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‘What is Disease X?’ – WHO boss confronted at Davos

World Health Organisation Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus is in Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) conference.

Ghebreyesus was confronted by independent journalist Avi Yemini of Rebel News as he walked to a conference event in the town. Yemini began by asking him about the mysterious ‘Disease X’ and when China was ‘going to release it?’

DTNZ first reported on Disease X in August last year where scientists in the UK are developing ‘vaccines’ for diseases which do not exist. Authorities won’t disclose if this research includes the notorious ‘gain of function’ method – where non-human or inactive viruses are deliberately made infectious to humans in order to produce counter-measure medical interventions.

Ghebreyesus remained silent throughout the barrage of questions that followed – questions that Yemini later told viewers the mainstream media would never ask, and millions around the world wanted answers to from the unelected global health boss.

Do you apologise for what you did during COVID and should people have to go through Disease X with you now that you say it’s 10 times worse.

Are you going to apologise for getting everything wrong from mask mandates to vaccine mandates?

Dr. Tedros, this is your chance to apologise to the world for your role during COVID, would you like to take it?

Do we have to wait for you to get everything wrong in Disease X?

Do you think the vaccine mandates were wrong?

You got everything wrong from mask mandates to vaccines wrong. Do you want to apologise?

In Australia we had the longest lockdowns in our cities and that was based on your advice

You don’t want to apologise to Australians, or anyone?

What about the current excess deaths, do you want to talk about those?

To you take any responsbility for the people who died because of the policies you pushed?

They say ‘rebuilding trust’ is the theme this year, are you part of the reason why the trust in the WEF and everyone finally knows who you are and what you stand for?

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  1. TEDROS GHEBREYESUS is a corrupt dog who does anything his masters want for power and money. But will enough people wake up to them?

  2. Silly question I know but why has no one arrested these people for crimes against humanity, is it time for a citizens arrest? Probably.

    • Maybe we need to wonder why Avi, who confessed on camera to shooting Palestinian children when he served in the IDF is allowed in Davos, let alone to get right up and personal with the boss of the WHO.

      I guess at least Avi acknowleges his deeds. He doesn’t seem remorseful about them though.

  3. If they know that disease X is 20 times worse than COVID and they are already preparing vaccines for it then, by definition, they know what it is: Disease X is another virus that they have engineered using “gain of function” at a biolab somewhere that they plan to release upon humanity to realize their evil depopulation agenda.

    Let us hope that the “white hats” or some universal powers can stop them before humanity becomes a distant memory.

  4. Where is so called law enforcement in all of this? The evidence surrounding COVID along should be enough op see a raft of people put on trial….

    Guess this is what happens when the sheeple trust the farmer……….

  5. Oh crikey, so there’s now an as yet undiscovered non-existent ‘deadly virus’ that we need to be terrified of.

    Yep makes total sense.

    No doubt the indoctrinated pro-jab morons will be lining up for their next ‘safe and effective vaccine’ as soon it’s announced.

    Unfortunately there’s no known cure or ‘vaccine’ for idiotic, gullible and/or stupid.

  6. I guess the Davos ‘elite’ haven’t read too much about the French revolution.

    The Davos ‘elite’ morons are in deep sh** and they don’t even realise it.

    Oh well. Good riddance to them.


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