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Watch: Whistleblower Barry Young shares anonymised data on young kiwis who died after receiving COVID jab

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Barry Young was speaking to Liz Gunn on FreeNZ Media.

The video was recorded in November 2023 and published to social media yesterday.

Young went through a spreadsheet output of New Zealanders under 40 years of age who died after receiving the Pfizer COVID jab. The data was anonymised, and showed the vaccination site, number of shots and age at death.

Those listed died between the nationwide rollout of the ‘Covid vaccination’ in 2021, and who were registered as having had at least one dose of ‘Covid vaccination’ before November 2023.

A study published in the British Medical Journal estimated the COVID-19 fatality ratio at just 0.66%, declining to 0.0016% in children aged 9 and under.

The experimental mRNA gene therapy was marketed to the public as a ‘COVID vaccine’ and was touted by government experts and legacy media journalists as ‘safe and effective’.

Scrolling through the hundreds on the list Young said the data was a ‘Roll of Honour’, while Gunn called for answers from the government.

One of the listed deaths was that of Otago man Rory Nairn. The 26-year-old plumber died in November 2021 as a result of myocarditis caused by the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Nairn’s father Brett reached out to Gunn with a message following release of the video, a message which was shared on the FreeNZ Media substack:

‘Thanks so much Liz for all you are doing for us and all of us in this country and world. Please also pass on our deep gratitude, love and respect to Barry, we are forever grateful. You both inspire us to continue on in our fight for justice and truth. There is nothing else for us to do on this earth while we remain here. We see so clearly the hand of the eternal loving spirit and of Rory in our conversation and the timing yesterday. So grateful you have this wisdom with you.’

Whistleblower Young is facing charges in relation to the data. His next court appearance is on the 23 April 2024 in the Wellington District Court.

Supporters are holding a picnic on 21 April. Those wishing to attend can contact coordinator Robyn via the Telegram group – “A NEW HOPE – Support Barry Young Whistleblower’ – (@A_New_Hope_NZ).

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  1. Unbelievable that with this data our health professionals and our government turn a blind eye. And where is our much beloved media on this. They are as much complicit with their silence. If they all lose their jobs no one would care. What absolute chaos is this. Dumbfounding. You are a hero Barry Young.
    Not only did Jacinda destroy our economy she destroyed our lives along with all the other parliamentarians. Complicit.

    • I cannot be so collected anymore.
      I AM LIVID!
      Thousands of people voted for accountability. And what has happened?
      Shysters are still covering their own and their accomplices’ ar*es.
      Lawyers, police, politicians, judges, media…..what the hell is wrong with YOU?
      Anybody corrupted by pharma, by academia, by media, by politics, they ALL need to be indicted, ESPECIALLY those who come down hard on this HERO. Should these criminals not being pointed out wherever they walk, wherever they dine, shop, show their faces? Sex offenders are placed in a data base and their neighbourhood is notified and warned. Should this not be mandatory for individuals who aid and abate crimes against humanity? It is simply grotesque that a man like Barry has to defend himself for alerting to the BIGGEST CRIME in New Zealand’s history. We will CLOSELY follow and publish who pulls the strings with this kangaroo court and it’s minions. And people will #@%& @(#*0^ !

  2. Barry is a hero…as is Liz Gunn…..BTW you can vote for Liz who heads up NZ Loyal….I did and will again…and again, until we get kind, moral, accountable govt in NZ…………

    • Yup, you are right, Liz Gunn is a hero too. She got my vote last year and I’ll vote for her next time too. I suspect RCR received money from Winston.

  3. Untill now, nobody has been hold accountable for those crime. Worldwide. Attempts for prosecutions against the culprits – such as ms von der Lüge head of the EU- seems to be aborted in an early stadium.
    Why are the Members of parliament silent ? Why is the judiciary not doing its duty ?
    Do we need to take to the street with pichforks to get justice ?

  4. My heart goes out to these families who have lost children, the needless grief that they must be suffering is beyond comprehension.

    I voted for Liz Gunn as well, amidst the cries of “don’t waste your vote”

    People will wake up, they are waking up, they will see what is going on, they will get angry, but the sad and proven fact is that even then they will do nothing.

    You only have to watch the Milgram experiment to see how people will respond, with total compliance. And this was in 1962 when men were men

  5. It would be extremely hard to find any person in parliament who is not subject to being politically exposed. The Internet and its ability to record every conversation, every photo, every video not only on our computers and smart phones, but every other device, including televisions. Even a dishwasher hooks up to the Internet. Samsung with it forward facing camera and its TVs and microphones. Our privacy laws do not bined any other country or international entity operating outside of NZ. Because we owe so much money internationally, because our government owes so much money to the corporates, those guys are running the world. They have decided that there is far too many human beings on the planet and one way or another we are going to get rid of them.. Just take a look at guys like Trump and what they doing to him with a paid off judge. False allegations, murder, starting and funding wars for money and all resources is not beneath these people. Very soon our money will be fully electronic and they will have full control and record. If you were in government, please explain a way foward to solve these problems. And for all those people who have investment properties, how much accommodation do you think will be necessary in the future ?


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