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Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Winston slams Hipkins and Labour over World Health Organisation secrecy

WHO news

Proposed changes to the International Health Regulations (IHR) are set to give WHO bosses ‘extraordinary’ control over New Zealand in future health emergencies.

The proposed changes, often referred to by commentators around the world as the ‘WHO Pandemic Treaty’ are due to come into force in May 2024. In a series of tweets today NZ First leader Winston Peters slammed former Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, former Health Minister Ayesha Verrall and the Labour Government for keeping New Zealanders in the dark over the amendments, which he said would give the Director-General of WHO ‘extraordinary and wide-sweeping powers’.

The tweets read:

New Zealanders will be highly concerned that the World Health Organisation proposes to effectively take control of independent decision making away from sovereign countries and place control with the Director General.

W.H.O International Health Regulations on future outbreaks of disease aim to give the Director General extraordinary and wide-sweeping powers.

The Labour govt, PM, and Health Min have not told the New Zealand people the details of these proposed changes which is simply alarming.

It seems Labour has learnt nothing from the handling of COVID-19 or from the numerous mistakes such as unnecessary lockdowns, removal of freedoms, and barring kiwis from their own country.

The inquiry into the handling of COVID-19 in New Zealand reports a year from now. So why in the absence of the inquiry’s findings is Labour contemplating the bloated demands of the Director General of the W.H.O.? Or is globalism all this government thinks about?

The W.H.O. proposes a one-size fits all public health system worldwide, designed regulations that bind all countries, the removal of fundamental freedoms, & ignoring views of independent nations. Any exchange of information must be on “a reliable platform” decided by the W.H.O.

Worse still, it doesn’t have to be a health risk, but now any ‘potential risk’ dreamed up by the W.H.O.

This was the organisation that effectively let almost three million people leave or move through Wuhan before it realised it was the hub of a worldwide pandemic.

It will be the W.H.O. that decides the health and associated responses within the country – and not the country itself. What is breathtaking, is that if any country rejects the W.H.O. decision making, they have 48 hours to explain themselves.

This is globalism gone mad.

And just to make sure it is the W.H.O. that is control and not the health and political systems of an independent country, the W.H.O. proposes to set up a “compliance committee” – like some sort of grandiose international court of justice.

New Zealanders will be alarmed at the conversation their government is having on these matters.

For nearly two years globalist health bureacrats, including delegations from New Zealand, have been working on the terms and implementation of the proposals, which have attracted intense criticism around the world, with some experts calling it an ‘undemocratic power grab’, and a ‘disaster’.

A petition calling on parliament to opt-out of the amendments was started this week by Tauranga lawyer Kirsten Murfitt, and has gained over 14,000 votes to date. The petition closes on 27 November and can be signed online here. Murfitt wrote, ‘If NZ does not formally reject the amendments by 1 December 2023, we will be deemed to have accepted them.’

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  1. Most New Zealanders have no idea this is going on. Why? Because our utterly USELESS and paid off mainstream media will not report it. Do not watch mainstream media. Until they start reporting what is really going on, starve them. Are they capable of doing the investigative work on this? I don’t think so, such is the state of media. Dumb, ignorant and paid off.

    Sign the petition, spread the word and let’s control OUR future instead of the bill gates funded corrupt WHO.

    • I totally agree and it would save the tax payer 55 million dollars. It’s a no brainer. If they report truth, people will want to watch and then advertisers will pay them to put adds in there news. That is how they should have to survive. That way no truth, no one watches, no adds, goodbye to lyers.

  2. I wonder if a petition to take away TVNZ funding due to their news services conflict of interest because they can not report openly and honestly on a govt that gives them millions every year would work or at least start a conversation.
    The Mainstream Lamestream media is dead they just don’t know when to lay down and shut up….. as has already been stated they will not cover this story at all as that would go against “THE MESSAGE”

  3. Yep, Labour are an absolute disgrace and I hope they never see office again, in this country. Not a big fan of Peters but well done here…..

  4. Never been a Winston Fan. But we need him to stand up and do what he says. Which got him back into politics. Fight this WHO which are nothing but a globalist regime funded and promoted by Elitists for control of the sheep and planet. We all must stand up NOW. Or kiss your Freedom Goodbye.

  5. Never in our history have we needed an honest and straight talking politician as much as we do today. A large number of Kiwis are placing a huge amount of trust in you, Winston, even those who professed to mistrust you … you are our only hope. If you can throw a spanner into the evil workings of Luxon and Seymour, I believe your support will explode.

  6. We didn’t ask for this, we didn’t vote for this, nor do we need it or want it. They can shove the WHO and there policies up there arse. While I’m at it, the politicians who signed the who agreement are our servants, need to be held to account here.

  7. Cancel the Evil WHO plan Winston as you are the only political party that are truly listening to the health concerns of the NZ people

  8. I am praying 🙏 🤲 Winston will honor his word. Plse look after us. If this comes into effect the result will not be pretty. I predict corrupt military enforcing jabs and camps.

  9. Winston, get us out of the WHO corruption. Remember a former director general of health at the “truth” podium?
    Somebody knighted him and he now sits in Geneva aiding the cabal destroying our sovereignty.
    This same person – without doubt – is advising the current puppets here while Labour still makes hay.
    Get us out of WHO – we don’t need more evil.

    • Yes that same person illegally, because it is against our Bill of Rights, said 14 more councils must put poisonous fluoride in their towns water supply.

  10. Thank you Winston for trying to expose the truth of the corruption that has gone on for way too long. May more people wakeup to the truth.

  11. what happened to freedom of speech it’s time for the truth to be told thank you Winston I think it’s time for the people to wake up.

  12. Thank you Winston. These globalist need to be taken out. The WHO is a corrupt organisation hellbent on power and disrupting life on the planet. We can make our own decisions here in NZ…we dont need the WHO to be in charge of us !!!! Keep them on the right track Winston… you are our only hope of saving this beautiful country of NZ from the global elite.

  13. I guess this shouldn’t really come as a surprise given the way the Labour government went about things during their time in parliament. They certainly stitched the country up, well and truly.

  14. You have made my Day Mr. Peters- Myself and others have been lobbying so hard to have this Ludacris power grab by an organization that no one voted for and placed in power- This self-imposed powerhouse needs to be disassembled and removed from its current placement- Along with the totalian regime that is the WEF- But for now please place as much distance as you can between ourselves and the corrupt identity that we discuss here- Change is good Sir- Big ones are even better- Our forefathers and the generations before us that worked here to what we value today will be very happy. Hold your ground for our sakes Winston and keep them honest for us, The previous Govt have so much to answer for……


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