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Watch: ‘You are acting like criminals’ – Shocking footage of the moment police remove Baby W

Mother filmed having a rational discussion with police, before unknown officers arrive and remove Baby W from his bed.

Shocking footage of the moment Baby W was taken last night by police officers from his bed in Starship Hospital has been uploaded to social media by FreeNZ.

The footage shows mother having a quiet discussion with police officers in the hospital unit. Baby W is asleep on a bed nearby.

Then, without notice more masked police enter the room and quickly take the baby from its bed. ‘Excuse me what are you doing?’ mother asks one officer.

The move took the family completely by surprise. The heavy-handed actions appeared to be unwarranted in the context of the discussion those present were engaged in.

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  1. The New Zealand police are just puppets of the Ardern Regime. Keep these images, remember these faces because there is a growing desire in this country to bring these people to justice. The old line of “I was just following orders” didn’t wash at Nuremberg then and it doesn’t wash now. These are not police officers, they are scumbag pigs.

  2. Wow… 😢😢😢

    I never in my worst nightmare believed I would witness this in my own country. This is what happens in totalitarian regimes we read about but not here in New Zealand. Never here.

    So it must be true what good people have been saying all along. We are no longer a democracy but a totalitarian state where the government is no respector of law and justice. And it’s true that Jacinda Ardern is its leader to be numbered with Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and the decapitating rulers of Saudi Arabia and their henchmen.

    I fail to imagine what this country will look like in the months and years that lay ahead if this is allowed to continue. All I know is that it can’t be allowed to continue. They are our servants it is not the other way round. Enough is enough..!

    • It will, it will likely be on Laura’s site, which has a large following, some time tomorrow. She is watching this case. And on the usual bunch of misfits and disinformers as well. World’s gone crazy, Kevin. It really has…

  3. I remain perplexed in NZL that under 5 year age group do not get Covid vaccines yet can receive the blood of vaccinated…I thought the studies were not complete to confirm this and there has been no sign off to date.
    Surely you would think the same rationale to organ transplants would apply to blood transfusions…I am no Medical expert but I thought to be an organ donor you go through intensive Pathology testing as does the recipient. The blood ‘match’ generally gives the best outcome…so why on earth would you give a baby blood with MRNA vaccine where there is a mismatch from the outset!
    In support of this case, I will no longer consider giving blood ,nor be an organ donor, nor donate to Starship and most certainly will ‘never’ consider voting for a Labour Govt!
    All the best wee man….you have a huge amount of love and support out there! As for this Govt…you should all hang your heads in shame!

    • To add insult to injury, these mRNA vaccines are not yet fully approved by Medsafe. They are on a government driven emergency approval only. Medsafe will do their final assessment at the end of the global trial in a few years. In the meantime, all vaccinated people around the world are part of that trial. And in the majority of cases forced or coerced to take it. Yet it has not occurred to most of the planet there’s something seriously wrong with that… 🤔

      • That justice, and I use the term advisedly, is still a major in the New Zealand Army reserve. I checked out his bio. Perfect man for the job…

    • Hope that character masquerading as a high court judge gets to watch this vid. Mind you wont make an iota of difference on satans like him.

    • Let’s not forget Doctors Finucane and Magee either, their arrogant disregard for informed consent was what started this whole mess in the first place.

      Complete and utter psychopaths, KEEP YOUR CHILDREN THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM

  4. I just rang the blood bank in Hamilton and withdrew my blood donation. I’m guessing that I wasn’t the first going by the receptionists attitude, she was rude. I will email everyone I can associated with nz blood, the ceo, the board, ministry of health etc as to my reasons why, so they are left in no doubt that it is their stealth moves and lack of support for baby W, their moral decline and obvious support of corruption coming from government officials.

  5. Even the jackbooted thugs know what they’re doing is wrong, you can see it on their faces.

    Devil’s advocate though, I do appreciate how calm and respectful they were to the understandably traumatised parents. If this had been Australia I’m sure they would have gleefully dusted off the mace cans and police batons. It’s understandable to hear the parents screaming at the policemen to throw away their badges and refuse to follow the order, but let’s be realistic here, there would just be some other badged goons along ten minutes later.

    No, the problem is with the higher ups, the ones who fancy themselves our “leaders”, the ones who give the orders, the ones who declare our rights invalid before they bring the gavel down, the ones who decide what we get to see and hear, the ones who jet set around the world with their elite buddies selling off our farms and signing our children up for a lifetime of debt.

