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Watch: Will 1,200 kiwi cops walk off the job if Ardern mandates the police?

A video entitled ‘A Video Made by, and Featuring Concerned New Zealand Police,’ has been posted to video web site Bitchute by Coronavirus Plushie.

The video consists of messages by police officers in support of their right to choose whether they have the experimental mRNA jab or not. One message states that 1,200 will walk off the job if police are mandated to take the jab.

Jacinda Ardern’s failure to mandate police is clear proof that mandates have nothing to do with public health. For, if they did, she would have mandated them already, given that by the nature of their work, police are theoretically at high risk of contracting the ‘deadly’ and ‘highly contagious’ disease.

Ardern has mandated health workers and teachers because they are replaceable with foreigners who can be fast-tracked into the country. The 1,200 police threatening to quit are irreplaceable, and are also a major headache for the government looking to rely on the Thin Blue Line to enforce what many consider to be immoral and downright demonic laws.

We’ve transcribed the messages as follows:

Our people, fair to all, compassionate, reflective.

I have been with police for 18 years. Choice is my right!

We police by consent.

For 10 years I have done my best to keep New Zealanders safe. Now I ask them to keep me safe. I will not discriminate. #NoJabNoJob.

I swear that I will faithfully and dilligently serve Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand, her heirs and successors, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will.

But how can we police by consent when consent is not given?

1 year serving as a New Zealand police officer. I love my job and helping my community. We don’t discriminate, now we are facing medical discrimination. Freedom of Choice.

My body my choice.

7 years service with the New Zealand Police. Wife, mother, daughter. I never discriminated when I helped your family. 7 years of putting my physical and mental health at risk to protect my community. Please give me a choice. My body, my choice.

My medical rights and freedoms are not for police to decide.

17 years serving as a New Zealand police officer. Husband, father, colleague. Stand by us! My body, my choice.

Our partnerships, working with and alongside our communities.

20 years, non-sworn police. No jab no job mandate? Our values: professionalism, respect, integrity, empathy, diversity, Maori and the Treary. Coercion is not consent!

13 years serving people of NZ. Solo mother, 2 children. Freedom over slavery.

15 years service. To people and colleagues who know me, I’m supported. To those who don’t know me, I’m unvaccinated. End all mandates.

NZ police. 12 years service. Love my job. Love my community. My body – My choice. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. No mandates.

Our culture: Bringing humanity to every interaction.

6 years NZ police. Our priorities, ‘Deliver the service that New Zealanders expect and deserve.’

My body my mum’s choice.

Our leadership are inclusive. Everyone can be themselves.

3 years police service protecting all people. I will stand for your rights. I will stand for your freedom. I will not discriminate. No to mandates!! #No Segregation! #No Discrimination!

17 years in the police. This has been more than a job. It’s been my life. I trust my immune system over that experimental injection.

I serve my community to keep them safe, not to take their rights and freedoms. Coercion is not choice. No Jab No Job.

‘Be Kind’. It’s all just words.

‘Stay the course’. It’s all just words.

‘Stay Home. Save Lives’. It’s all just words.

‘Team of 5 million’. It’s all just words.

But our Prime Minister took an oath: I will be loyal to New Zealand. I will respect democratic values. I will respect the rights and freedoms of the people.

7 1/2 years service with the New Zealand police. I do not stand for bullying, segregation, discrimination or coercion! No Jab No Job goes against our business purpose. Everyone has human rights!

7 Years of providing justice for all. Now facing injustice. How is that just? #idonotconsent #mybodymychoice #nopenaltiesforchoice #awakenotwoke.

Another riveting night restricting freedom of movement and other human rights. The job I love is now the job I hate.

9 years of service. 9 years of helping my community at the worst time/s of their life. 9 years putting my best foot forward for others. 9 years of police mahi and never have I ever experienced this kind of discrimination! I would help you no matter what! Now I need your help! Please! My job status shouldn’t depend on an experimental jab.

I joined NZ Police to serve my people, no matter what. #freedomofchoice.

We run toward danger. We watch over you. We console you. We protect you. We rescue you. We are parents. We are siblings. We are sons and daughters.

3 years with NZ Police. Where there is risk there must be choice.

How would NZ be safe if you fired 1,200 police in one day?

What about: Saving lives, and livelihoods? Divided or Manaakitanga? Coercion, or informed choice? Privileges or freedom? Policing by consent? Kia tu. Stand for you. Stand for me. Stand together.

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