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Whistleblower reveals ‘irrefutable evidence’ of non-COVID excess mortality

The evidence was presented today by Liz Gunn and a whistleblower named Winston Smith.

A video shared on social media by NZ Loyal Party leader Liz Gunn demontrates ‘irrefutable proof’ New Zealand is experiencing an unprecedented rise in excess mortality which corresponded with the Pfizer mRNA gene therapy roll out and which is not explainable by the COVID ‘virus’.

Smith came into possession of previously unseen official government death data as part of his role in a project to implement a vaccine payment system where people would be paid a sum of money each time they got a vaccination.

‘I helped build it. I implemented it. And when I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death – people dying within a week of being vaccinated… This prompted my curiosity a bit and I dug a little deeper.’

‘It is the vaccine that is killing people. It’s got to be, there’s nothing else… they can claim it’s anything – the aging population or whatever. It’s not. This thing is a killer.’


Worldometer is a trusted source of world statistics used by the Oxford University Press, Wiley, Pearson, CERN, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), The Atlantic, the BBC and many other government and non-government organisations.


‘We’ve got to know why there are excess mortality rates not just in New Zealand, but across the world.’

The true damage caused by the gene therapy could not be known as there was a paucity of data on adverse events short of death.

Governments, including New Zealand’s, have been accused of hiding data which would connect the COVID jab with excess mortality, but Smith said he was in a unique position because he was given sole access to the data and its database, which, coupled with New Zealand’s small population and high quality technology allowed him to assemble proof of the vaccine link.

‘In other countries like America or Britain you need a whole team [to build and adminster the vaccine payment system], so it would be very difficult for one person to get access to all of this information.’


‘Statistically there is no chance this vaccine is not a killer,’ said Smith.


* EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been edited since it was first published following release of the Employment Relations Authority decision in ISV v ZCM & Others [2023] NZERA 718.

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  1. No hiding now Mr Government. This will have been shown around the world already. Any Government not IMMEDIATELY ceasing these poison shots, after being alerted to this data will be showing their guilt by association.
    God bless whistle blowers.

    • The problem is like whistleblowers, the poor guy will be thrown in jail. What a tyranny we live in. All those families who have lost ones, are still being lied to….its up to Winston, who we have great hope in to ensure this is not swept under the carpet. Luxon and his ACT sidekick are globalists and will carry on the policies of labour govt when it comes to ALL things Convid and the poisonous Jabs.

    • The only people at risk are those who followed Government rules around masks, sanitising, distancing and vaccination. There is no covid, just like there is no AIDS / HIV virus.. Big Pharma and friends are making an absolute fortune as they divide, harm and kill people.

      • Cathy, you are absolutely spot on. The avalanche hasn’t even started. Te Whatu Ora and MEDSAFE still pushing the jabs as Safe N Effective. This is nothing but criminally using your position of authority to spread genocide. That’s what it boils down to. Can you imagine what the real number of jab related deaths will be in coming years with such high levels of Spike Proteins and other poisons in the body. One only has to look at the spike in Cancer numbers.

    • Fear not, the bribed paid off media has come out today to say it’s a conspiracy.

      Pffffft. Oh yeah? Dispute the data then. Oh they can’t can they because the HERO whistleblower has NAMES and PLACES and TIMES and actual DEATH data. That’s one thing you can’t fudge all you pod off spineless bureaucrats, DEATH STATS.

      New Zealand currently has the HIGHEST annual all cause mortality death rate EVER. That’s fact that can be checked by anyone.

  2. This is total bs. Barry Young is unqualified and simply making things up. It’s sad for him that Gunn is using him like this as he’s now about to be prosecuted and will never be employed again.

    • What are you afraid of?
      Working at Te Whatu Ora, the organisation that replaced the district health boards?
      You are probably implicated in the data as one of the vaccinators who have blood on their hands.

    • Grab another booster, it doesn’t matter that he’s not a vaccine expert. Data is data and deaths are deaths. Facts. Had to laugh though about the ceo of the ministry of health Margie apa commenting about him not being a health expert. Her linkedin states she has a business degree so she is hardly qualified to be commenting either. How many years to do a business degree- I thought it was 3 years not 5? 🧐😂


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