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Watch: Who is going to be liable for Casey Hodgkinson’s jab injury?

If your employer forces you to take the jab, should they pay compensation for adverse injury?

Heart-wrenching footage of a 23 year old woman who suffered a severe jab injury has generated a lot of reaction on social media.

Her name is Casey Hodgkinson. Casey was one of a number of jab injured people who joined Facebook user Mike Wilson in a conference call where they each spoke about their injuries and voiced their frustration at the government’s lack of support.

When it came for Casey to talk [4.13 into the video] she explained how she was previously a fit and healthy woman but now could not work, or walk. Throughout the video her body was constantly shaking and she appeared unable to control her movements. Fighting through tears she explained her situation:

‘I am Casey Michelle Hodgkinson. I’m in a lot of pain. I’m 23 years old. I wasn’t like this before this. I was healthy, happy, stress-less. I trusted the government, I’m pro-vaccine. I trusted the government. I was forced to take it or I’d lose my job.’

Visibly fighting through a lot of pain, she continued, ‘I will fight through my pain. I will talk for others who cannot talk for themselves. I am in so much pain constantly. But I will fight through this.’

Wilson asked her where she was working.

‘Mighty Ape. I was working a full time job there, walking, constantly active. I was able to walk properly. I can’t walk anymore. I’m now needing a wheel chair because I get spasms in my legs, as well as my whole body. It’s making it hard to comprehend things, I’m really, really trying right now.’

More shocking revelations were to come:

‘The doctors have not been listening. They’ve been letting me down constantly.’

‘Yeah we’ve been hearing that,’ said Wilson.

‘They write incorrect things on my notes that I haven’t said.’

‘Yes and we’ve got that registrar’s name as well, [name]* from North Shore Hospital.

Who should be liable for Casey’s injury? Pfizer aren’t going to pay because the government have criminally given them immunity from liability. Mighty Ape? Should they be responsible for forcing this poor young woman to take the experimental clot shot or face losing her job? Tell us in the comments below.

*dailytelegraph.co.nz has decided not to publish the doctor’s name for now.

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  1. Terrible thing to have happen, and even more terrible for it to be dismissed and having to fight to get help and confirmation of what has happened. Someone needs to be held accountable, including the business who gave the ultimatum no jab no job. And then also govt. Should ALL be held liable.

    • Quite right. The modellers also need to be held liable for their shonky, sexed up data. They modelled 80,000 covid casualties in the beginning.

      We should have followed Sweden’s model right form the get ho. Anders Tegnell and his team =very quickly worked out the models were crap and dismissed them. And rightly so.

  2. The medical costs should be split three ways – Joseph R Biden Jr. or VP Kamala Haris, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. Each should have to contribute to the medical care post jab serious adverse reactions which are neither rare nor coincidental. They all knew and still do not relent against their pocket books for what they have done to destroy many lives around the entire globe.

  3. Mighty Ape and thousands of other employers criminally forced a medical Procedure on that woman. They are liable.

    Ardern issued the mandates that made weak willed employers enforce a medical procedure on their staff. Arderrn is liable.

    Arern indemnified a company from liability contrary to NZ law regarding products. Ardern is liable.

    MoH has criminally altered and withheld data regarding all aspects around covid-19, including adverse reactions. The Minister of Health and his civil service head of the ministry are liable.

    NZ Police enforced illegal mandates. Coster and the Min of Police are liable.

    The NZ health system and DHB’s criminally enforced the mandates on patients and have systemically counted patients admitted for other conditions as covid “cases” if they tested positive on admission. When they subsequently died, these became “COVID casualties”. They are liable.

    However. None of these people are going to get justice served upon them unless they are voted out and an honest government is voted in. Can’t see that happening in NZ with the number of dishonest self-serving voters out there.


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