospitals. 500 to 600% increase in heart related deaths funeral directors and hospitals UK, 40% of woman suffering from menstrual cycle problems USA. A massive increase in still births, babies being born with weak immune systems, waning immune systems. Dr Fauci and UK government data. VAIDS, massive amount of blood clotting leading to heart, lung, brain and spinal problems massive increase in cancer rates. 18% Of teens in Thailand with heart rhythm problems and 3.5% of them had blood work evidence of myocarditis. Blood work showing severe clumping of blood cells. White biostructures the embalmers are having to pull out of the jabbed. 29 thousand deaths recorded on VARES.COM which is massively under reported. Serious adverse reactions 3452 which equals just 5% so that is 69040 people that have needed to attend hospital In NZ after taking these genocidal shots! Dr. Naomi Wolf: “This 42-day study on 44 pregnant rats led them to conclude that there were ‘no effects on female fertility,’ [but the people conducting this study] were employed by and held stock in either Pfizer or BioNTech. Pfizer has been fined 2.3 billion and is currently under another 2 billion lawsuit over the Pfizer. Gene based mRNA lipid nanoparticles 13 billion they inject, they don’t stay in your deltoid they go all around your body, instructing your cells to make a toxic spike protein with no off button. How many people are now disabled in the world after these shots? This is all for what they call COVID -19 but haven’t isolated SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 is the symptoms of SARS-COV-2. They banned or restricted the treatments that have an extremely high rate of survival if used within the first three days. They are using protocols with an 80% death rate, it says they died of COVID the second reason they died is acute kidney failure USA caused by the deadly protocols are they using the same here? The tests are useless extremely high false positive rates, can’t tell between live and dead matter. It mistook the common cold for flu according to a UK scientist. The Rats Test has tested positive for water, Coca Cola lemon juice. Why are they testing people with no symptoms? Why don’t people bother to look at the IFR ratings? COVID-19similar to a flu maybe higher for people with serious prior health issues Omicron 0.04 less than half the IFR rating of a flu. It is the injected that are creating the variants. If they make them stronger more people will die, and they will because they have weakened their immune system of course you could get lucky with a placebo shot or less of the toxic crap. Stop The Shot! Crimes Against Humanity. https://rumble.com/v1ecssx-from-the-hague.-international-trials-day-one-crimes-against-humanity.html

    • Masks don’t work for a virus and neither do these toxic shots, you only have to look at the data. Injections do nothing to stop transmission or stop you getting very sick or dying, the most the jab does for a short period of time is give you protection from mild to moderate flu like symptoms. You are doing all of this for a 0.08% reduced chance of getting COVID-19 according to the Lancet journal, it does nothing to stop transmission. It does not stop you getting seriously sick or dying. The most this does is protect you from mild to moderate flu like symptoms. Organ failure caused by the body attacking it self, Germany pathologist This causes all sorts of autoimmune diseases. Isn’t money pox just the jab injured?

  6. Stats nz are showing a rise in total deaths (all cause) starting in march 2022 but at this stage just a many as winter 2016, there should be a sharp drop very soon, if not then we have a problem.

  7. This is utter rubbish…. From small town Oamaru where we have had months of incessant rain..our cemetary is at the bottom of a valley…Graves have sunk and been re filled…as per Local Waitaki District Councils Post…
    Waitaki District Council……… ·
    We have become aware of a TikTok online and while we don’t normally comment on things like this, out of respect to the families, we want to put a stop to the speculation.
    Due to recent weather events, there has been some settling of some gravesites. As a result, there have been additional maintenance operations through topping up soil and re-sowing.

  8. If you are referring to Oamaru Lawn Cemetery [opposite Oamaru Old Cemetery], then a quick look on Google Street View, shows that the terrain is somewhat undulating, and if anything, the old cemetery is more prone to being waterlogged. Have you ever heard of a waterlogged high ground?

    Anyhow, the [pre lock-down/experimental covid injections] death rate [all causes] for Western countries, is just under 1%, so a town of 30,800 would have an annual maximum of 308 deaths …
    The NZ national percentage for cremation was 75% in 2019, and the trend is upward.
    75% of 308 = 231 [cremations]
    25% of 308 = 77 [burials]

    So, let’s up it to say, 94 burials, that would mean they have dug all the graves for a year in one go; not very likely!


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