    We stopped hanging corrupt rulers a long time ago. And boy does it show.

    • Well summarised Dave. I finally understand how and why public hangings and beheadings became a thing in the past. I thought that the medieval people might have been unhinged, but turns out they had quite an effective system after all. Got rid of the corruption and served as an effective deterrent too.

      As for seeing it in their faces. No, we couldn’t because the cowards used their masks to conceal who they were. Why? Because they are ashamed of themselves and so they should be.

    • Govts. are elected by the people for the people to serve the people when they dont serve the people anymore they must be removed by whatever means necessary. If that has to an uprising or an armed insurrection so be it. This BS is not going to stop until we stop it. Their future plans not only include medical tyranny but permanant climate lockdowns to small country areas and town counties of a 25km radius or similar. They are few we are many. They need to be subtly reminded of that from time to time. This same tyranny that is happening in all Commonwealth countries. We are fighting the same enemy we fought in WWII. Maybe it is time for the true ANZAC Patriots to arm up again I dont think we got all the really evil Nazi’s last time round.

      • Exactly. The Nazis were socialists. Tell everyone you know because we have been indoctrinated to think they were far right when in fact they were far left.

        The Nazis are Kazarian Jews, and they have sought to destroy all other Jews and the ‘goylem’ (us).

        If you ask me, this country is being run by Nazis and the sooner people understand this, the sooner we can get our country back.

        • The problem is, you’re completely wrong. Remember that the winners write the history books from which you…ahem…”learned”.

          The “Nazi” army was the army that stood against Bolshevik communists. Understand that world Jewry declared war on Germany long before Germany did anything militarily at ALL. I suggest you look that fact up.

          If “Nazis” were in power, we wouldn’t be suffering under ANY of this.

          You would be living in a paradise.

          You are living under Jewish Bolshevik Communism. Once you get a feel for this, you’ll cry, weep, and beg for National Socialism. It’s better. WAY better.

        • And there are places you can go to learn what National Socialism was REALLY about. I suggest you go to one of the “YouTube alternatives” and look up “truth about national socialism”. You might be surprised at what you find.

  6. I am shocked and disgusted. This is a continuation of the weaponising of the NZ Police and the encoragement of thugs to join. Why not subcontract policing to heavy hitting bad guys.
    My business was going to make it’s annual Christmas charitable donation to Starship. All the shareholders agree to the withdrawl of that choice upon seeing the video.
    We have found another much more worthwhile cause

    • There’s plenty of them out there Franc, and growing thanks to these sociopaths in the beehive. Keep them going we need good folks like you and your share holders. Big ✔️from us all I would think..

  7. Shocked are we, middle class NZ recieving fascism,Spare a thought for the bottom feeders this is their all familiar reality A visit from the Gestapo

  8. This was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. How can this be happening in New Zealand? This government and their evil agenda knows absolutely no bounds. Those police and doctors are GUTLESS. STAND DOWN and get some f’ing empathy and morals. SHAME ON YOU. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?

    I hear the hospital has quietly sought out unvaccinated blood anyway since they cannot risk this baby getting blood clots. I said as much to my husband several days ago. Arse covering.

    Jacinda Ardern and all your sick and twisted gutless MPs you have all wrecked this country. How F’”ing dare you. You will all pay in due course.

    Bring back the death penalty and treason. NOW

    • Yes I thought that too. W was going to get safe blood either way. In doing so they open themselves to ridicule and merciless laughter and hopefully an enquiry. Yet we have learnt not to hold our breath. But will despise them all the same for what they have done to W’s parents and family…

    • Quite a pedigree. The parents and supporters couldn’t have come up against worse opposition if they had ordered it.

      This is bloody obvious a stitch up from start to finish. And by using this apparent sociopath is a warning to us all the gloves are off. Bell Gully and the like do not think like real people. They live in a world of black and white. There is no middle ground as they live in the law. And the law accuses. It does not have a human conscience or empathy. There is no such thing as justice, there is only the law. These people are nothing more than machines that analyse rules that are devoid of human compassion and emotion.

      The sooner you understand that, the easier it will become to fight. You must immerse yourself in their world and walk in its muck.

  9. If the people of New Zealand don’t rise up and find where those cops live…and drag them screaming from their homes in the middle of the night and hang them in front of their families…
    Then New Zealand is officially lost, now and forever.


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