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Watch: Whistleblower midwife makes shocking COVID jab claims in Counterspin interview

Counterspin Media Episode 77 will go down in history as a bombshell.

In this episode, a pregnancy/mRNA special, Hannah Spierer of Counterspin Media interviewed two guests – Dr. Alison Goodwin, and a whistleblower midwife named ‘Sally’.

Dr. Alison Goodwin of NZDSOS, is a GP from Havelock North.

Goodwin went through four important documents relating to how doctors are to deal with patients and COVID ‘vaccines’. In regards to informed consent, a traditional requirement was for doctors to discuss ‘risks and uncertainties’ of a particular medical intervention. In April 2021 this requirement was dropped and only discussion of ‘benefits’ was needed to ‘assist informed decision-making’. In other words, ‘doctors were not to say things which might increase vaccine hesitancy, or else they would have to face consequences.’

Official Pfizer documents (Risk Management Plan) also confirmed that a lot of safety information was ‘still missing’ including use of the jabs during pregnancy, or breastfeeding, and there was still no long term safety data. Other documents had not been updated to take account of latest research developments.

‘To me this has been the most egregious and most disturbing part of this whole roll-out, has been not only allowing pregnant women to have this vaccine, but actually actively recommending it, and at any stage of pregnancy. That is a complete deviation from normal medical practice,’ said Goodwin.

The second guest, a midwife whistleblower who spoke anonymously under the name ‘Sally’ – is a rural Lead Maternity Carer (LMC).

Last year the Midwifery Council of New Zealand sent a letter, saying that all midwives were expected to disseminate information which had to comply with Medical Council guidelines and to encourage all pregnant women to get vaccinated. Social media was monitored – ‘we are effectively gagged’, said Sally.

In her practice Sally said she would normally experience one miscarriage every two months, or a total of six per year, most of which would be around the 9 week mark. But since July/August last year, she’s seen 37 miscarriages, of all gestation ages – ‘really strange miscarriages’. Cases of such heavy bleeding were unheard of. Placentas were ‘really abnormal’ – especially abnormal ‘chord insertions’, and a lot of unexplained ‘calcification’ of placentas.

Watch the full 1 hour 20 minute video below, or visit the Counterspin banned.video channel.

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  1. “Effectively they were all gagged” if you are offered a “gag” you don’t have to wear it!!!!! Doing the right thing trumps a gag order any day of the week.

  2. Sorry “sally” this is not “whistle blowing “ this is complicit participation to me. This is the reason why other doctors stood down, they could not in all good conscience be a party to this hideous harm. This is why they walked away from their careers. They to were offered a gag, they to were told to dance to the establishments tune, they to were threatened with their medical licenses to be removed and that they would no longer be able to practice. But you know what… They walked away!!!! They had their patients best interest at heart and it cost them dearly. It is To them, that my respect is directed, it is to them, that I salute, it is to them that I and others will be forever grateful, it is to them whose courage I admire, the kind of courage that inspite of gag orders or social media watchdogs they said NO!!! We will first do no harm, they said… and they walked away… why didn’t you?

        • I said it’s nasty because of your tone- judgemental and sorry, quite arrogant sounding. Are you a medical professional? just asking 🙂

      • Wake up!!
        Go have another jab!
        Are you aware you life expectancy is now two to five years!
        This is not being nasty… just truthful. Something our medical profs can’t do

    • Cmon man that’s a bit tough! First how would we know this stuff was going on if people like Sally weren’t there to see it. Secondly, Sally’s got a family feed and presumably rent or mortgage to pay. You gotta blame the government for that. I salute you Sally !!

      • A whistleblower blows the whistle at the beginning! NOT after she sees lots of problems that she is obviously complicit with!
        All medical professionals received the same MOH letter or email advising them that they were “rolling out a gene therapy injection under the guise of a vaccine”
        And they were given two options! Comply or get ousted
        So I say COMPLICIT and now it’s arse covering for her conscience.
        If the govt told you to jump off a bridge would you??? Sally did

        • your conception of time is sorry, pretty one dimensional; I haven’t watched the documentary so really not qualified to comment although I’m pretty sure that midwives occupy a differing territory to a G.P, an enrolled nurse or a hospital consultant.

    • Very harsh. You do not know Sally’s circumstances. Someone has to be there to care and counsel these poor mothers (and fathers) through these despicable times and tragic happenings, losing their babies. It’s not her fault these crimes against humanity have been actioned. She clearly didn’t want to the ‘take’ the mandated jabs. Our nation’s exorbitant dead babies’ blood is on our lying, PM and so-called
      elected members (the government’s), hands. These pushed mRNA jabs equal murder, equally now genocide.

  3. I am gravely concerned for all individuals who were genuinely contraindicated in receiving these vaccines who will enter into an arduous journey through our health system to find there is simply no help, acknowledgement or ability to reverse the damage.
    CARM and Medsafe will use the ‘nothing to see here’ or ‘reliance of waning immunity through passage of time’ dialogue whilst our Pathology labs are bulging at the seams with queues of patients awaiting diagnostic tests. Immunologists and ACC 3rd party assessors remain under the Medical Council guidelines of ‘do not under any circumstances attribute causal link to vaccine’ or risk losing practicing certificates, backed by ACC contracted lawyers through their review processes.
    This Govt took the absolute wrong approach to mandatory vaccination for contraindicated individuals and at some point will need to assume responsibility for the Immunological and Neurological damage.
    My hope is to see all the (currently silenced) NZL Vaccine injured individuals form a collective and create a universal civil legal case with urgency. The credible research received from overseas is gaining traction by the day….inevitably there will be significant debris to unravel over the next 8 to 10 years.
    Future elected Govts can easily attribute blame, with no liability, hence the need to hold ‘this Govt’ accountable for the relevant Health and ACC legislation surrounding mandatory vaccination to protect and support the affected individuals whilst their health demise is appropriately investigated and appropriate treatment is sourced over the coming years.

  4. Thank you Counterspin and thank you DTNZ, your efforts are much appreciated!

    A short account of pregnancy in Covid times; family friends of our’s recently had a new baby. The mother had been double jabbed, after her 2nd jab she got terrible Myocarditis that she thought she was going to die. She got pregnant early this year and 4 weeks ago gave birth via cesarean. We don’t know much about the details as they were very stressed with all things considered. But one interesting and disturbing thing was, their daughter told our daughter that the new baby doesn’t like the mother’s breast milk and instead prefers the formula milk. I can’t help wondering how much the spike protein is to blame for this?!

    Thank you very much for the whistleblowers who have been brave enough to come forward!

  5. That’s a genuinely shocking interview with Sally. These c-19 jabs have without doubt caused a health catastrophe.

    I genuinely wonder whether this appalling carnage has been created accidentally or by design. I’m certainly hoping by accident, but sadly now strongly suspect it’s a carefully crafted global government depopulation policy in order to deliver the UN’s 2030 ‘sustainability’ agenda and 2050 ‘carbon neutral’ goals.

  6. This was a brilliant interview but horrific and shocking at the same time. There are so many scientists and doctors around the world saying this jab should not be given to pregnant women, yet all you hear from our health authorities is jab jab jab, and get your booster

  7. They tried relentlessly to get my PREGNANT wife to take the jab last year. The doctor, the obstetrician, the nurses, even her company HR dipshit who warned that “mandates are coming, so you might as well get it now”. The full power and pressure of the system coming down on you with everything it had.

    Phone calls, text messages, emails. Incessantly nagging and begging, then eventually flat out threatening. They were rabidly obsessed.

    My wife steadfastly told them where to stick it and invited them all to do their worst. She didn’t care and wouldn’t cave, ever. So F*CK OFF. No job is worth a child’s life.

    Never been more proud of the woman I married.

    My son turns one next month. Happy, healthy and spike protein free.

    The politicians, the media, the doctors…all of them, can all f*ck off until the end of time. They have lost my trust, my respect and my attention forever.

    Jacinda and co can pass all the authoritarian censorship bullshit they want, the damage is already done. I will never listen to any “trusted authority”™️ ever again.

  8. Me neither, but now ‘KIND’ Aunty Cindy has passed legislation that labels us as “threats to democracy” (when in fact we are the very opposite) and therewith we are also now being categorized as”violent extremists”.
    Corrupted, vile, evilness Jacinda. You (and your muppet, complicit, elected muppets,) will be held accountable, and will pay for your crimes against humanity.


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